Daniel H. - 2020-07-17
Im not sure how to score this one, I was looking for something i could take daily to help with focus and productivity at work and in that regard its not exactly what i am after but i have found other uses for it. I find it quite stimulating, with enhanced visual acuity, mood lift (often to the point of euphoria) and a desire to socialise and move my body. When trying to work, if anything i feel a little over stimulated and distracted making the idea of work less appealing. I have found this a...Read more.
brian m. - 2020-07-16
Each time I took the product I had terrible sleep that night. I am über sensitive as I take very little supplementation, take care of myself physically, and eat very well. The fact is I only need a half dose or less of Qualia Mind and it has an impact on me. I equate this to the above facts as well, with being very sensitive. With that said, this could be just a user error in terms of sensitivity and or the dosing structure is just too high.
Anng K. - 2020-07-14 | Beta Tester
I have noticed that this product upsets my stomach. The next day I am crampy and have very loose stools. I don't think that the 5 days was enough time. The first night I was fine and only took 3. maybe 4 pills is too much? I
Justin L. - 2020-07-14 | Beta Tester
I seem to fall asleep and get some really good deep and REM sleep. However, I wake up pretty alert after about 5-hours and have a tough time falling back asleep. Having taken 5-htp in the past to help me sleep when traveling internationally, I've noticed something similar.
Greg W. - 2020-07-14 | Beta Tester
Super exited to try this. Everything i've had from NHC has been top notch. This one for me definitely inducted me to wind down and sleep but on two nights i woke up in the middle of the night. I gave myself plenty of hours for sleep but found it very hard to wake up in the morning. I definitely felt rested as the day went on but it was hard in the morning.
Justin H. - 2020-07-11 | Beta Tester
Started taking July 6, 2020 took at 6:00 p.m. (most nights with bed time 10:30 to 11:00 p.m. to be up at 7:00 a.m.) I suffer from Restless leg syndrome and nerve issues stemming from lower back. Although I only slept approximately one hour, the amazing thing was that my legs were calm. Second night July 7, 2020 took Qualia Night at 7:00 p.m. and slept approximately 5 hours straight. Legs still felt good. Third night July 8, 2020 took Qualia Night at 7:15 p.m. and slept a total of 6 hours w...Read more.
Rylen F. - 2020-07-11 | Beta Tester
I would need to take this product for a longer period of time to be able to ascertain if it makes a substantial difference. I feel like I had less "bad" nights and more what I would call "moderate" nights of sleep while taking Qualia Night. I noticed that I experienced more dreaming then I typically do. I still woke midway through the night for an hour or more but was able to go back to sleep sooner.
Maja Apolonia R. - 2020-07-11 | Beta Tester
I used Qualia Night for 5 days and I feel a sense that it was good for my general well being, but I didn’t notice any particular effects, including reviewing data from my Oura ring. I might try a full bottle in the future to see what happens over time.
Jenny L. - 2020-07-10 | Beta Tester
The first time I took this, I was also on the day taking Eternus. I took the 4 capsules about 2 hours before bed. I went to bed around 11:30 PM. Interestingly, I didn't feel tired at bedtime and I had a vivid dream during. I woke up around 3:30 in the morning and had a hard time going back to sleep. I finally fell asleep and woke up around 8 AM but feeling tired. Day 2, I took it again before bed and slept the entire night, and woke up refreshed. Day 3, I had interrupted sleep again but I wok...Read more.
Roger S. - 2020-07-10 | Beta Tester
Day 1- felt calm, relaxed, and ready for sleep (several hours after taking, just before bed) Day 2 - felt calm, relaxed, and ready for sleep (several hours after taking, just before bed) Day 3 - did not experience any effects (several hours after taking, just before bed), had difficulty getting to sleep
Nicholas I. - 2020-07-10 | Beta Tester
I took 4 pills each day, but I feel like I didn't feel less tired until the last day of taking them. Nights 3 and 4 were a bit hard to fall asleep, more so than usual. Almost felt like I had increased energy all of a sudden when I actually tried to go to bed. I give it an average rating because the last night/day is when I got the intended effects so I am curious what would happen if I had them for more than a week.
