LeeAnn S. - 2019-12-13
I have tried 2 months of Qualia and was hoping I could use it in my practice as a Nutritional Therapist. The quality is great and you definitely notice better neuro response immediately. The problem is not only do you take 7 large pills but they always kind of explode as soon as they reach the stomach filling you with a horrible dusty, fish, motor oil taste. I just cant get past that to continue to take the supplements.
Lee K. - 2019-12-11
I’m good with in the morning but it falls off about 6 hours later. I would like to see it work for 8 hours. Price to steep for the claims. Still waiting for the ah-ha moment. I have been working through other brands and so far have found 1that I may go back to.
Kim G. - 2019-12-05
Honestly I'm disappointed as the original formula was more effective and the capsule taste better when swallowing. I would love to have the original formula back! I may just look for a new nootropic.
Kali O. - 2019-12-05
I felt a slight improvement in my ability to be productive, but not as much as I was hoping. I'm incredibly glad there was no crash or jittery feeling, but maybe it needs to be taken more frequently or on a fully empty stomach to get full effects.
William G. - 2019-11-27 | Beta Tester
Good for improving focus, but messes with my blood sugar regulation. I think that is mostly the caffeine.
Christopher H. - 2019-11-27
your website sucks
Mary P. - 2019-11-26
I took Eternus and Mind for 5 days and took off 2 days. The first few days, I felt a difference and discontinued my other supplements. I didn't want to over due the pill taking. Seems to be a lot for your product. How is it on the liver? Staying open minded and hoping for more positive results.
Wil T. - 2019-11-24
I have been trying a bunch of other stuff, all at the same time (products and techniques). So to be fair, I can't give a really meaningful review; I didn't add only this product and wait for an effect. I cannot tell that this product has done anything for me one way or the other. I have been taking it as recommended for, probably 4 weeks. I had already achieved brain coherence before starting the product.
Amy M. - 2019-11-18
I enjoyed the product but it gave me pretty severe intestinal issues. I am a little nervous to take my second shot. I might try half and see if that helps with the GI issues.
Angelo J. - 2019-11-15
3rd day on Qualia Mind I experienced a great amount of “clean energy” no jitters. Sadly after a week use of the product I experienced a very bad reaction to the product, something that I describe as my anxiety going though the roof. Honestly Qualia Mind has potential but I had to discontinue use after this unwanted effect it caused.
Lillian G. - 2019-11-14
I switched from Qualia Mind to Qualia Focus for a month, to see if I could save some money. I saw a noticeable difference, and not in a good way. For me, Qualia Mind is a perfect product, and Qualia Focus just did not give me the clarity of thought and energy that Mind does.
Chang H. - 2019-11-13
Since I was taking it for eight days, It seems Ok. Especially when I woke up and took in the morning before heading to work.
Jesse E. - 2019-11-11
I didn’t really notice much change.
william w. - 2019-10-25 | Beta Tester
Really enjoyed the novel pairing of the Alpinia galanga with the saffron. Furthermore, the inclusion of tryptophan was refreshing as many products on the market do not balance out the stimulant effect of nootropics with an anxiolytic meant to potentiate tryptophan. I am not an advocate of the N-acetyl-tyrosine as the data for it's efficacy is weak and I do not personally get an effect from Supplementation. However, that is my personal opinion and my personal experience, respectively. This may...Read more.
Lauren H. - 2019-10-23 | Beta Tester
I felt anxious and distracted all day, and slightly irritated, I think it would be better for me to take less and work up to the 5 pills
Daryl W. - 2019-10-19
It helped a little with my focus, but I don’t think it’s worth the price. I cancelled my subscription.
Todd S. - 2019-10-14 | Beta Tester
Both times I felt a good energy boost for just about 20-30 minutes and then it quickly wore off
Lauren S. - 2019-10-11 | Beta Tester
Great even lift in energy, but produced stomach and digestive distress! Did not enjoy the flavor.
Ivan D. - 2019-10-07
Great ingredients, but I felt and had no noticeable effects after 2 weeks of taking the product. I even did some before and after test and there was no improvement.
A.K. F. - 2019-10-03
Originally I enjoyed Qualia Mind very mind but had to switch to Focus for financial reasons. Mind is significantly better than Focus for memory however for mood improvement (my serendipitous benefit) their both equal. I look forward to trying Eternus.
Beverly H. - 2019-09-16
Considering the price, I would expect better results. I still have to stack with other supplement to maximize results.
Alexander F. - 2019-09-14
Not sure if I noticed a difference yet and wanted to try it for few weeks longer. I subscribed and received first 3 weeks supply. The second month supply never came. It has been over 5 weeks since I made the purchase. Very disappointed!
Erica B. - 2019-09-10
I wanted to love this. But it did not work for me. I used one full bottle and saw no difference so I am trying one of the other formulas.
Antonio D. - 2019-08-13
I love Qualia and wanted something that didn't make me as jittery, but it seems as though the caffeine + theobromine is what helps accelerate everything in my brain. The caffeine free version just made me a bit spaced-out and droopy. I tried combining it with regular green tea/coffee, but the effects weren't the same as the caffeine included in Qualia itself.
Vikash T. - 2019-08-12
Been having good results from Qualia Mind. Shipping to the Netherlands is very expensive though, and I also need to pay additional tax charges at my pick up point. That makes it challenging to gain new supporters here.