Alexandre B. - 2018-01-31
I have being experiencing Qualia for almost 2 1/2 weeks now. From the beginning I knew it was something amazing and transformative. Besides a few days that I had a migraine because I tried larger doses everything else has transformed has augmented and my baseline is getting to be restored. I have experienced a much better capability of dealing and coping with drastic stress spike levels during my family business life. I have being having visions much more clear and very inspirational that he...Read more.
Mario P. - 2018-01-24
I am taking Qualia about 9 days and i have experience a big deal of energy the only problem i have is i don't get enough sleep and i don't know if i will be able to get all the benefits Qualia has to offer
JILL D. - 2018-01-24
I try not to use this daily because I don’t normally consume caffeine but I feel great and dialed in when I do use it. It’s a bit euphoric. I usually do 1-2 capsules instead of the recommended three. I’m very sensitive to toxins and can tell that qualia is very high quality.
Amy S. - 2018-01-18
Top notch supplement! Although I thrive on a healthy food regimen it just doesn’t always happen. I’ve done my research and Qualia has the “brain fuel” components I was looking for. It helps fuel my hectic mornings getting kids out the door, assists in finding my beast mode at the gym and curbs that post lunch slump. The price is steep but I always say, I’d rather invest now in my heath and fitness than have to pay later in countless medical diagnoses, labs and treatments. #Qualiaforlife
Stacie A. - 2018-01-17
Wow, I am so impressed. I cannot believe how well Qualia works with no side affects. I have ADHD and struggle with the frontal lobe processes. This has brought me peace and clarity. Then the added benefit is my mood has increased without the feeling of being drugged or numbed. Then no feeling of crashing or depression due to the crashing. I feel like me or the me I am supposed to be.
Draven P. - 2018-01-16
I was a little skeptical the first week. I felt a little more energy and slight improvement in mood by day 4. During the second week of taking Qualia everything changed! I was really shocked by how easy everything has become! I don't have any brain fog and I have not been getting stressed out or anxious at work anymore! My overall mood levels and sense of well-being are at all time highs and I feel like I can accomplish 1.5x my regular work load without any fatigue. Strangly enough I can do t...Read more.
Mel Z. - 2018-01-16
The first 6 months of using the product gave me a mental and focus boost. The more I use the product, I see enhancements related to mood and being able to be calm under pressure. Looking forward to see the new Qualia version hit the market where there is only need for one Step, as opposed to the current 2 Steps.
Connor H. - 2018-01-13
If your mind is a tool, this sharpens the edge. Things you are already good at become effortless, things you are learning come faster and easier. Intellectual steroids.
addison b. - 2018-01-13
just finished week two of taking Qualia. I have been a nutrition advocate and overall well-being advocate for most of my life. These past few years however I have found that I desired even deeper and understandable fulfillment in life on all fronts and a deep interest in humanities evolution and the mind- brain interface. My experience with Qualia is still taking shape, I notice very subtle and satisfying attributes, like a sense of calm, steady acute awareness. Verbal fluidity and ease at ex...Read more.
Guest - 2018-01-10
I'm on day four taking Qualia and I'm only taking 1 cap in step one and 2 caps in step two - but already feeling so much better, productive, less overwhelmed, everything seems possible. My mind stopped racing from task to task. I feel like I slowed down, yet I achieve priorities so much quicker. Amazing. Looking forward to next week (2/4 dose) after 2 days break this weekend. Thank you, thank you!
Junaid M. - 2018-01-10
Qualia has been my gateway into a higher level of consciousness, which has not only improved my well being, but that of others close to me
Brian G. - 2018-01-06
I'm on my second set of Qualia now due to it's ability to keep me alert 9-5 with no coffee needs or cravings. I love my coffee, and I just don't need it now when I take this Mon-Fri. I save coffee for the weekends on my days off from Qualia. The first day I took it at its lowest dose, I did feel that sense of clarity which was such a great feeling. I don't necessarily feel that way daily, likely from daily stress from my line of work, but it does keep my alert and helps avoid the slump midday...Read more.
