Cristina L. - 2019-05-30
I thought that I would never lose my sexual drive. Not me. Then one day, I began having issues. My mind would wonder & I’d lose interest during the act. And worse yet, I finally met the man of my dreams. My soulmate. Long story short. I took the original stack and stopped, realized that perhaps that was keeping stimulated, bought the next version with no results for whatever reason, stopped and then this! Eternus. I had to come back and see what this was. I’m beyond excited when I say tha...Read more.
Werner M. - 2019-05-29
very special product and a huge addition for health and well being
anna d. - 2019-05-28
best of the best!!! you wont know until you experience it
Michael A. - 2019-05-24
My sleep is more sound and the quality is increased. My mood is very reflective. I am resolution focused while others are running around screaming the sky is falling.
Kyle L. - 2019-05-23
If you want energy that is vibrant and then some, you want this stuff. It’s excellent.
Amara C. - 2019-05-15
On Fire!
Mitchell F. - 2019-05-09
I am so grateful for my experience with Qualia so far. I tried Focus first and felt good after a month but Qualia Mind really is a shining light. I have adjusted many things in my life in recent times which has been guided in a large way by Neurohacker collective. I have the four quadrants of focus on my wall and after a horrible start to the year I now feel better than I have felt in many years. I believe Qualia is playing a major part in this change. My focus has definitely improved, I hav...Read more.
Christopher G. - 2019-05-09
Unusually optimistic, focused
Eric O. - 2019-05-08
Felt great! I saved my last packet for today because I had things to do!
Chris F. - 2019-05-07
Focused & alert
Andrew T. - 2019-05-05
Controlled calm.
Mac C. - 2019-05-04
Calm and collected
ALEX W. - 2019-05-04
Like I was on warp speed
Paul M. - 2019-05-04
More focused and calm
Mike G. - 2019-05-04
Derek O. - 2019-05-04
More focused
Junaid M. - 2019-05-04
Calm and focused.
JUAN S. - 2019-05-04
I felt more focused, and stressful situations I felt more at ease
Andrew K. - 2019-05-04
Laser focused
Adolfo A. - 2019-05-04
Clear mind, relaxed
Benjamin A. - 2019-05-04
I think it’s comparable to Qualia Mind. I felt somewhat more motivated and positive early in the day compared with Qualia Mind, but generally felt about the same (which is still excellent).
jonathan r. - 2019-05-04
thomas e. - 2019-05-03
kelly m. - 2019-05-03
zen energy
Shondolyn V. - 2019-05-03