molli m. reviewed Qualia Mind | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

Worth every penny!

I have a much clearer mind. I can wake up a bit groggy I guess but now I wake up very quickly. I like the alertness and there's no shakiness. I also get tired and fall asleep well. I feel regulated.

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Ben S. September 28, 2021

Amazing product

First dose was great. More to follow

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sabrina . September 19, 2023

Great expectations

Transparency is that I've just started taking this. However so far so good. No side effects. Too soon to tell but I follow Ben Greenfield and if it's good enough for him... Well you know!

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June 4, 2022

5 stars

Brandy D. March 17, 2023

Qualia Mind

Absolute game changer! Never felt better!

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