Justin D. - 2020-09-30
Overall had better focus, duration was better than normal but not substantial. Great overall stack formulation, close to the stack I developed for myself but the difference could’ve been chalked up to me splitting my dose in two and taken at different times in the day and this study requested the dose taken all at once in the morning.
Israel U. - 2020-09-29
Perhaps I wasn't taking the product for a sufficient duration, but I can't say I noticed much effect. Although I never experienced any nootropic effects, I believe, on the first day only, there was a positive impact on my mood.
Berni K. - 2020-09-18
I like Qualia Mind and how it keeps me focused, but the fishy aftertaste, after swallowing the capsules is horrible. I’ve taken fish oil capsules that didn’t leave that taste. I take them with food, but burp up a fishy taste. I know they don’t contain any fish oil, but they sure taste like it.
Marc H. - 2020-09-17
Smells awful, but works
greg n. - 2020-09-16
Hard to judge whether I'm deriving a neuro boost. At least I'm not becoming more stupid.
Matt H. - 2020-09-15
Based on the reviews I've seen, I was hoping for substantial noticeable changes in my concentration and cognition, but I'm on my second week and though I believe mental cognition has improved some, I have no reason to apply it to Qualia and neither is it a substantial improvement. Last week I had some heart palpitations, I think related to the caffeine content, so this week I've reduced my other caffeine intake and haven't had any issues yet.
Renata G. - 2020-09-14
Didn’t feel or see much of a difference. Was not thrilled about taking 8 pills at once. It was hard to stay motivated to take it everyday. Being honest, I was not consistent with one week straight.
Dana M. - 2020-09-05
I didn’t notice a significant difference in energy/vitality from 5 days of use.
Walter D. - 2020-09-04
After taking Eternus for a week (5days), I did not feel any affects. I took it daily in the morning before breakfast. I was hoping to feel some affect, but I may feel something if I take it for a longer period of time, not sure how long it takes to feel something.
Mark D. - 2020-09-01
I could not really tell any difference. Have used Qualia before with excellent results
Jimmie W. - 2020-08-29
I think this formulation isn't quite right for me. I actually have had some pretty rough nights in the month I've been taking it. Can't really blame the supplement, as it was a family situation that was keeping me awake, just can't say the supplement actually helped or made a difference.
Gregg K. - 2020-08-29
I haven’t felt any noticeable difference in energy, focus etc
Ryan B. - 2020-08-28
I didn't really notice any notice effects compared to Qualia. I think ultimately you've got to find a way to reduce the amount of pills for a dose, 8 is just simply too much and I'm very used to taking pills
Lonnie W. - 2020-08-27
Study is too short. I cannot tell the difference if it has helped me in a difficult work experience or not because usually I'm wired to solve problems and keep at it until its done. I would need more time on the Eternus and then have a period of not having it to see. And everyday was different. Some days I ate better so my energy was sustained. Some days I did not and my energy was down. Did Eternus helped during those low energy days? I don't know.
Corinne L. - 2020-08-25
I did not experience much of a difference in anything after using it for a week. I think I may need more time to really make an assessment.
Jerome G. - 2020-08-25
Still measuring results. It seems like a difference is being made but the jury is still out. I still don't seem to have the focus I would like. I'm making other changes that may help boost the awareness of Qualia as the catalyst. There is some improvement.
Theresa P. - 2020-08-24
It helps me fall asleep quicker however it doesn't last thru the night and the next day I feel a bit anxious. Maybe its one of the herbs?
Lawrence S. - 2020-08-13
Taking Night less than a month; not sure of it’s effectiveness yet
David S. - 2020-08-11
Maybe 3.5 stars? About two weeks in. Notice a slight uptick in focus and concentration, but similar if I took either 300 mg alpha GPC or that and 2.4 g piracetam. Will give another few weeks to evaluate and see if its worth it.
Jeff G. - 2020-08-11
So far I can't say that I am seeing any real changes since starting to take this.
Jamie M. - 2020-08-07
I have only been taking it just over a week. I started with 3 for 2 days, then 4 for two days, then 5. I went back down to 4 due to some stomach issues. It's a little too early to tell if it's wishful thinking or thinking clearer, but I am looking forward to seeing the results after a month.
charles D. - 2020-08-02
Left me bloated, I didn’t really feel any positive effects. More like normal to me
Rob W. - 2020-07-27
The product works just fine. My only real issue is the same as all Qualia products- the number of pills required for an effective dose.
Guest - 2020-07-24
I had high hopes for this. I may need to try the caffeine free one. At first I took the recommended 5 capsules, and it was way too much caffeine. I got got sweaty and my heart raced a lot. I went down to three and it was somewhat better. Then I went down to two. I still have a lot left and i will continue to use it. But, I really don’t feel more focused than usual. I’m not ready to give up though.
Michael B. - 2020-07-21
I definitely felt more focused initially but for some reason it made me super fatigued as the day wore on. It wasn't a crashing feeling but just mentally fatigued which is the opposite effect I was looking for. I also didn't care for the amount of pills you had to ingest daily which I knew prior to purchasing but was more of a hastle than anticipated. I think over time maybe my mind/body would have adjusted and the fatigue may have eventually diminished as I've only been using for 2 and a hal...Read more.