Jayne S. - 2018-08-24
Started about 8 days ago and do not notice any benefits. I have been having headaches and increased my water intake. I shall wait and see.
Malia S. - 2018-06-18
I'm not entirely sure if I want to continue on this. I "think" it's the tyrosine because I've had this feeling taking just that before, but I feel really intense and short-tempered on too much of this (more than 2 capsules). It "also" creates a level of focus I'm not used to but I feel like a b---tch on wheels.. so.. I may need to get used to it, use less of it.. I'm not totally sure yet.. We will see.
Mary S. - 2018-06-01
Have been using 4 capsules in the morning without food for 14 days. My weight is 110 lbs. I'm 79 yrs of age.Reason for not taking more is due to the stimulatory effects mainly of the caffeine. I find the overall effect fairly subtle but helpful in terms of all around mental functioning such as somewhat improved short-term memory, and perhaps better word recall.And, some improvement in sleep. I also give 3 caps to my husband with breakfast as he's not comfortable with taking supplements on...Read more.
Christopher B. - 2018-05-24
Having experienced different nootropics, I have notice nothing new while dosing with Qualia as of 1.5 months. Part of my lack of a noticeable effect might be that I was already supplementing with a sound nootropic from a reputable company, prior to Qualia. I expect that I might notice slight differences in a few months of use, if not, then I will cycle out Qualia and my previous supplement and then monitor the effects. Time will tell.
thom v. - 2018-05-18
Qualia is a two part supplement. "Step 1" pills kind of feel like a caffeine boost but without the come down or jitters. I have noticed it helps enter a state of focus or "flow" more easily. The "step 2" is supposed to provide your brain with nutrients to stay healthy. It is very hard to notice if that is working, as my cognitive ability comparable to what it was 1 month ago. I will continue to use this product for 3 months to give it a fair try. However the price is so dang high it is har...Read more.
fabien v. - 2018-05-16
I'm a bit disappointed when I see all those review saying how much they felt it, I did not feel much. I may have had a little effect on my focus but it is not yet very conclusive. I'm going to finish my bottle see if it needs to build up in my system or if I feel something when I stop but so far nothing as miraculous as what I've read in other reviews
Karina D. - 2018-02-15
Although I can really appreciate that the company is really trying to do something great here, what they are offering as far as formulation goes, it did not really fit my chemistry. I had this weird side effect to the second bottle pill, and headaches were constant even after change the dosage to 1:2 ratio. I would totally give it another try if they change the formulation, but for now I am gonna have to stop using it.
Peter O. - 2017-11-24
I am a person of few words... So this will be a bulleted review: - Strong/complete formula with very noticeable focus and improvement of intelligence - No brain fog that comes occasionally with strong stacking like this - STONKING HEADACHE THE DAY AFTER ;-( - I would recommend this product but may caution lowering the dose
Dillon E. - 2017-11-24
Not getting the results that were expected
Don V. L. - 2017-11-23
I've been taking all these ingredients on my own for years. I thought I would try your product, but I would rather control my own dosage and alchemy.
Deric D. - 2017-11-12
Rowynn D. - 2017-10-02
I was very excited to try Qualia as I love the concept and the amount of thoughtful research the collective has put into this product. I have been taking nootropics for 2 years now. Qualia works wonders for the first few hours, but by about 5pm I crash, and crash hard. I become so debilitated that I have to lay down for two hours. This has never happened to me before and I find it alarming. I am going to finish the 30 day cycle and hope that it means my body is just taking time to adjust. I s...Read more.
kate c. - 2017-09-30
It woke me up and did clear the morning fog. If I took the recommend dose it gave me anxiety. I dropped it by one pill and that seemed to work. I probably won't try it again after I finish this bottle.
Carolyne W. - 2022-09-19
The ingredients are good but the smell is so offensive that I have to hold my nose and can only tolerate 2 at once.
Mikel H. - 2022-07-26 | Beta Tester
Nothing to write home about
dan w. - 2022-07-24 | Beta Tester
made me constipated
Cleo T. - 2022-07-23 | Beta Tester
I saw no effect with these. However, some Neurohacker products I notice the difference it made after I STOP taking it so I will remain open.
Amber M. - 2022-07-14 | Beta Tester
I’m extremely in tune with myself and I haven’t noticed any difference. And I really wish I was feeling a difference. I’m extremely in tune with myself and I haven’t noticed any difference. And I really wish I was feeling a difference.
Brian P. - 2022-06-27
I ordered the performance bundle, and the qualia night was missing from the package.
Mir J. - 2022-06-26
Was hopeful this was going to do something positive for me in terms of focus/concentration or energy but it didn’t do anything that I could notice unfortunately. Maybe it’s just me.
Adriane D. - 2022-06-19
Qualia Mind Caffeine Free helped recall and sharpness, however it caused my eyes to dry out where I could not wear the contacts despite using Systane drops for contact lenses.
Adriane D. - 2022-06-18
Qualia Night did nothing to help me get tired or sleep better, however it would help me feel more rested the following morning. Used as directed in conjunction with night time blue blockers, no screens 2 hours prior to bed, no caffeine past 3pm, and no meals after 6pm for 9pm bedtime.
Cori C. - 2022-06-12 | Beta Tester
A 2 day dose really was not enough to make an informed opinion. Packaging was neat and clean looking.
Mikel H. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
Seems promising, but it's too expensive for me to find out.I like the idea of only have to take a supplement twice a month.
Dana M. - 2022-05-26 | Beta Tester
As with other Qualia products, I have a hard time with taking 6-8 capsules first thing in the morning. I did so, for the sake of the study.