Earl B. reviewed Qualia NAD+

2 months ago


I JUST GOT this product. I lifted up the label on the cap, cuz it says "CURIOUS? peel here." That labe then says go to this url for a free gift. AND the "gift" is "Please RATE OUR PRODUCT!!! How the F do I have ANY IDEA about the product???? REALY turned OFF at this point. PLUS I THOUGHT I was buying a product that had a once a month dose???? Not that I mind taking 2 pills a day but I am now very concerned that I bought the wrong thing. The marketing of this product is ridiculous and confusing (but only in EVERY WAY!!!!!) Feeling I have made a mistake.... :-/

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Earl, thank you for your product review of Qualia NAD+. We are so sorry to hear your frustration with our curious sticker offer for a free product. We do hope you try the product and share your feedback with our community in the future. You mentioned you thought you were buying a product with a once a month dose. We do sell Qualia Senolytic which is a two day per month treatment. If that is the one you wanted, please reach out to our customer support team at [email protected]. We are happy to assist you with rectifying your order.

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Val C. February 2, 2023


I had more energy!

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Hannah K. April 14, 2024


The product works really well, i am really glad i finally bought it! However, the one thing i was dissapointed by was their packaging - plastic.

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Dean K. December 15, 2023

I notice I have more energy!

I generally feel more energized.

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Jeffrey G. February 23, 2024

Qualia NAD+

I've just started using but am very please with the continuing results of NAD+. A much more effective alternative than IV shots.

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