Sherwin P. - 2018-01-06
I have taken several other nootropic supplements over the last 10 years in an attempt to keep my memory sharp, but none have worked so intensely well. I have a TBI, hypervigilance, and always struggle to focus and maintain my memory. I really feel like Qualia has helped reconnect my brain and allows me to easily remember things in my day to day life. I have been taking it for 5 months now and I have zero intentions of stopping. THANKS SO MUCH FOR A GREAT QUALITY PRODUCT. It has really changed...Read more.
Michael B. - 2018-01-05
What a momentous change in cognitive capacity and capability. The improvements began within hours of my first Step One dose, with a marked increase in clarity of thought and decrease in effort required for that clarity. I'm months into my subscription and I believe in NHC and Qualia so much that I invested in them both during Wefunder's campaign. I look forward to beta testing new products and continuing to enjoy the many benefits I've received from Qualia! Thanks Neurohacker Collective!
Hunter K. - 2018-01-05
It can be hard to juggle the urge to improve and the money to do so. I invested in Qualia and I have noticed an increase in my focus and most especially in my ability to produce fluid and articulate thoughts without getting tounguetied or confusing others due to it all being fast paced. It is especially important to play with the dosage. I take Qualia 4 days on, 3 days off so I can take 4 step one and 8 step two. I haven’t tried a higher dose yet but may here soon. As was my starting point I ...Read more.
Brandon P. - 2018-01-04
All the little processes of the mind get bolstered. Subtle, but the synergistic effects are fantastic. Add in that Ashwagandha!
James F. - 2018-01-03
Qualia is amazing. Kills procrastination instantly and starts the work momentum for the day. I consider Qualia an investment bc I'm 2x more productive when I take it so it pays for itself. But y'all need sample packs. I was skeptical until a friend gave me some to try.
Yury M. - 2018-01-03
After a few weeks I think I have figured out the most beneficial way to take step 1 and step 2 for me personally. I always get rockstar energy from step 1, and for some reason step 2 slows me down a bit, not sure if this is how it should work. After all, I think it's a great product that can help you to be your own superhero!
Bennett E. - 2018-01-02
I feel Qualia helping me break some spells of laziness. I started taking Qualia to help me nourish parts of my brain that I felt may have been damaged from all the pharmacuethical narcotics that have been introduced to body since a youth growing up Sickle Cell anemia. And, nourishment is what I have been receiving
Joey K. - 2018-01-02
Today marks my second week taking Qualia. The benefits are remarkable. In my line of work I have to stay sharp at the most highest level and these supplements are my gateway. I understand that this product does not work if I am not ‘already’ taking care of myself; staying fit, hydrated, eating nutritional foods, getting good rest, etc. So far, I’m proud to say that my focus has been clearer. IG: @jqualitymusic
Gregory T. - 2018-01-01
After trying thousands of supplements over the last decade I saw an ad for qualia. I thought, great branding so it's probably all hype. Then I read the ingredient list and it was a list of everything I had ever tried that actually worked and at a similar dosage. This stuff will change your life, if you've got a lot of great ideas or a good to do list that never seems to get done.
Ofer R. - 2017-12-29
I started taking Qualia during an intensive software development training program, and close to 3 weeks later - I can say that there has definitely been a 2x-3x improvement in my ability to focus and recall information. My creativity and mood have also improved, though less dramatically. After supplementing, my energy levels go up and stay up throughout the day. As far as I can tell there is no energy slump (I take part 2 in the middle of the day). Its actully a great substitute for caffei...Read more.
Allen E. - 2017-12-29
Margaux G. - 2017-12-29
These supplements give me so much energy without ever feeling hyper. I love Qualia!
William S. - 2017-12-28
Started on Qualia about 2 months ago. For me a dose of one number one and 2 number 2 is enough for noticeable effect. Very pleased with Qualia and will continue to use it. I have tried at least 5 other cognitive enhancement products over the years and this one is by far the best!