Carolyne W. - 2022-09-19
The ingredients are good but the smell is so offensive that I have to hold my nose and can only tolerate 2 at once.
Mikel H. - 2022-07-26 | Beta Tester
Nothing to write home about
dan w. - 2022-07-24 | Beta Tester
made me constipated
Cleo T. - 2022-07-23 | Beta Tester
I saw no effect with these. However, some Neurohacker products I notice the difference it made after I STOP taking it so I will remain open.
Amber M. - 2022-07-14 | Beta Tester
I’m extremely in tune with myself and I haven’t noticed any difference. And I really wish I was feeling a difference. I’m extremely in tune with myself and I haven’t noticed any difference. And I really wish I was feeling a difference.
Brian P. - 2022-06-27
I ordered the performance bundle, and the qualia night was missing from the package.
Mir J. - 2022-06-26
Was hopeful this was going to do something positive for me in terms of focus/concentration or energy but it didn’t do anything that I could notice unfortunately. Maybe it’s just me.
Adriane D. - 2022-06-19
Qualia Mind Caffeine Free helped recall and sharpness, however it caused my eyes to dry out where I could not wear the contacts despite using Systane drops for contact lenses.
Adriane D. - 2022-06-18
Qualia Night did nothing to help me get tired or sleep better, however it would help me feel more rested the following morning. Used as directed in conjunction with night time blue blockers, no screens 2 hours prior to bed, no caffeine past 3pm, and no meals after 6pm for 9pm bedtime.
Cori C. - 2022-06-12 | Beta Tester
A 2 day dose really was not enough to make an informed opinion. Packaging was neat and clean looking.
Mikel H. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
Seems promising, but it's too expensive for me to find out.I like the idea of only have to take a supplement twice a month.
Dana M. - 2022-05-26 | Beta Tester
As with other Qualia products, I have a hard time with taking 6-8 capsules first thing in the morning. I did so, for the sake of the study.
Ajay T. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
No major impact was felt while taking the product
Molly C. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
I did not feel any effects from Qualia Mind
Emily B. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
I did not notice anything
Edwin E. - 2022-05-15
I was not able to get the benefits from it, but something that you definitively feel is the caffeine kicking in. I tested my memory and drive before and after qualia. I'm not sure if it's supposed to work after a couple days of continuous use but I haven't seen a difference
Quentin c. - 2022-05-13
I was originally excited to receive this product, I am a regular coffee drinker so I went with the caffeinated version. Warning: the recommended dose even with a high caffeine tolerance did cause an adverse reaction in me, I’m not sure if I can take this product again.
Jay B. - 2022-04-25
I believe this is a good quality product and the company behind it too, unfortunately I didn't notice any improvement on my near sight vision which is the problem I have
Guest - 2022-04-21
I did not notice much of a difference despite the stellar ingredients profile. Maybe I was already in great health or just have a difficult set of genes to work with. Wish I would have been able to get a refund under the guarantee but by the time I remembered it, it was too late. Nice that they do that though, and hope it works well for others. As for me, I'll have to keep searching.
Jill Z. - 2022-03-29
it isn't the savior for my sleep issues that I had hoped it would be.
Tyler W. - 2022-03-14
Didn’t really work for me I had a lot of hope in this product but I’m my case there was no real significant change in my cognitive ability!
Jerremy D. - 2022-02-24 | Beta Tester
No effect
Rody W. - 2022-02-19
I took this for a couple of weeks. Did not notice a difference in my sleep. I am 59 year old male and sleep Ok, but frequently wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep and then when going back to sleep, frequently don't sleep well after that. This product didn't really help, at all. Nothing negative about it, just didn't even notice, like I hadn't taken it at all. No difference in sleep.
Dion B. - 2022-02-09 | Beta Tester
I was hoping to see some differences as my focus has not been good, and my drive to get things done has been low. I saw virtually no improvement is mental clarity, ability to focus, or increased drive to do things. I thought that maybe there was a build up time needed, but either that is not the case, or having two days off just burns down any build up. I'm any case, there have been no negative effects, but there have been no positive effects either.
Norman O. - 2022-01-15
I tried it for about 3 weeks without seeing any results. Did I stop too soon?