Andy R. - 2022-11-03
I loved the boost to start my day, and even more that I could feel more clarity and mental fortitude all. day. long.
scott D. - 2022-11-02
An hour after taking Qualia Mind and already feeling more alert.
Suzanne G. - 2022-11-02
So far I am loving Qualia Focus. I usually have problems with concentrating and getting my thoughts in order, but I have noticed that this supplement has really helped me with this problem. I will continue to take the supplement and will recommend it to others.
Anthony S. - 2022-11-02
Cardio + Weight Training + Healthy Meals + Qualia Mind = Best Brain performance for me personally.
Ryan S. - 2022-11-02
I don’t know how, but it only took 5 days to change the last 2 years of my life. I couldn’t read my phone, computer, or books. After 5 days I suddenly had my vision and it’s only gotten better. And still on my first bottle. For my work it’s priceless.
Thomas D. - 2022-10-30
Works great
Devin B. - 2022-10-29
Fantastic Product, if you are looking for a boost in focus and mental acuity. I recommend this supplement.
Brandon B. - 2022-10-29
Great for advancing the mind
John M. - 2022-10-28
I usually take a few supplements in the AM, fat burner, energy etc. I got my free bottle of this stuff and put it on my desk so I'd remember to take it the next morning. I took 1 (2 suggested) and was thinking to myself I was really very focused and it was a great addition to my other "stuff". At lunchtime I noticed I hadn't taken my normal morning stuff. I was totally shocked that one of these had given me such a boost. I have lots of early morning calls, this has made me feel smart again...Read more.
Gabriel G. - 2022-10-27
Amazing energy and focus better than Alfa Brain by Onnit
Hector Amadeo G. - 2022-10-26
I used Qualia mind in my chess study and training. It has helped me in my memory,pattern recognition and focus.This product took up a notch on my playing ability. Next month yi will be competing in the state chess champiopship and I believe Qualia mind wont leg me down.
Grace J. - 2022-10-26
I’ve heard this product helps with floaters and I’m excited to try it. I’ve only been taking it for one day so far but my eyes feel less strained and stressed already. The pill is a bit large for me but not too bad.
Tyler T. - 2022-10-25
I’ve tried a couple different nootropics and this one is the best one by far! For example I form my sentences better when speaking. I would have trouble finding the words that I want to say or forming a thought into language. I own a business with stressful fast paced work environment and I’ve noticed I’m keeping up with the work (mentally). Thanks neurohacker!
Irvin R. - 2022-10-25
I recommend this for anyone that needs energy and focus. Prefer this to coffee any day. I've began using it as part of my morning ritual and love it.
Youssef A. - 2022-10-25
this product was incredibly mind-blowing, I have never felt such a clear thought and an open mind. I 100% recommend this to anyone!
George M. - 2022-10-24
Super fast delivery, cant wait to see how much my focus improves.
Joe P. - 2022-10-24
Great product. Gives me the focus to get my work done!
Kolten R. - 2022-10-24
But good quality for the price but very pricey expensive product but good product
Kolten R. - 2022-10-24
Good product works well
Michael B. - 2022-10-23
For me this product helped me in two ways. In the morning I drink a full glass of water and take three capsules. The mild laxative effect and the full cognitive attention effect jumpstarts my day of productivity! I have not worked my way up to the recommended seven capsules. Three work for me!
Amalia R. - 2022-10-22
This makes a big difference in my energy levels. And the biggest improvement I noticed was in my skin. I struggle with rosacea. In addition to a regulated diet, Qualia products have kept me from having flare ups which is a huge game changer for me. Whenever I forget to order on time and run out, I start getting all the old rosacea symptoms. I don’t know if it’s the right kind of vitamin combinations or how much they help to deal with stress but they help enormously with my skin.
Kristi A. - 2022-10-22
I have every hope that this will help me with my stress level due to the ingredients that are in it. I've had some success with these ingredients in the past, but I think this will make it easier for me to be more consistent about taking it since it's all in one formula.
Prachi Z. - 2022-10-20
Really help me to focus for longer hours
Keenan E. - 2022-10-20
Better energy and stress relief than qualia mind. Granted, I took mind the same day, so I don't know what resilience is like solo. But I am feeling incredible right now.
Keenan E. - 2022-10-19
Before qualia, I struggled with energy and focus. I've always had ADD, and getting myself to do what I needed or even wanted to was like sitting in the passenger seat of my own consciousness, yelling directions at a deaf driver that was my subconscious. Now I'm the driver. I am, for what seems to be the first time in my life, the captain of my fate, master of my soul.