TRIANNA M. - 2021-01-27
Third eye
Scott L. - 2021-01-27
Solid product that lives up to its name.
Monica M. - 2021-01-26
This product was wonderful! It enhanced my mood, I had energy that lasted throughout the day. The 1st day was definitely an adjustment day for me. I felt the effects of the product but my body was not ready to exhibit them just yet. Day 2 and on, I felt amazing!! What I did not like was the amount of pills that needed to be taken at one time, and continually burping throughout the day and tasting the product. Other than that, it is an overall great product!
Diane L. - 2021-01-26
I already take a lot of supplements so when I took 8 the first day I got very nauseated& didn’t feel well most of the day. I tried 4 a day and actually noticed improvement as noted below inspire of going thru an extremely stressful time the days I was taking the supplements. If people already are taking several high quality supplements & are seniors they may do better with less than the recommended8/day
Tracey D. - 2021-01-25
It seems a bit less potent than Mind, but also I feel less on edge.
sherri C. - 2021-01-25
So far so good
Bennett D. - 2021-01-24
Genuinely felt better after taking Qualia Life for a few days. I have more consistent energy throughout the day and my sleep quality has improved.