Amanda R. - 2020-07-10 | Beta Tester
I liked this product. I noticed that throughout the week I was taking it I tended to stay asleep through the entire night instead of waking up every couple of hours. However, I also noticed I was pretty groggy in the mornings.
JR M. - 2020-07-10 | Beta Tester
not much of a noticeable difference..
Nancy L. - 2020-07-10 | Beta Tester
Some nights were a good sleep, some nights not so much... I think I needed more nights to establish a pattern of sleeping better.
Christopher S. - 2020-07-09 | Beta Tester
I do not feel I had an adequate amount of time for a formal rating. I will say that even with the little sleep I was getting during this period it increased my deep sleep from 30 mins or less to over an hour based on my oura ring. I suspect with adequate amount of sleep it would help even more
Dylan M. - 2020-07-09 | Beta Tester
Not a huge difference in sleep, less rem about the same deep. A little better restfulness
Joshua C. - 2020-07-08
So i have tried qualia mind. I have taken the recommend dosage. 5 tablets for one standard serving in the morning with a large glass of water and no food. I have tried the same dosage but with a meal. I enjoyed it more with a meal. The first day was really intense and i had INCREDIBLE motivation and focus for about 2-3 hours. Then it smoothed out for the rest of the day. I was really impressed there was really NO crash like you advertised. I was impressed in that way with the formula. How...Read more.
Leeza G. - 2020-07-08
Qualia mind made me feel nauseous from 7pills. And if I took less I didn’t feel anything. It also made me feel extra tired by 5pm instead of the opposite. In general I experienced brain fog with qualia mind. Not at all what I expected.
Tracey M. - 2020-07-07
I started taking the recommended daily dose and undoubtedly felt more energized. However I had a niggling headache, by day 4 this had escalated to migraine level and completely wiped me out for a day. I ceased immediately and customer services recommended that I reduce the dose. I have slowly worked up to 4 a day, I have no headaches and find some benefit although I do wonder what the benefits might be if I was able to take a fully dose.
Joe B. - 2020-07-03 | Beta Tester
After taking this for 5 days, I've only noticed two changes. I did seem to have more vivid and memorable dreams. But each night I woke up in the middle of sleep, which I don't normally do.
Kellie M. - 2020-07-02 | Beta Tester
I did experience more lucid moments in the days after taking the product. Because of the incredibly short period of time offered to take and review it’s hard to tell if the up swing was due to the product or just the regular rhythm of life taking an upswing. I don’t think it helped me have more restful sleep throughout the night, but after my morning rituals of waking I think I did feel more clear and rested. If I had been allowed to take this product for a whole week I think I could have a c...Read more.
Alexander S. - 2020-06-17
Paid for priority shipping, package was instead sent first class package and took over two weeks to arrive. Customer service was quick to refund the price of the shipping.
Will F. - 2020-06-08
I went into taking Qualia mind fully with the expectation of being able to ramp up my mental focus and clarity. The first day I took it, I decided to keep the initial doses lower to be on the safe side. I took four capsules the first time, and within 45 minutes, I did notice (as I was outside at work at the time) that everything seemed to come into a sharp clarity, also colors seemed momentarily brighter. This effect only lasted for about 10 minutes however before it faded away. I found mysel...Read more.
Billy L. - 2020-06-02
This is a great product that’s works, however, the pills have a fish like smell and they are pretty expensive.
Stephanie E. - 2020-05-26
I’m only half way through the first bottle so I’m still getting acquainted with it, but so far results are barely noteworthy. I will say, my very first day taking it I noticed a substantial boost of energy and clarity without the jitters, all the glorious benefits it’s purported to bestow, and was so elated by its effects I nearly jumped up to write a review then and there ...but it was still just day 1. Importantly, I believe, I took it on an empty stomach that first day, as directed. Now, a...Read more.