Maria B. - 2021-09-05
I have been taking this for about 8 mos. I can really tell a difference when I have forgotten for a few days to take it. I feel off-balance when I don't take it. My focus is much better and my mood is because of being able to focus better.
Ksenia C. - 2021-09-04
Focused throughout the day and sleep well at night
Ksenia C. - 2021-09-04
Focused throughout the day and sleep well at night
Wayne M. - 2021-09-03
I was uncomfortable with the pricing, however, I decided to give it a try for 2 bottles - which I shared with my partner after I sensed something very positive was happening. Both of us are having very very positive outcomes.
Casey W. - 2021-09-03
Neurohacker is probably the only supplement company that I truly trust.
Ashton P. - 2021-09-02
So far (just received yesterday) I'm impressed. Qualia Mind has enhanced my focus, mental agility and physical energy!
Riley M. - 2021-09-01
I feel smarter already! Thank you!
Debbie B. - 2021-09-01
I've had noticeable improvements with Qualia Vision. My close up vision has improved and I've noticed less eye irritation after being on the computer. While I don't have a desk job I am on the computer and phone...a lot! And I feel good about the ingredients, especially the astaxanthin. I'll definitely stay with this product!
Ariel L. - 2021-08-31
The more I use the more I appreciate... Definitely feel more focused and relaxed in the morning, I ordered the caffeine free since I Love coffee (I take fasted 1st thing with a teaspoon of coconut oil in my cup of cofee. My sleep pattern keeps slowly getting better with Qualia Night.
Blake B. - 2021-08-31
I feel I can speak more fluently after taking this.
Aditya V. - 2021-08-31
Totally worth it!
Austin F. - 2021-08-31
This stuff works. My brain fog is 100% gone.
Austin F. - 2021-08-31
Brain fog is 100% gone.
Conrad W. - 2021-08-31
I enjoy the bundle of products offered by Neurohacker. They are top quality products that help you feel and perform your best.
Missti F. - 2021-08-30
Qualia Mind has been a game changing addition to my daily regime. Clearer and more focused with mental energy that last throughout the day and tasks at hand! Even my eye sight has improved! Thanks Neurohacker!
Charles C. - 2021-08-30
I take 5-7 pills every morning on an empty stomach as suggested. Digestion is roughly 20 minutes and then I am ready to start my day. My workload is very intense as a construction project manager. This supplement helps me maintain great focus with a clear view to be well organized and productive throughout the day. Strongly recommend this product to the go-getters.
Ellen S. - 2021-08-29
This has really helped my brain at 75 years old
Tony C. - 2021-08-27
I just started taking the product and it’s already working. Can’t wIt to keep it going.
Linda S. - 2021-08-26
This product didn't help me go to sleep faster but it really helped me stay asleep through the night better than anything else I've tried.
Zackery J. - 2021-08-26
When I was new to Nootropics I came across this product and I love it! Truly love the transparency, value, and quality of this product. The company really does an A+ job at providing the best!
Sheilah D. - 2021-08-26
A great product! I've struggled with sleep for YEARS. What I loved about Qualia Sleep is that when I would awake through the night I could go right back to sleep.
Billy B. - 2021-08-26
Qualia is truly a one of a kind product! Being alert & task focused wins the day in my daily work and life. Definitely recommend!
Alex R. - 2021-08-25 | Beta Tester
On the computer for hours, eyes were feeing the strain a a need to stop , after taking the Qualia vision notice the difference, vision improved , sharper, practically no strain, Is a different-maker, I hooked.,
Brett D. - 2021-08-25
I've tried other products claiming to enhance mental clarity and this is by far the most effective.
MATTHEW F. - 2021-08-25
Works great