Mary B. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

10 months ago

Less knee pain

Had some knee pain. The senolytic definitely lessened the pain.

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Jill N. August 6, 2023


My initial reaction is increased energy after the first day.

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Jason R. June 2, 2022

Deeper fast

I was able to relax easier. I also felt like I got into a deeper fast. I usually do a 24 hour fast once a week. 40 hour fast every other week. You can tell it's working!!I love the fact I don't have to take it every day. I also like combing it with Qualia Mind

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Clay B. July 7, 2023

Intriguing Science

Packaging was beautiful. Still on first month... Hoping for great results over the coming months.

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Matt D. June 1, 2022

Easy dosing and effective

I felt physically refreshed and resilient, more capable of being my best.The packaging was sleek, easy to access, informative and mostly recycle-able.

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