Laura M. - 2021-05-03
I tried both Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus, I got a slight increase in focus during the first 2 hours after taking the supplement, but I started feeling increasingly tired in the early afternoon, I adjusted the dosis, up the the recommended max, down up to 2 and 3 pills, I split the dosage, taking half first thing in the morning and half in the late morning or early afternoon, with no improved results, I ended up feeling extremely tired, I even fell asleep a couple of times seating in front o...Read more.
Andris R. - 2021-04-29
Don’t feel any difference besides burping and bad smell. Started as suggested 7 pills in the morning first week. Felt nothing! Next week took 8 with same result. Now taking 10 pills in the morning on empty stomach and feel no difference. Way too expensive to experiment more
Ej K. - 2021-04-19
Ordered Qualia Mind, was pleased with product so tried the Mind-Life-Immune package through a subscription. Next thing I know two more Qhalia minds show up in separate maings and two more package orders in additional mailings. Have been charged for all orders never made. Again, love the products but fulfillment center is out of control so I am cancelling subscription.
Jonathan P. - 2021-04-12
If they changed the taste, it would be great.
Carol S. - 2021-04-12
I really can't say it's made much difference for me in mind clarity or energy. And I really can't take the pills as they smell like perfume + make me nauseated no matter if I take them on an empty stomach or after food. I did take an entire bottle.
Rachael B. - 2021-04-11
Absolutely not worth the price. Effect was too subtle and only lasted an hour at most for me. I had high hopes but was disappointed. Couldn’t imagine paying so much for it- maybe if it was much much much much less expensive I’d be on board.
Shannon L. - 2021-04-04 | Beta Tester
No effect
Gary H. - 2021-03-12
Not sure if i felt anything, but do not know how to test it
Lindsey L. - 2021-03-04
Been taking it for 4 weeks now with 2 days off on weekends and haven’t noticed an improvement in memory or focus. I do feel slightly more calm but that’s about it. I eat a healthy diet with limited sugar and processed foods. I exercise regularly and am very health conscious but have trouble concentrating and recalling information. Was hoping for a more noticeable effect to justify the price.
Daniel H. - 2021-03-03
I have been using this product now for several days and honestly have not felt much of a difference in my mental performance. I was expecting it to kind of "supercharge" my mental performance, but unfortunately that did not happen. I am not sure if it simply takes more time, but given the ingredients, there should be some immediate effect. For the price it is certainly not something I would consider continuing with.
Michael S. - 2021-02-28 | Beta Tester
Not happy with this product, did not appear to assist with any vision problems
Dion B. - 2021-02-27 | Beta Tester
Overall, I did not notice any real difference from before I started taking the product. My eyes might have had slightly less strain, but were more teary. My neck and back are often tense, but were slightly moreso than normal.
Leslie L. - 2021-02-18
I really wanted this to work but honestly I don't feel much of a difference. I cannot justify paying over $100 for something that isn't making a definitive difference in my cognitive function. Shame. I wanted to like this and would have had no problem paying if I felt confident that it worked.
Anthony S. - 2021-02-14
It worked well to increase focus the first day by about 50% I'd say and then every day after that it appeared to have less and less of an effect. Also, the flavor and texture of the drink comes out like chalky candy.
Michael C. - 2021-02-12
least effective energy drink that I have tried
Carrie G. - 2021-02-10
No help here that I could notice. Disappointed.
Shannon L. - 2021-02-08
I didn’t really notice any difference.
Carl J. - 2021-02-08
I did feel focused and clear headed, but I also experienced a heart arhythmia tge second day so I stopped taking it. This is not something I experience regularly, and could be a coincidence, but I decided it was not worth the risk.
Jordan C. - 2021-02-07
I did think that there was a slight increase in focus/concentration throughout my workdays, but the product made me irritable which is unusual for me. Any benefit that there may have been, was outweighed by the impact it had on my mood.
James G. - 2021-02-07
Felt a slight increase in energy, but it was short lived, and I didn’t notice any cognitive enhancements at all. I usually have a cup of bulletproof coffee in the morning, and the effects of that are greater than the drink I think.
Justin J. - 2021-02-07
I really had no affects on the product. Good or bad. The taste could definitely be improved. I took a full bottle each day for 5 days. I took these in the morning before my focus time on work. I did not feel any different or have any extra energy focus then when I was not taking the product.
Carol H. - 2021-02-06
Made my stomach hurt
Luke M. - 2021-02-06
After taking the product for three days in a row I felt a minimal amount of change in my energy and mental focus
Thomas D. - 2021-02-01
The effects are good, but wow..this tastes terrible