Leslie L. - 2021-02-18
I really wanted this to work but honestly I don't feel much of a difference. I cannot justify paying over $100 for something that isn't making a definitive difference in my cognitive function. Shame. I wanted to like this and would have had no problem paying if I felt confident that it worked.
Anthony S. - 2021-02-14
It worked well to increase focus the first day by about 50% I'd say and then every day after that it appeared to have less and less of an effect. Also, the flavor and texture of the drink comes out like chalky candy.
Michael C. - 2021-02-12
least effective energy drink that I have tried
Carrie G. - 2021-02-10
No help here that I could notice. Disappointed.
Shannon L. - 2021-02-08
I didn’t really notice any difference.
Carl J. - 2021-02-08
I did feel focused and clear headed, but I also experienced a heart arhythmia tge second day so I stopped taking it. This is not something I experience regularly, and could be a coincidence, but I decided it was not worth the risk.
Jordan C. - 2021-02-07
I did think that there was a slight increase in focus/concentration throughout my workdays, but the product made me irritable which is unusual for me. Any benefit that there may have been, was outweighed by the impact it had on my mood.
James G. - 2021-02-07
Felt a slight increase in energy, but it was short lived, and I didn’t notice any cognitive enhancements at all. I usually have a cup of bulletproof coffee in the morning, and the effects of that are greater than the drink I think.
Justin J. - 2021-02-07
I really had no affects on the product. Good or bad. The taste could definitely be improved. I took a full bottle each day for 5 days. I took these in the morning before my focus time on work. I did not feel any different or have any extra energy focus then when I was not taking the product.
Carol H. - 2021-02-06
Made my stomach hurt
Luke M. - 2021-02-06
After taking the product for three days in a row I felt a minimal amount of change in my energy and mental focus
Thomas D. - 2021-02-01
The effects are good, but wow..this tastes terrible
Amy S. - 2021-01-31
I felt nothing different in the time taking it. I'm not sure if I would notice anything after only a few days but I only received a few days trial. I had high hopes for only needing one pill to cover all of those vitamin needs but I will go back to those individual supplements as I see a bigger benefit with that.
Mikel H. - 2021-01-30
I don't notice any considerable positive effect
Bill D. - 2021-01-30
I took as the instructions said but it’s really hard to notice anything during 5 days with this type of product.
Chris K. - 2021-01-29
Extremely bitter taste after taking the pills and feeling like I was about to vomit. Also not a fan of the number I have to take each morning and their size - smaller would be easier to swallow, or would be interested in something that could be mixed into coffee/smoothie etc.
Brendon M. - 2021-01-27
I didn't notice much of a difference while using this product.
Derek P. - 2021-01-22
Took it for 5 days straight as instructed. Felt literally nothing.
Keri C. - 2021-01-20
I didn't notice any effect.
Steve G. - 2021-01-19
something inside this formula gave me oh such bad headaches. Qualia was great as they refunded me
Chris M. - 2021-01-16
Didn’t have a positive effect
Stephanie D. - 2020-12-29
I ordered December 10th and still have not received and it is now the 28th
Tesra j. - 2020-12-28
I've only been using Qualia mind for 2 weeks i havent felt any improvement next time ill try the one with caffeine because the regular one makes me sleepy.