Taylor H.
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Worthy of praise


Qualia Mind
2018-08-06 17:00:30 UTC

Your product is elegant and creates a mental and physical environment that allows myself to experience inspiration, creativity, increased intuition, emotional intelligence, emotional resiliency and cognitive functioning without jitters, come downs, or other side effects (if your lifestyle is aligned for quality like sleep, diet, movement, relationships, breath mechanics and patterns etc.) Truly amazing what you have done at the neuerohacker collective. Yes, I took some about an hour before writing this review. Last thing, it does not do the work for me but the fuel is clean, lasting and provides increased motivation. Thankful for the alleged (I believe) long term effects. So yeah, great product. Thank y'all!

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mukara m.
2018-07-20 15:07:23 UTC
great product

focus, concentration, responsive to the environment

Joseph P.
2018-09-24 21:10:14 UTC
Works Unbelievably well

I am a nursing student. Prior to taking this supplement, I would struggle cognitively in the afternoon. However, one week later I have much higher levels of motivation, focus, and zero side effects. I also do not take it during the weeke...Read more.

t.addison b.
2018-05-25 16:37:42 UTC
a level deeper

I integrated qualia into my already as-balanced -as -I -can- get lifestyle. I already eat well, exercise, meditated and seek new knowledge. The qualia component is a delightful addition. I feel, acutely aware, clear minded, optimistic, h...Read more.

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