Helena S. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
No side effects and felt better able to deal with stresses of the day.
Zekiel W. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
It mainly made me stay calm throughout my day and gave me a bit of focus when reading and working out.
Scott P. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
Resilience is a great product that really helped me to stay "resilient" in stressful situations.
Nate L. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
Excellent product. It has helped me with handling stressful situations at work that would normally keep me up at night, helps me power through and get a good nights sleep.
Jennifer H. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
This product absolutely helped me feel calmer when dealing with stress. Things that would normally trigger stress seem to kinda roll/bounce off of me.
Chuck G. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
Resilience has had a huge impact! This is not hyperbole. What I have noticed after taking this product is that the prospect of perceived stressful interactions are way less daunting than they used to be.
Carl V. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
The product does what it states, I feel more relaxed after taking it. Even on the days that I should feel overwhelmed.
Edward D. - 2022-07-13
As soon as I started taking this product I felt the benefits straight away, I found it easier to keep track of conversations, my mood felt better and I felt overall generally smarter and mentally acute.
Doug W. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
My daily stress seems far more tame and manageable. As always, high quality
BRAD F. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
This product seemed to allow me to work a physically demanding job at the age of 46, with less fatigue, body aches and brain fog when today's RF waves wreak havoc on the body and brain.
Barbara T. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
Under chronic stress it can be challenging to maintain focus during un-anticipated and acute changes in routine, maintain an optimistic attitude, and to accommodate what comes in from moment to moment. This product allowed me to remain calm but clear and adapt productively to some pretty overwhelming ambient stressors in the past month. I was able to make clearheaded and productive decisions much more easily very soon after starting the product.
Aron M. - 2022-07-12
I have tried a number of both individual and compounded nootropics and this one is definitely the most effective one I have tried regarding improving thinking speed and how sharp I feel.
Chuck G. - 2022-07-11
I have been taking Mind for close to a year now and I absolutely love this product! It helps provide me with a measure of focus and mental acuity that has become incredibly valuable to my everyday life.
Richard D. - 2022-07-10
About mid afternoon on mine just in a haze Qualia focus is just what I needed to get me through the day
Steve P. - 2022-07-10
I haven't taken the product yet, but so far you guys have been extremely kind and award a lot of benefits to subscribers! I'm starting tomorrow and I can't wait!
Daniel M. - 2022-07-10
Excellent Formula. Be aware that you the dose is 8 x caps.
Laura S. - 2022-07-09
I'm sold on these products. I started with trying the focus I absolutely noticed more energy - my eyes have dry eye issue and strain from hours on the PC DURING the day etc. I have had issues recently so I decided to try the vision product. I'm noticing more comfort with vision and my symptoms have not gone away completely but marked improvement. I think their is no price for health. Quality products.
Jason R. - 2022-07-07
Great product
Joseph W. - 2022-07-07
I'm new to nootropics and feel a big difference in my mental clarity and mood using Qualia Mind Caffeine Free. I've let some friends try it and they all ordered a bottle of their own. That should be all you need to know to give it a try! The only "bad" thing is that it isn't recommended that you have to take 2 days a week off haha. There are a lot of pills to swallow, which I don't mind. I have them in the morning without food and don't get an upset stomach, but I heard some people do.
Maria G. - 2022-07-06
Shipping and delivery was quicker than I expected!!! The ingredients look great, I haven't tried it but I'm excited to do so!! I'll post another review once I do!
Alejandro S. - 2022-07-04
Definitely worth the price, I was using this awhile back while on some medications prescribed by my Dr. Which was degrading the absorption of the key nutrients inside Qualia mind and overall degrading the effects as well. Now that I’ve been released from using the medication prescribed by my doctor. I can definitely say this stuff works amazingly well. Disclaimer: always consult with your medical practitioner before starting any supplements or health changes to your particular lifestyle.
Jeff E. - 2022-07-04
QM helps me stay focused during the day and keeps me concentrated on what I'm doing. It also helps to keep my caffine consumption low (coke-no-sugar) which means I can wind down off the drink as I still get a caffine boost from QM.
Jessica G. - 2022-07-02
I’m focused and productive with Qualia Mind. And I’m in such a better mood when I take it as well!
Jessica G. - 2022-07-02
I’m focused and productive with Qualia Mind. And I’m in such a better mood when I take it as well!
Jon S. - 2022-07-02
I've been taking Qualia since the very first formulation. Very powerful stuff! I use it most days to supercharge my cognitive capacity, and get hyper focused on my daily tasks and goals.