Shridhar S. - 2022-09-18
If you are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle, Qualia products are a good supplement to your weekly regiment
Jacob D. - 2022-09-17
Super excited to give this a try
Jessyka P. - 2022-09-16
It was an absolutely glad surprise when after an hour or so of taking the first doses, I realise how happy, calm, at ease, yet active and decided I was. The second day today and it is exactly the same feeling. I'm back to myself. I'm loving it!
Alejandra M. - 2022-09-16
No only focus and energy throughout the day but a feeling of well-being also. Tried many nootropics and this one is by far the best!
CalEb V. - 2022-09-16
Love quails focus - always gets me in the best head state
Maggie D. - 2022-09-15
It has a lot of high quality ingredients and I look forward to figuring out how it will affect my day to day life :)
Francisco B. - 2022-09-15
I've been taking Qualia Mind for over 2 years now. I love it and do not plan on stopping any time soon. I definitely feel the mental focus. Pairing this with other healthy habits in my life (full sleep, meditation, exercise) has allowed my mind to work at its most optimal capacity. I follow Neurohacker on Instagram and from their content I have grown to trust the company more and more in their research and products.
Layne H. - 2022-09-14
After using Qualia Mind the first time I was finally checking things off my to-do list that had been on there for months! My focus and drive have both greatly increased during use!
Jayce F. - 2022-09-14
Literally the first night I took "Qualia Night" I noticed the difference. They say it can take longer so if you don't notice it right away, don't worry, because you will!
Audrey G. - 2022-09-14
Smooth and clean energy await anyone who tries this formula. What a wonderful system for getting hard to find things into my diet. Thanks quaila.
Ben F. - 2022-09-13
Have been using the product for multiple months. I have noticed a significant improvement in sleep quality and rest. These improvements have been quantified using sleep tracker analysis. The product does not cause drowsiness and I notice a difference in sleep when not using the product.
Colin B. - 2022-09-13
Qualia mind has the ability to keep you focused on the task at hand.
Anatoly L. - 2022-09-13
I felt a significant difference in 1-2 weeks, it's amazing! I'm not new to supplements, but these are really worth it. Thank you for the formula, guys!
Jeovany G. - 2022-09-13
11/10, I never felt so much focus, energy, and on task ever.
Elizabeth M. - 2022-09-12
I like I can control how much I take. So far so good.
Salih Tuncer M. - 2022-09-12
Qualia is the most efficient product I have used to enhance mental clarity and memory I strongly recommend
Xander W. - 2022-09-12
Was not expecting it to work as good as it did- exactly what I was looking for and helped me lower my caffeine intake, and feel significantly less stressed and in my flow state all day long
Jonathan L. - 2022-09-11
Just a note to say their shipping was faster than expected! I literally ordered this maybe a day and half ago. Super excited to try this - their formulations are well known. Try to buy it all separately and you’d spend much much more!
Tyler G. - 2022-09-10
I used to be on ADD meds and decided I didn’t want have to rely on medication. I have recently tried this supp and at the full dosage I have much improved focus and drive without anxious feelings.
Brandon B. - 2022-09-10
If you need to focus this will definitely help
Mike H. - 2022-09-09
Love this stuff! Always feel dialed in and ready to crush the day!
Logan C. - 2022-09-08
Absolutely love this product and highly recommend to anyone. I have noticed a considerable increase in energy throughout the day and increased focus at work!
Roger C. - 2022-09-08
Qualia Mind works amazing, I have energies to do all of my work throughout the day and then workout at night which I had always struggled. For me the pills are very strong and some nights I was sleepless, I am now taking less than the recommended dosage and some weeks I take an extra day without them. Besides this they work amazing
Scott B. - 2022-09-08
I've really enjoyed the simplicity of using this product, it should replace almost all the other supplements you're using.
Taj R. - 2022-09-07
I felt a great deal of mental energy, keep up the great work 🤟