Abhi A. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
Reuben F. - 2022-04-12
Definitely works as advertised; however, I can't take the full, 7 pill dose because it over stimulates my brain and I can't stop my thoughts from stumbling over each other. 4 capsules and I'm good to go until lunch
Brendan S. - 2022-04-07 | Beta Tester
I really enjoyed taking this product. I am a pretty calm and collected guy normally, but this seemed to really help in stressful situations for me to be able to pause and then respond as opposed to just "reacting".
Donald W. - 2022-04-04 | Beta Tester
More focused and calm in the morning when taken.
Robert. (Bob) W. - 2022-04-03
Ive taking Life for a few years now. I turned 70 a few months ago and have been very active most of my adult life. This supplement I believe has helped me in my goal to stay active into y 90"s
Jason E. - 2022-03-30
I feel a boost and get a mild jolt of focus that is not overpowering. Taking 7 pills is a bit much but I look at it that I have to start my day with a lot of water. I also don't eat breakfast so really like you don't need to eat food before taking pills.
Alberto A. G. - 2022-03-21
I've been taking the product for the second month and it's been quite good it took a while but I am more active and more focused than before
Bruce M. - 2022-03-21
Quality product good experience will continue taking. I liked the product better than several others that I've tried. I did not feel overstimulated and felt more alert, calm and motivated. I only gave it four stars because you do have to consume seven pills. It does have everything in one formula which is good and trying to consume all the nootropics separately would come to a lot of pills. That said it is worth consuming the seven pills it just is a lot to see when you start using qualia mind.
Faith R. - 2022-03-15
Just received it quickly. Waiting to see how it works
Ayaz A. - 2022-03-12
This is my second bottle, and my productivity increased a lot, and I see lots of changes in my motivation and workloads; I highly recommended.
Yaroslav B. - 2022-03-08
Prefer this one over the caffeine version
Brenda S. - 2022-03-03
I've been taking for a week now, and I expected to feel a big change given the reviews. For myself, no big change, however I feel a very subtle, consistent lift through the day.
Kiersten A. - 2022-02-27
Thank you!
Anna R. - 2022-02-26
I have tried numerous nootropics and stacks and this has been by far the most effective one to date. It works well and there is no crash from it at the end of the day. This is on auto-ship and is my only nootropic I now take.
Alex D. - 2022-02-21
I really enjoy the way this product works. the packaging is nice. the taste is a little fishy but you get over it. i wish it was a little more affordable but i like it.
Margaux M. - 2022-02-19
I have noticed that my eyes are much less tired during the day. I work a lot on screens and this has helped with overall better feeling in my eyes in terms of dryness, fatigue and clarity. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who has tired, sore and dry eyes.
Kevin T. - 2022-02-18 | Beta Tester
Good, to be honest I didn't notice much
raymond m. - 2022-02-18
Qualia Night is phenomenal, allowing me to get much needed deep sleep!
Michael F. - 2022-02-17
Mind so far has kept me focus in the gym and I can tell a difference.
Al N. - 2022-02-17 | Beta Tester
I noticed the 1st few days that I was gettong more things done. meaning I was on task more easily. I guess I then got used to it, as I didn't seem to notice it as much. But then it must be doing something, because when I stopped, I felt something was missing. I t is a definitive difference.
Synna K. - 2022-02-17 | Beta Tester
It was decent, I had headaches for about half of it, idk if this was due to the product or not though. I was able to complete work for the most part minus my usual stress load.
Brandi B. - 2022-02-16 | Beta Tester
Felt as if it helped with mood in morning
Patrick K. - 2022-02-16 | Beta Tester
The effects of the product overall were faint, but noticeable. My mood and outlook were slightly improved, keeping my overall stress levels at bay. I'd be curious to try it on a longer termed basis to get a better feeling for it's intended benefit.
Arthur K. - 2022-02-16
This is my third nootropic stack.The amounts and ingredients are outstanding,but.....I haven't got that really intense focus many people are claiming to receive.Don't get me wrong,focus and help in multi-tasking ARE there,just not to the levels I was expecting.Going to complete two bottles worth and then perhaps I will revise this review.It's good but I just don't know if it's $100/month good.
Gavin C. - 2022-02-15 | Beta Tester
Increase focus capacity