Bernadette D. - 2018-08-22
It's been 10 days now - followed the instructions and took the 2 days off, taking correct dosage, and can't say I feel either increased energy or any change at all in pretty much anything.
Peter D. - 2018-06-15
Been using for a week now but haven't noticed any real effects as of yet either cognitively nor focus nor energy. Will give it another couple of weeks and then re review. Taking 7 in morning on empty stomach.
Richard B. - 2018-05-15
I have not yet noticed any difference.
LINDA O. - 2018-02-25
No difference
Maria M. - 2018-02-21
I have been taking it as it says on bottles and felt no differnce mentally or emotionally or physically, may work for others but it did not work for me.
Othman L. - 2018-02-17
I have not seen any difference besides a feeling of uncomforte headache
Sergio G. - 2018-02-05
i have started as directed but have felt no improvement. I will continue the treatment as recommended.
Josh W. - 2020-03-30 | Beta Tester
Well, my experience was not the best. I had issues with sleep and was forced to cut the dose in half. I do believe that external job stressors may have been a contributing factor. I would be open to trying again.
Gregory B. - 2018-05-16
It’s the best out hands down.