Jackson H. - 2021-05-07
I had extremely high hopes for qualia which is always a mistake to create an expectation. I’ve just finished my first 100 doses, I certainly noticed a difference. I notice myself with an ability to focus better and reduced brain fog, but I also set that intention upon taking the supplement each day so it’s hard to say if it was the supplement or merely the power of the mind. I feel like it’s working for me so I’m going to continue using it. I would surely recommend having a smoothie or someth...Read more.
Dana S. - 2021-05-04 | Beta Tester
I say excellent overall experience because I was motivated to work more in the evening. I prefer working to watching TV - usually I watch TV. Literally more mental energy. If this is a placebo, oh well (!).
Henry H. - 2021-05-04 | Beta Tester
Happy more energy and clear headed
Kyncie O. - 2021-05-04 | Beta Tester
I had much clearer thoughts and motivation. I have noticed since not taking it that I am slow and exhausted!
Carlisia T. - 2021-05-04 | Beta Tester
Seemed to be more focused.
alma D. - 2021-04-30
Is good but I don’t remember it having a fishy teist I have had them before
Kevin W. - 2021-04-27
Been taking it for 2 weeks now, definitely feel more focused.
Jacob C. - 2021-04-26
It's hard to say exactly how much it's helping me. I think that there's definitely an improvement with certain functions. As an ENTP, I was hoping for it to have more of an effect on motivation and focus... but I think I just have to accept the fact that my mind is going to wander. I'm beginning to think that no nootropic can help with that! I think I'll continue to use this product... however, it's extremely regrettable that it's not available for distribution within Canada. I mean, this p...Read more.
William L. - 2021-04-24
I haven't used it long enough to give you a good response. But so far so good.
Emily J. - 2021-04-13
Immediately felt improved focus, mental energy, mood and I'm very grateful! I have experimented with dosage and find 6 capsule dosage is perfect for me. Taking earlier helps reduce any chance of interfering with sleep. I am a 73 year old woman living at 9,00 feet in the Rocky Mountains, working in my son's business and loving life." Mind" makes it all better - hate to give up the 2 days a week taking it! Thank you Qualia! 4 stars, rather than 5, because of the number of caps needed.
Craig B. - 2021-04-12
I wasn't expecting anything from this product other than that it should offer something considering the price. I was wrong. I have not only noticed a definite change in my cognition and the lack of brain fog to a degree; but I have noticed a difference in the way I think about certain things. It's as if I'm more laid back and don't let some things get to me as they did before.....laid back with a faster, clearer brain. How cool is that?
Stacey S. - 2021-04-11
Seems to have a positive impact on my ability to focus, tune some surrounding noise out to a degree and feel more pleasantly cooperative in tasks.
Josh M. - 2021-04-07
I noticed some benefits while taking this for several months. The only think that drives me nuts is that my hands and feet sweat profusely for about 3 hours after taking them.
Josh P. - 2021-04-04 | Beta Tester
I was in a flow. Not as worried about each decision I had to make, with the ability to make tough decisions I could stick with. There was a bit of synchronicity in my day.
Alex P. - 2021-04-03
One thing I noticed is I have a more noticeably effect when I’m actually trying to focus on study or something. But when I doing something active I usually don’t tend to have any “high” from it at all.
Justin P. - 2021-04-02
I use Qualia Life and Mind daily, taking the recommended breaks in cycles. So far it has been a positive experience. The most significant difference is my consistent energy levels through out the entire day. I work long hours and do mentally challenging work, which requires me to focus for nearly 10 hours a day. I love being able to do my work with constant energy and focus. It seems Qualia Life has contributed to this significantly.
Willis S. - 2021-03-04 | Beta Tester
Very positive
keri k. - 2021-03-04 | Beta Tester
I have been more tired at night, falling asleep earlier and the waking up 1-2 hours earlier, feeling rested
Joshua V. - 2021-03-03 | Beta Tester
Felt like my eyes were less strained than usual. Better than Eye Armor by Bulletproof
Antonio G. - 2021-03-02 | Beta Tester
I don't really "feel" any effects but I have noticed just slight improvements in vision (mostly at night)
Heather B. - 2021-03-02 | Beta Tester
I feel like this has helped my overall eyesight and vision health, less strain.
Toni M. - 2021-02-22
This is my 3rd week. My 1st night was a big wow. I slept 7 hrs. and I felt very lifted energy wise and mentally still. I do have my nights when I wake up @ 4 AM. Hopefully that will be reduced.
Alexis L. - 2021-02-21 | Beta Tester
Don’t like the excessive teary eyes and sometimes dry eyes
Jaime M. - 2021-02-19
Just started to take the caps. No change yet