kara r. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

10 months ago

Worth trying!

Have only done one month so far, but so far so good and ordered more!

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Don S. November 27, 2022

Top knotch product

This product has made me feel more enthusiastic and resilient to the world around me.

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Matt D. June 1, 2022

Easy dosing and effective

I felt physically refreshed and resilient, more capable of being my best.The packaging was sleek, easy to access, informative and mostly recycle-able.

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Christy R. January 23, 2024

More energy, more focus

This is an easy product to take, only a two day commitment and you can take it any time. I feel that since taking it this first month I already have a little more energy and mental clarity. Looking forward to seeing how it works going forward!

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Mary B. April 27, 2023

Less knee pain

Had some knee pain. The senolytic definitely lessened the pain.

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