Adam S. - 2019-05-04
I monitored my blood pressure while taking it and I didn't have any changes to it
Guest - 2019-05-03
There is definitely a caffeine buzz associated with this and although small challenging tasks are handled well, more complicated tasks I felt were inhibited by a more caffeinated feeling. Physical reactions were faster although slightly less precise, again due to the caffeinated effects
Kyle S. - 2019-05-03
More energy
Collin E. - 2019-05-03
I feel a slightly more energetic, motivated, and light hearted. Overall, the effects are slight.
Mark B. - 2019-05-03
noticeably sharper
Jason L. - 2019-05-03
The flavor was not great, but ok otherwise
George S. - 2019-05-03
Working a stressful shift at urgent care, no real noticeable cognitive benefits. Maybe a little more anxious than normal
Brad L. - 2019-05-03
I am more a fan of the capsules rather the drinkable powder. I think the product works well for most of the day. I can feel it wearing off later in the day. Not just why that is. Is there an expectation that this last 6 or 8 or 12 hours? Thanks!
Tyler W. - 2019-05-01
My sleep the night before was mediocre so I will need the additional days to make a better assessment, but so far it felt like the product worked well at first but wore off faster than the capsules. This could be due to my previous night sleep being just mediocre.
Elizabeth E. - 2019-05-01
I felt focused when necessary. Did not feel stressed. No nausea. No problem getting to sleep.
Kenneth B. - 2019-04-30
I don't feel any change too significant. If anything, I do feel at a loss for words and unable to articulate what I normally am. I'm not sure if its the product or not, however; I do feel more awake and slowly starting to feel a come up of clarity.
Derrick T. - 2019-04-30
I feel like my thoughts are more clear and I don't feel streeful.
Eric K. - 2019-04-30
I feel more alert and awake. Although that doesn't necessarily mean I'm more focused and can concentrate better. Overall, it definitely changes how I feel pretty quickly. For the most part, it's a positive experience.
Corey M. - 2019-04-30
I don't think my experience was as good as the Qualia Mind product, but close.
Richard S. - 2019-04-30
i feel sharper and more energized
Tracy S. - 2019-03-09
I’ve settled on 5 capsules per dose, after scaling back to 4 on the second and third days. Each day, I felt a little better than the previous days, although a little spacey and revved up a few minutes after taking the capsules. I’ve had two days off, and today I started again. I feel better than the previous days, calmer and more focused. I’m looking forward to continued improvement!
Elizabeth D. - 2019-02-11
It is a great product and keeps straight minded but the only con o had with it is the size of the pills and the number of intake. I struggle enough swallowing pills as it is, but take 7 HUGE one a day... I just cant simply do. Sad to say this product works but I cant do the 7 a day..
Sue L. - 2018-12-30
I have tried several products to improve focus and mental clarity. I have had a variety of responses. In some form, all of the different products did provide an increase in focus. However, some also increase anxiety, while others created a real let down effect, on the first day or two after I stopped their product. So far, with Qualia, I have not experienced any of the negative effects that I have experienced with other products. Qualia recommends the product be taken only 5 out of 7 day...Read more.
Andrew P. - 2018-11-09
Great product, great results especially after trying about 100 differant ones but if I take it on empty stomach which I prefer for best result it upsets my belly or else would gave it 5 stars without problem
erez m. - 2018-10-14
Positivity Focus Motivation Awareness With sleep and a good diet these supplements are efficient. However, i would like to see more research done on longterm use. Is 40000% b12 vitamin intake really good for you? Yout liver? Just wish there was a student price, otherwise 5 stars!
Guest - 2018-10-01
Since I started taking the product last week my workouts seem to easier to get through. My stamina seems better also.
Jesse R. - 2018-09-29
I felt a subtle sense of enhanced awareness. It felt as though I was eberygized and focused but not anxious or jittery.
Collin E. - 2018-09-29
I have noticed more energy throughout the day. I am able to focus and continue to stay on task.
Carla M. - 2018-09-26
Essentially it felt like I was firing on all cylinders when I was taking the product. And not just from my brain but my whole body. I have been so effective and efficient at work that if I end up with a nice raise I will have you to thank. I’ve already been receiving great recognition in the last few weeks, and I’m sure that my performance is partly because I’ve been able to meet several challenges with greater ease than usual, have been very minimally affected by stress, and have just genera...Read more.
Vanessa O. - 2018-09-25
I love it . It makes me feel energized and focused