Sage H. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

6 months ago


All I can say is “wow!” Amazing product.Thank you!

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Maria G. June 3, 2022

Good product with tantalizing positive effects.

I felt good with this formulation. I feel perkier. Had a sense of health that seems to be related to the senolytics. Excellent packaging.

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Dea T. December 21, 2021

Dramatic relief

I noticed a dramatic relief after the second round of taking the product.

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Leah N. June 2, 2022

Another great product

Excellent addition. The supplement I didn’t realize I needed!Loved the packaging for this 2 day regimen

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Darryl R. May 31, 2022

Great first use

I felt more energized and placid.It was wonderful to be a part of the trial. I received good instruction and the product was simple to use. I did not experience anything negative with the entire process or the product.

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