cole m. - 2022-07-02
I've tried many from different company's and this one seems to be the one that has worked, great stuff!
Bettie W. - 2022-07-01
Gives me greater clarity and memory and focus.
Matt C. - 2022-07-01
I’ve taken Qualia Mind, on and off for a few years. I love the focus and clarity it provides. It also seems to boost memory some. It’s a little costly but if you can afford it, it’s worth a shot.
Timothy R. - 2022-07-01
Favorite supplement by far
Robert B. - 2022-06-30
I have tried a number of supplements - quite a number - before I stumbled on Qualia Mind. Some of them were excellent, but they don't hold a candle to Mind. This is absolutely the best; I highly recommend it for memory, focus, and - most especially - drive.
M L. - 2022-06-29
Since taking Qualia Night, I fall to sleep more easily and sleep noticeably better without next-day grogginess.
Edward P. - 2022-06-29
Qualia focus are really good pills if you wanna be focused through the day and get things done Been having them for a few week now and I’ve felt very focused oriented than usual, I’d recommend them if you haven’t bought them yet you should try them out.
Mateusz K. - 2022-06-28
I take this every morning and it really does help to get me into the flow state of mind zone. It helps me to remember things more efficiently which in turn causes me to focus more and become more motivated.
Julie R. - 2022-06-28
I am noticing being more clear minded. Hoping to see more clarity after being on this longer.
Noe Dela Fuente D. - 2022-06-27
When I take Qualia Life I can exercise in the morning and still study up to 12 hours. Big help for us students!
Joel M. - 2022-06-25
I feel how I perform better in my job, I remain focus longer on what ever I'm doing.
Beatriz R. - 2022-06-24
Great Product.
Dennis M. - 2022-06-24
I just wish I had this years ago. Works like magic
David K. - 2022-06-24
I work in front of multiple screens for many hours every day, and since taking Qualia Vision, I have noticed a considerable decline in eye fatigue.
joda p. - 2022-06-24
Just simply revolutionary and amazing after feeling how we should function and operate as human beings. Living everyday life after having our brains work as efficiently and effectively as they really should after becoming nourished and revitalized with the vitamins and minerals our brains have been lacking since probably from the moment of birth. Consuming just one capsule per day should make anyone feel like a super human excelling with whatever their doing as a regular law abiding citizen o...Read more.
Marta S. - 2022-06-23
I love having a caffeine-free option for Mind. I think it helps with focus, or at least it makes me think it does. :)
Aquiles L. - 2022-06-23
I use this before every freestyle calisthenics workout. This is better than preworkout.
Marcello F. - 2022-06-22
Just started taking these and already feel more focused and intentional with my work hours. So far so good!
Alexander R. - 2022-06-22
I had an issue with my product packaging and support was extremely quick and easy to deal with. I had a new bottle in hand in 2 days! Excited to continue trying Qualia Mind with the reassurance that the company has my back.
Marcelo M. - 2022-06-22
Qualia Mind helps me focus for up to 9 hours, it's a game changer.
Nicholas S. - 2022-06-21
Pricey, but great.
Kenneth S. - 2022-06-21
It provides great energy!
Matthias A. - 2022-06-20
I tried other nootropics in the past but Qualia Focus is hands down the best. Just works great and keeps me very focused for hours.
Beth C. - 2022-06-20
Since I began taking Qualia Mind, I've noticed many changes. I'm more calm, focused, and memory recall is faster. The best part is now I finally understand what it means to "flow" or be "in the zone". I'm busy at work without giving attention to distractions now, which means I'm more productive and confident. This product is a total game changer! I'm a monthly subscriber now. :-)
Andrea P. - 2022-06-18
I freaking love this product it has helped me 100%