Emily J. - 2021-04-13
For me the rating of 1 star is appropriate, but not because of poor product. I find that L-theanine prevents me from achieving deep sleep - don't understand that but have seen it with other products as well. I experimented with dosage but it is consistent no matter what. Any light you can shed on that would be appreciated. Thanks!
uwe c. - 2021-04-11
had to do double the dose to feel anything
Calista G. - 2021-04-07
Sorry, wanted to like these. The taste for me is unbearable. I’m surprised I found zero reviews with this remark. I tried chasing them with everything, including black coffee. Even after I got them down - ALL 7 large tablets, they repeated on me long after. All power to those people who seem to have no issue with the taste. Call me weak, I can’t do it.
Scott K. - 2021-04-04 | Beta Tester
Overall I felt no real effects, however, on day 1 I felt super jittery/anxious, very wired (no other supplements and not combined with cafine), day 2 I had headaches in the hours after taking it until I had lunch. The remaining days I felt normal, no noticable sharpness or alertness.
Romeo A. - 2021-04-02
I used the Caffeine Free product for 2 and a half weeks, I asked for the caffeine free because I'm used to take 3 cups of coffee every morning. I took 7 pills every week day, on an empty stomach, I'm not on any medication. In general it didn't improve my concentration, I felt very dizzy, almost vertigo at the end of the day, it didn't improve my sleep, I became very sensitive to light. but I didn't observe any other symptom.
Sandy N. - 2021-03-31
I’m so disappointed in this product. It was expensive to start with. It upset my stomach so badly I almost had to throw up, and I only took 2, not the recommended dose of 4. I would not recommend this product
Herbert W. - 2021-03-30
So far (three weeks) I have noted no benefits but will continue until I run out. If I do end up seeing benefits I will repurchase Qualia MIND but if not, I will continue looking for help with my brain fog and very gradual but continuing mental decline. Maybe at 81 I am too old for it to be of benefit. Hope not.
Samuel-David L. - 2021-03-29
Does not work at all and can not feel anything whatsoever
VALENTINE D. - 2021-03-22
Idk what I had a reaction to, but I couldn't sleep for 3 nights in a row when I tried this product. Going to need a refund. I love qualia mind though.
Jordan S. - 2021-03-17
I tried Qualia Mind and it had the opposite of the intended effect, giving me extreme brain fog and a general ill feeling. I loved the idea of it but it simply did not work, quite the opposite. I've asked for a full refund because I lost three days of work trying to get my body to acclimate -- the 3rd day I'd had enough.
Mr M. - 2021-03-15
Haven’t felt any effects yet after 3 days of use but maybe after the first week I will..
Nancy N. - 2021-03-14
Not working for me
Daniel H. - 2021-03-03
I used this product a few times now and had to discontinue it. After the first night, I woke up with a terrible headache that would not go away and I also had worse sleep as it was interrupted with some disturbing vivid dreams. The headache lasted for almost 3 days. Perhaps I am more sensitive to some of the ingredients, but it was not a pleasant experience nonetheless.
Rathinakumar V. - 2021-02-21
I tried it for more than two weeks, with two days gap in-between. I sincerely wanted it to work, but I don't seem to have any change.
Ricardo H. - 2021-02-17
It’s been five days. Nothing different that I notice. Maybe it takes more time. Coffee still seems to work better.. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jolene R. - 2021-02-17
I followed the instructions but honestly did not notice a change from the days where I took it to the days I didn’t.
Dan P. - 2021-02-17
No difference in sleep not worth the money
Tracy H. - 2021-02-16
I could not tell that I was taking them. Very disappointed!!
Ryan K. - 2021-02-15
Did not help me sleep or go to sleep. Very disappointed
Blake S. - 2021-02-06
Couldn’t consume the product, I got 1/3 of it down. 45 minutes later I had to counteract heartburn with an anti acid, drank 24oz of water during the “ordeal”
Michelle S. - 2021-02-05
The taste was really unpleasant, and I didn’t feel any effects it was intended to have.
Emily B. - 2021-02-02
Took as described daily and could not tell any effect whatsoever. I can usually tell when I've had caffeine-especially if I am having a coffee cup's worth in under 30 seconds. Could not tell anything. Taste was pretty awful too, and *hate* that this has sugar in it.
Philippe N. - 2021-02-01
Finishing up my first bottle and can say I haven't noticed anything whatsoever. Wish I can say something different. I've taken 8 pills on occasion to see if perhaps I need a stronger dose. Nothing...
Marian S. - 2021-01-27
I would like to return this product as it made me very jittery and heart was racing. Does the caffeine free option eliminate these side affects?
Jithin P F. - 2021-01-24
Didnt get the package yet. It has been 1 month now.