Ria O. - 2021-01-18
a slight elevation of energy and slight recovery of energy after exhausting it.
James D. - 2021-01-18
It seemed to give me a bit more energy boost than before
Diane K. - 2021-01-18
Although I didn't feel any surge of energy, I did feel that my thinking was clearer and I felt a bit calmer when dealing with the everyday stressors. My workouts did seem a bit better and for whatever reason, I had less food cravings as well.
Andreas R. - 2021-01-17
I noticed a slight boost to my energy levels and overall well-being.
Kim G. - 2021-01-17
Had a bit more energy and felt more empathetic.
Catherine M. - 2021-01-17
I didn't notice any significant change to energy or mental clarity. I noticed a moderate increase in my ability to focus. I felt like I needed more time to see the real effect. I had an energy dip on the 2nd day of taking them, then normalized. I did not like taking 8 capsules in the morning.
Barbara C. - 2021-01-17
I took 8 capsules each morning just before breakfast I had no unpleasant experience Felt energetic & focused
Diana C. - 2021-01-17
While I didn’t feel a huge difference in my overall well-being my energy throughout the day was consistent
Timothy M. - 2021-01-16
Used this product for 5 straight days. Found to have more energy.
Kisha B. - 2021-01-16
I was surprised that a serving was 8 pills. However, they were easy to take. I made an effort to eat because it was suggested that the pills be taken with food. I felt that I had more energy. I had so much to where I found it difficult to get to sleep. I was able to work out more. I even increased my speed while on the treadmill.
Alicia L. - 2021-01-16
I didn't feel like I needed a nap to survive the day. My mind was clear and alert.
Michele L. - 2021-01-14
The pros: The ingredients and nutrients are top notch Loved the b12 as both methylcolbalamin and adenosylcolbalamin The cons: Taking 8 huge capsules at one sitting (breakfast) I don’t think 5 days is truly enough to ascertain if these supplements actually affected my aging process but I’d love to think they did.
Charles H. - 2021-01-14
I took it as directed for the week, everyday. I maybe felt more energy/motivation towards the end of taking, my spouse and I are moving and I packed more of my house towards the end than the beginning. I mean there’s much really to gauge off of with a week trial.
Nick N. - 2021-01-13
The formula is comprehensive, I need to take it another 30 days to feel the full effects. I like it so far.
Roger B. - 2020-12-31
This product after two weeks appears to give me more energy along with a sense of well being! I am sold on its effects
Jeff C. - 2020-12-13
I'm happy with the results. Tastes horrible though...
Stepan G. - 2020-12-08
Reading a lot of reviews I was hoping for visible benefits, but so so far (3 weeks into) I can't say I feel any different than before I started. One thing which is probably different - is the number of good ideas I had for the last couple of weeks related to my ongoing projects, usually, I'm not so creative. However, I'm willing to try it a bit more, maybe adjust the dosage to see If I can get any more benefits.
Guest - 2020-12-01
I really love the product but now I started get severe headaches! I would like to know is that a common symptom? Have a good week
Raphael B. - 2020-11-27
This is a really good product, I have little interest in trying anything else
Nancy S. - 2020-11-18
At the end of my first month of taking Qualia Night, I’m now reliably sleep 7-8 hours - a significant improvement! As a result, I’ve decided to be a monthly subscriber and I’ll definitely comment more descriptively after a few months of regular use.
Wyatt S. - 2020-11-14
I take this along with the Life supplement and I love them both. Literally the only thing. What I’ve I can say is that it’s a little more than I would like to pay.
Sean M. - 2020-11-07
First few days it worked great, it's kind of gone down a bit but it's stabilized I think, I still definitely feel like I'm functioning higher than I used to.
Joseph R. - 2020-11-03
Day 1, [ 3 capsules]more confidence and focus. Fixed sleeping schedule, I seemed to be tired at the time of day i used to when my sleeping schedule was @ a (fixed-time) Day 2, [ 4 capsules] more energy produced and with less being used, less fatigue, more focused. More energetic, Deep sleep. Day 3, [4 capsules] more confidence, more energetic then day 1 and 2. Same amount of focused, less appetite then usual. Day 4, [3 capsules 20 minutes after wake up and 1, 3hrs after.] Headache, n...Read more.
David M. - 2020-10-19
To be honest, I went in with high expectations that this particular product would deliver some level of noticeable change or feeling. Unfortunately, I felt no difference or anything mentionable that may have contributed to taking the product. I wish I could say differently but that would be dishonest.
Rea F. - 2020-10-10
As a septuagenarian who was experiencing brain fog I cannot afford: QUALIA MIND has changed my life for the better! My goodness! I don't think as I did in my 30s to be sure, but ability to stay focused, alert, to remember details and 'where I am' is definitely taken a remarkable turn. This is my second month on the product and may I say: I'm quite impressed! GREAT product. Thank you for creating this gem!