Jose C. reviewed Qualia Night

2 months ago

Works great

i love this product. I can finally sleep through the night

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James F. March 18, 2020

deep rest

It promoted evening relaxation and sound sleep. But what I found most remarkable was the improved HRV.

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Brian G. July 21, 2020

Relaxing in a good way

I noticed that I had a more relaxed feeling about an hour or so after taking the pills. I didn't sleep better right away, but my sleep started to improve nights 4 and 5.

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Brendan E. March 24, 2020

Amped up recovery

I slept great, recovered great no the bottom fell out of my sleep worried about dependency issues… confounded by general anxiety regarding worldwide pandemics and catching a cold… Hard to sort out.

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Jacob M. July 4, 2020

Deeper/more restful sleep

I found it to relax me subtly and enhance my wind down leading up to bedtime. My sleep was deeper and more productive. My sleep latency remained unchanged as expected. Overall, a beneficial start to a new product.

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