william w. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

William Wallace - Initial Thoughts Neurohacker's New Product

Really enjoyed the novel pairing of the Alpinia galanga with the saffron. Furthermore, the inclusion of tryptophan was refreshing as many products on the market do not balance out the stimulant effect of nootropics with an anxiolytic meant to potentiate tryptophan. I am not an advocate of the N-acetyl-tyrosine as the data for it's efficacy is weak and I do not personally get an effect from Supplementation. However, that is my personal opinion and my personal experience, respectively. This may not be the case for others taking the product. Overall, it is a refreshing take on a nootropic mixture comparatively to many products on the market.

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Brad B. February 19, 2021

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Convenient alternative to coffee without the jitters.

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Ben F. February 6, 2021

Clean energy

I took Nootropic Energy 5 days in a row at various times but always before 1 PM. I was impressed impressed with the focus I got but didn't have the jittery feeling or restlessness. A couple days in particular I amazed my self at how focused and zoned in I felt.

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Denae P. February 5, 2021

Clean energy

The mental clarity was smooth, not jittery like some energy drinks. I also liked that it’s packed with other ingredients that seem to add a nice boost. I however follow a strict sugar free diet, and wasn’t impressed with the sugar content, especially because there are sugar free options.

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