Ana p. - 2021-01-19
I felt more aware of present moment, I slept better and woke up feeling good and enjoyed more my daily routine.
Elaine S. - 2021-01-19
It took me a few days to find the best dosing for myself. I started on a Monday as I have more of a routine M-F. The first day I took 5 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach. I didn’t drink any additional caffeine that day as it is not always a part of my diet so it was truly the only thing besides water consumed for the first hour after waking. I developed a little stomach nausea so had to eat some starches to soothe the wooziness. I also worked most of the day lying down because the entire nausea took a while to subside. The next day I ate and then took the five capsules but still felt a bit nauseous so decided the next day to eat fruit then take 3 capsules followed by the remaining two capsules 3 hours later with food again. This not only mitigate the nausea but also kicked started my own acknowledgment of the benefits. The hurdle to begin large tasks at work was minimized, the desire to break for distractions was not as apparent, and it was easier to stick with completing one task before moving on to another. This is huge for me because I normally jump around task to task because the amount of work for each subconsciously intimidates me and I resist sticking to one thing for extended periods at a time. I took two days off, Saturday and Sunday, and am looking forward to seeing if these benefits are sustained. I will say focus is the main benefit here while I didn’t experience any additional energy or stimulating effects. Which was nice to not feel like I was “on” anything, simply more willing to dedicate time to tasks and made them feel in a way more approachable.
Approachable focalization
Leighann L. - 2021-01-19
I took seven capsules in the morning on an empty stomach. I only did three day's on then traveled and forgot to take them. So I'm starting again. I felt like my focus was improved I had no trouble falling asleep so I'm hoping this continues.
Rhonda W. - 2021-01-19
It was difficult taking the capsules in the morning because of intermittent fasting so I took them at lunch time. I had a very stressful, emotional week so I was not as self-aware as I like to be.
Dalia M. - 2021-01-19
By the 2nd day, I started to feel amazing. Nothing but positive thoughts and I felt much calmer. I got my boyfriend to start taking them too. I dislike the fact that it’s so pricey but so far so good so, it may just be worth the price. It has a little weird smell to it but that goes away after awhile.
Charles B. - 2021-01-18
I liked the product, but the 8 pills were difficult to get through in one sitting and took up a lot of space.
allan t. - 2021-01-18
Procrastination eliminator.
Lisa W. - 2021-01-18
It has taken me several weeks to move up to four capsules per day. The recommended 5 is something simple economy stops me from trying; I want my bottle to last a little longer. These are worth the cost to me, I have been feeling great without any particular stand-out aspect, but definitely clear and energetic and positive - where prior to the supplement there were lots of ups and downs. I'm very happy I found Neurohacker and Qualia.
Madeline G. - 2021-01-18
I didn’t really notice any difference except I felt more anxious and jittery than normal.
Lauren G. - 2021-01-18
I enjoyed the project but didn't like have to take so many pills.
Ria O. - 2021-01-18
a slight elevation of energy and slight recovery of energy after exhausting it.
James D. - 2021-01-18
It seemed to give me a bit more energy boost than before
Diane K. - 2021-01-18
Although I didn't feel any surge of energy, I did feel that my thinking was clearer and I felt a bit calmer when dealing with the everyday stressors. My workouts did seem a bit better and for whatever reason, I had less food cravings as well.
Andreas R. - 2021-01-17
I noticed a slight boost to my energy levels and overall well-being.
Kim G. - 2021-01-17
Had a bit more energy and felt more empathetic.
Catherine M. - 2021-01-17
I didn't notice any significant change to energy or mental clarity. I noticed a moderate increase in my ability to focus. I felt like I needed more time to see the real effect. I had an energy dip on the 2nd day of taking them, then normalized. I did not like taking 8 capsules in the morning.
Barbara C. - 2021-01-17
I took 8 capsules each morning just before breakfast I had no unpleasant experience Felt energetic & focused
Diana C. - 2021-01-17
While I didn’t feel a huge difference in my overall well-being my energy throughout the day was consistent
Timothy M. - 2021-01-16
Used this product for 5 straight days. Found to have more energy.
Kisha B. - 2021-01-16
I was surprised that a serving was 8 pills. However, they were easy to take. I made an effort to eat because it was suggested that the pills be taken with food. I felt that I had more energy. I had so much to where I found it difficult to get to sleep. I was able to work out more. I even increased my speed while on the treadmill.
Alicia L. - 2021-01-16
I didn't feel like I needed a nap to survive the day. My mind was clear and alert.