Sridhar S. - 2021-07-21
It didn’t work for me at all. Ask the number of capsules to be taken and the fishy odor of them was off putting.
Alejandro S. - 2021-07-21
I felt the effects the first 5 days of using the product. After i haven’t felt any different.
andy f. - 2021-07-09 | Beta Tester
no effect
Ray C. - 2021-07-08
Took as directed and found no difference in quality of Life!
Margaret D. - 2021-07-08
I tried the product and it left me feeling extremely anxious.
Richard S. - 2021-07-01
I noticed no changes to my eyes or vision.
Adam J. - 2021-07-01 | Beta Tester
I experienced no difference or change in vision
Anthony S. - 2021-07-01
Overall, I wish I would've seen improvement from this supplement but who knows maybe it was just me. Hard to tell.
Doug C. - 2021-07-01
Didn’t notice a difference
Serge-Eric T. - 2021-07-01
it's not doing anything bad nor good
Claire C. - 2021-06-23 | Beta Tester
It was easy to take and no bad after effects but it didn't do a thing for my skin in any way.
Olga G. - 2021-06-22 | Beta Tester
Unfortunately, I experienced zero results from the test-product I got. I tried a few other Neurohacker supplements and they were great, but this one did nothing. None of my skin issues were lessened in the course of three month. In fact, I even got some painful cystic acne at one point.
Zoraida M. - 2021-06-20
I just didn't notice anything, like at all.
Derek P. - 2021-06-13 | Beta Tester
Not sure what it's supposed to do but haven't experienced any changes what so ever.
Thomas W. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
I'm not exactly sure WHAT I should be experiencing, but in the 5 short days, I do not SEE or feel anything different with my vision or eyesight. I do wear glasses and have not experienced anything different. 2 more weeks to go!
Nikki M. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
So far haven't noticed anything different in my vision.
Walter D. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
I have had recent eye issues and was hoping this product would of helped, but so far I have fet no improvements
Travis F. - 2021-06-04
I used it as directed and gave it a few weeks. I never experienced a difference in how I thought or felt. Didn't feel any different after Qualia mind than I did after a cup of coffee.
Pete B. - 2021-05-07
I have used the product as directed (7 per day, 5 days on and 2 days off, used on empty stomach), however I have not experienced the benefits that many reviewers have expressed. I was hopeful, and likely would have attributed any improvement in well-being or cognitive function to the product, however I have not had that experience. Perhaps I received a placebo bottle.
Francis R. - 2021-05-06
Did not do anything for me, my sleep was 100% the same as before, after a full 30 days.
phil h. - 2021-04-24
Not helping at all
Jeff C. - 2021-04-21
I've tried 5 a day then 7 for a few days 3 for two days and another 2 later that day ...Nothing I have a Rx for modafinil and 1/2 (100mg) in the early AM wakes me up better with focus.
Tyler P. - 2021-04-19
I'm 75% finished with the bottle and can say I feel no different taking Qualia Mind than on the days I don't or before starting. This is completely surprising as every review I've seen raves about this product (Which makes you think...). My diet is clean, I exercise often, and I am usually sensitive to stimulants or supplements, which makes me even more disappointed to give this product a bad review.
Charles J. - 2021-04-16
Stopped my subscription
Agi R. - 2021-04-15
The first order was LOST. I like your products, but the second order is still awaiting shipment and I have runout of pills. If it takes more than one month to ship to Hawaii, I will have to cancel future orders. I will pay for USPS 3 day service, but you do not offer it. Too bad you cannot ship in time. Please cancel this order and any future orders.