Beth C. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
I feel more energized and ready to take on the day.
Shelly C. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
I’m a very energetic person as it is so this may have gotten me a slight bit energy. I may need to take more to see if I see additional benefits.
Dawson L. - 2023-02-01
The focus branded qualia supplement provides me an adequate ampunt of focus and some urgency to complete the mission at hand. I would love to see more psychoactive elements implemented into these like the caffiene!
Ayomikun O. - 2023-01-31
It was amazing!
Jonathan Q. - 2023-01-24
I'll update this review after continued use
Caleb C. - 2023-01-19
Amazing results you’ll be flying like Superman after first dose!!
William C. - 2023-01-15
Doing this for free bottle
Shaun P. - 2023-01-15
It's a great alternative to an energy drink or another cup of coffee. I would take two capsules- either in the morning or in the early afternoon. On some days- I would start the day off with 7 Qualia mind capsules around 8 am or 9 am and then by Noon I would take two Qualia Focus capsules. Other times, In the morning, I would take two Focus capsules at the same time as drinking the liquid Qualia mind energy shot. This helps me focus and helps me be less anxious for a few hours. It helps ...Read more.
Em D. - 2023-01-12
I was surprised it worked so well! Legit!
Matthew B. - 2023-01-12
Don’t expect this give you laser vision eye sight but it definitely will be enhance your color spectrum and reduce eye strain
Magnus F. S. - 2023-01-10
Great product on a budget I believe formula can be updated(2.0) with a few more key nootropics.
Charles S. - 2022-12-30
Consume as instructed.
Sebastian D. - 2022-12-18
Use this in addition to Qualia life.
Reylan A. - 2022-12-17
pretty good but a bit expensive
David L. - 2022-12-10
Seems to work, but I don't know how much of that is just from caffeine. I'm sensitive to caffeine and each serving has 100mg.
Alan M. - 2022-12-10
interesting clarity in that it is subtle at first...then a month or so into it I became a little more aware that I seemed to be a bit more "aware": of everything and taking it all in stride vs. feeling anxious and overwhelmed
Catherine J. - 2022-12-03
Just finished my first box, unsure of results but I figure it can’t hurt!
Barbara O. - 2022-12-02
It is a good product, but it will take a little longer to see the results you are talking about. Have a good day.
Andrew S. - 2022-11-29 | Beta Tester
General wellness and energy increase
SA M. - 2022-11-29
First thing I’m noticing is definite improvement in mood
Tushad M. - 2022-11-28
works as advertised
Peter H. - 2022-11-28 | Beta Tester
Optimistic about this product and what it can do. So easy to use.
Matt S. - 2022-11-26 | Beta Tester
So far so good! I will continue to use and see how this helps long term
Meg H. - 2022-11-23 | Beta Tester
This supplement helped me feel better
Jameson G. - 2022-11-23 | Beta Tester
It seems to be a great product and I did notice a few positive effects in the short time using it. I think having a longer exposure time would have produced even more positive results. Not a fan of the use of soy in the ingredient recipe though. Love the science. Still learning about senolytics but it’s a fascinating subject and having this supplement could be a game changer! Customer service was great in terms of sending out the product quickly and communicating. The packaging was simple an...Read more.