Jeanne S. - 2021-11-09
I was skeptical of this product, but I felt rested upon waking up for the first time in weeks.
Carol C. - 2021-11-09 | Beta Tester
A little heart burn at first. Focus seemed to hep me with clearer conversation and choice of words especially in stressful . I seems similar to Qualia Mind but with the addition of celastrus paniculatus seed extract which I am interested in learning more about.especially in stressful situations. It seems similar to Qulia Mins in ingredients except for the addition of
Nicholas T. - 2021-10-31
Since I’ve been taking Qualia Mind - which I deduce is basically a stimulant - I’ve noticed that I’m more sluggish on the two days I don’t take it each week. Dunno.
Jeff G. - 2021-10-29
Definitely felt more energy and jumped out of bed in the mornings after one week using this product. It did, however, give me slight headaches that lasted approximately 1 hr.
Kylan W. - 2021-10-24
Qualia Mind works incredibly well. It's head and shoulders above the rest. Smooth, steady flow that keeps me dialed in to each and every task with a gentle but noticeable boost in mood and well-being. Best part = Zero crash! If you're looking for your edge, here it is ;)
Ashleigh A. - 2021-10-13
I only took Qualia for one day. While it worked really well, I realized after reading the bottle that I cannot take it with my SSRI. I would have appreciated that information right off the bat before purchasing Qualia. I'm giving it four stars because I think it's a good product but you need to make it perfectly clear that it cannot be taken with an SSRI before purchasing. I am keeping the bottle so my husband can take it if he wants. Thanks
John R. - 2021-10-07
I've noticed an improvement in my cognitive performance but I don't know if that's because of Qualia to be honest. I'm a Nursing student and I'm constantly studying although it was harder for me to comprehend last semester. This semester seems easier but maybe that's because of Neuroplasticity. I'd like to say that Qualia is helping but I can't confirm for sure. But I'm also gonna keep on taking it for the duration of the semester just in case Qualia Mind is helping LoL. I put four stars beca...Read more.
Jared P. - 2021-10-01 | Beta Tester
I felt the product did give me a lighter feel to my skin but I did not see any noticeable improvement in the quality of my skin.
Ben S. - 2021-09-28
First dose was great. More to follow
Christie F. - 2021-09-28 | Beta Tester
I love the ingrediants!
John B. - 2021-09-27 | Beta Tester
Good product. Helped pull me out of allergic brain fog. Can take every day (unlike Qualia Mind.) And it doesn’t taper. 2 each morning seems to bring back a brain I “used to have” 20 yrs ago. Noticeably Different as an addendum to my standard stack of vitamins.
Josh H. - 2021-09-27 | Beta Tester
I experienced a noticeable decrease in dryness after 4 consecutive doses, as well as a minor increase in visual acuity. I believe continued usage would only improve upon these effects.
David L. - 2021-09-26
The quality and the component mixture seems to be very good. However, there is caffeine in the product which makes me wonder if the positive acute effect is really coming from the caffeine.
Blake W. - 2021-09-24 | Beta Tester
Noticed less fatigue while using screens. Would be interest to see the impact after longer use!
John Stephen T. - 2021-09-24 | Beta Tester
Solid blend of antioxidants and vision-improving compounds. Noticed a subtle increase in alertness and perception.
Wesley K. - 2021-09-22 | Beta Tester
Looking forward to testing further.
bettina E. - 2021-09-22 | Beta Tester
My skin looked great, it definitely gave me a nice glow. It also made it dewy. The only thing is that it came in capsule form. I have a hard time swallowing these and it would add another handful of them to qualia mind which almost makes it a full meal. T would be great if more of the products came in powder form or liquid (even the worst tasting would be better than capsules).
Trent W. - 2021-09-22 | Beta Tester
Allowed me to concentrate and complete tasks
Chantae B. - 2021-09-22 | Beta Tester
Positive experience
Harry S. - 2021-09-21 | Beta Tester
Good. I didn't notice a major difference. I liked the extra energy and noticed some calmness.
Betty G. - 2021-09-20 | Beta Tester
Need more time on Vision Study