Suraj P. - 2022-10-06
My sleep is fire now - my oura score over the last week went from low 70s/ high 60s to high 70s and even sometimes low 80s. Plus my deep sleep score got way better
Benjamin P. - 2022-10-05
I'm taking a number of Qualia products and they make a huge difference in helping me to hold up to the demands of my work. I take Qualia Mind on the Days that involve a lot of writing and where I'm having to deal with a lot of technical issues. Qualia Mind helps me to stay clear and focused during the classes and workshops I'm teaching that can run up to five hours. It definitely improves my performance. The combination of Qualia Night and Qualia Life improve my overall resilience when I have...Read more.
Dallas P. - 2022-10-03
I've been a Qualia Mind user since the early days. The product has met and often exceeded my expectations for a powerful but well-balanced nootropic. And the improvements made to the formula have grown and refined its performance over time. Personally, I can perform well without it, but my performance in many areas is definitely enhanced by it. The focus of the Neurohacker Collective team has stayed true to the spirit of a well-formulated nootropic in that it should always enhance the user's ...Read more.
Atageldi A. - 2022-10-02
Since I started using Qualia, my brain is working in a full version. Before using Qualia Mind, I lost focus very fast but this product is improving my brain functions.
Gary S. - 2022-09-30
Great product
Aaron P. - 2022-09-30
Really helped me stay focus throughout the day truly recommend it
Isaiah P. - 2022-09-30
Enjoyed the mindfulness
Gary M. - 2022-09-28
I am experiencing cognitive impairment from a childhood Traumatic Brian Injury. Qualia MIND is best nootropics product I have ever experienced.
Craig M. - 2022-09-26
Love it x
Susan L. - 2022-09-26
The last quarter of the year is stressful for my profession and I found Qualia Mind noticeably helped me focus and improved my memory. I felt like it gave me an edge I'd been missing.
laurie r. - 2022-09-25
Garett S. - 2022-09-24
Exactly what I needed for my day.
Edward P. - 2022-09-24
Qualia mind is the best nootropic I have tried yet... Gives both quick and long lasting effect. Thank you for developing this product!
Ghilaine C. - 2022-09-24
This product works! I take it in the morning and by the afternoon I feel bullet-proof from stress!
Tyler A. - 2022-09-23
Truly great product that works as stated and has noticeably helped me.
Thomas V. - 2022-09-23
These products are 2nd to none. Shipping and customer is the best I have ever received from any company ever, and Ever.!!!
jacob s. - 2022-09-22
Wow! Just wow!!!
Felipe E. - 2022-09-21
It works!
Jonathan B. - 2022-09-21
I like this product a lot and felt the effects almost immediately.
Claudio N. - 2022-09-21
Great product, excellent results
Richard W. - 2022-09-19
Great boost of energy and really helped me focus.
Wayne B. - 2022-09-19
This product is as advertised! Started feeling effects within first couple of days.
Khanlar G. - 2022-09-19
great product, best service!!!
Jonatan R. - 2022-09-19
It actually works and it feels great!
Jonatan R. - 2022-09-19
This product definitely caught me by surprise. Within the first 30-40mibutws I started to feel my mind went into flow state. It’s incredible!