Brad B. - 2022-06-01 | Beta Tester
Good product. I could notice improvements with my focus and attention.
Austin S. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
Will G. - 2022-05-31
Better than others on the market. I like the caffeine free option.
Michele L. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
The ingredients are seemingly well researched and backed by science. Concerned a bit by the addition of soy but otherwise, quite happy with the blend and the dosing.Great packaging and logo and design. We’ll researched and studied ingredients. Cutting edge and next level!
Synna K. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
I didn’t feel a whole lot except really tired. I slept a lot while on this. But today I fell like getting things done and I haven’t felt that for a bit. So I am already happy with the product.The science is sound and interesting. The packing was perfect, the service wonderful and on time. I am pleased with the results today, although I wasn’t sure what to expect ,I already feel like I have an energy that wasn’t there last week. So hats off to another wonderful product
mark n. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
Qualia products are an experience as much as they are a remedy. The packing is worthy of a unboxing video in itself, beautifully designed and I know how odd this sounds but the feel of the box was soft and silky, just wonderful packing design.Best packaging for pills I have ever seen, crisp and bright labeling and feels very nice to the touch. Would love to know what kinda printing this is. Also hope its ecology friendly and biodegradable.
Cameron D. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
This new supplement gave me what I perceived to be increased energy after the second day of use. It has potential to be a game changer in the ever growing niche of aging supplements. I look forward to seeing how it impacts lives in a positive manner.The science seems to be sound and reasonable. The packaging and name of the product is appealing and likely will gather some research from potential customers. I would have liked an insert or something more inside the packaging to tell me how each...Read more.
Barbara P. - 2022-05-31
Too soon to tell. I've been taking for about two weeks. Hoping there is a more noticeable effect the longer I take it.
Dylan Y. - 2022-05-28
So far so good. Hoping to combat CFS and this appears to help deliver some changes although not instantly. Takes a while to build up.
Emmett K. - 2022-05-28
This supplement does seem to help increase my mental energy and focus for 3-4 hours. Sometimes the ginger extract is a bit noticeable, especially on an empty stomach. I'd recommend to give it a try
Susan S. - 2022-05-28 | Beta Tester
This helped me focus and get my work done accurately, even when I haven't slept well. It improved my mood. I did not feel as though I needed 7 to get the effect needed.
Westley A. - 2022-05-28 | Beta Tester
Definitely clean energy and motivation; a little bit stimulating but also grounding at the same time. I did better with the slightly-less-is-more approach, and found more of a balanced benefit at 5 capsule dosage rather than 7. This may be an individual thing physiologically, of course. It's an all-in-one product incorporating a lot of beneficial herbal extracts and nutraceuticals. You can't go wrong!
Mauricio H. - 2022-05-27 | Beta Tester
Good overall
ali e. - 2022-05-26 | Beta Tester
Easy no side effects. Would like to take longer to see effects
Heather B. - 2022-05-25 | Beta Tester
Made me feel overall good and more alert
David S. - 2022-05-24 | Beta Tester
I noticed my creative thoughts and my ability to move through procrastination enhanced.
Patrick B. - 2022-05-24 | Beta Tester
Being a school principal requires me to constantly be on the move, whether I’m in a classroom or on the playground supervising students. Quaila Mind kept me focused and full of energy.
Amber M. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
More energy and clearer mind.
Matt S. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
Qualia mind gave me the boost needed to focus and not be as distracted throughout the day. Loved the cognitive boost throughout the day!
Mohamed A. - 2022-05-20
After my first dose, I can say this is a pretty good all in one nootropic. Nit only does it give me the energy without the jitters, but a smooth clean focus
Liviu Constantinescu C. - 2022-05-15
I've always had trouble with supplements in that however many supplements of any kind I take, I never really notice any particular differences to anything, ever... I assume the body is getting the fish oil or whatever it needs, but goodness knows if it's doing any good. Contrasted with that experience, Qualia Mind really does make a difference. There's definitely a sense of clear-headedness and improved focus, attention and recall. That's really the highest praise I can give to a supplement. ...Read more.
Danilo S. - 2022-05-12
Overall I think it’s a good product, but if you’re sensitive to caffeine it might not be suited for you. I somehow missed caffeine, and definitely got the jitters.
Annette C. - 2022-05-10
I really like QM caffeine free. I like that I can control the amount of caffeine I have for the day. I have tried other other high end products, but QM works best for me.
Christopher C. - 2022-05-05
Like any supplement it's rather difficult to say whether it's really working or not, but I do feel more focused and 'centered' after taking Qualia Mind.
Vince L. - 2022-05-04
Just bought a bottle and I’ve heard great things about it