Thais D. - 2020-05-22
It seemed like a great product. Felt some effect the first week but since then it seems like it’s not doing anything anymore. Not sure if it’s worth the price.
Mario C. - 2020-05-09
i still haven't felt the feeling
W. Tacks F. - 2020-05-07
Unsure of the results but going for another order because I’d like to give my body to take some time to process and get used to it. Hopefully it will give min e a better determination. The 5 pills in the morning seems a lot to not notice drastic change.
Taylor K. - 2020-04-30
So I have been taking your product for 3 weeks now. So far a slight increase in focus. but thats really about it. Also leaves a bad after taste in the mouth after trying to choke down 7 pills for hours after.
Spencer E. - 2020-04-18
This product did in fact give me energy as advertised. I had a feeling of mental clarity and focus that usually accompanies high quality ingredients and high quality caffeine. The only reason it lost 2 stars was the taste which leaves and awful after taste on your tongue. It gets a little better after each one but I thought I was going to puke when I drank the first one (not sure if I didn’t shake it enough but the rest didn’t taste much better). It’s a solid product but I probably wouldn’t b...Read more.
Linda D. - 2020-03-30
I have definitely experienced more focus with Qualia Focus but the downside has been the caffeine as it has affected my ability to stay asleep at night and I'm also waking up earlier, but unrefreshed. This was disappointing but, I'm not giving up. I have ordered Qualia MindCF and am looking forward to seeing how this will work for me.
Sridhar S. - 2020-03-21
I did not see any change in anything. I did not suffer any adverse effects either.
Taylor Berkley B. - 2020-03-19
I had no negative experience with this product at all but at the same time, no overtly positive one either. I did not see any significant increase in sleep quantity or quality during the duration of this test and my personal issue, not getting enough Deep Sleep, was not really impacted at all.
Dane E. - 2020-03-19
I did not notice a marked improvement in getting to sleep using this product. I believe I had a more quality sleep because of the product. I don’t know if I would purchase it in the future as I don’t have a hard time sleeping historically.
Sue G. - 2020-03-19
A lot of pills to take every night As I am a Qualia Mind user than I have 4-6 more in the morning! Good affects but feel like I can take some melatonin and a few sprays of a natural sleep herbal remedy and get similar effect. A little groggy in-the morning but shakes off fairly quickly mor
Jorge W. - 2020-03-18 | Beta Tester
Seems the product is really close to providing evening and morning effects. Seems my primary benefit was sleep quality of an evening and some improved waking up experience. I'd like to have a better impact on relaxation of an evening, and feeling refreshed in the morning.
Leon B. - 2020-03-18
I had some difficulty with the product but it did improve my deep sleep.
rick v. - 2020-03-18
Not sure what to make of it. My direct experience and Oura ring sleep data would suggest not much difference
Matthew J. - 2020-03-18
Some benefits in falling asleep, also seemed liked my sleep was compressed, higher quality but shorter duration. Would like to have tried every day dosing or more caps to see if it helped more.
George . - 2020-03-16
I don't notice a consistent effect. I'm going to try taking it on an empty stomach.
Casey W. - 2020-03-12
I can feel a difference when taking the product. I tend to take a lower dose of 3 caps rather than 5. The only drawback is that after taking Focus in the morning, that night I often feel a slight negative impact on my mood. It is also pretty expensive, which is a major barrier for me at the moment, being a poor graduate student.
Danny S. - 2020-03-09
I have take. This product following all the directions and guidelines and I still have yet “to feel” this energy and focus ect. Sometimes I feel like I do but then it fades very fast. So I’m not sure if it’s my mind playing tricks on me or not... I have also attempted there suggestion of, Qualia performs at its best when the brain and body are fully rested. To stop taking the product for 3 days straight and focus on sleeping as much as I can. Then resume and see if I get better results.. Eh m...Read more.
Urmil P. - 2020-02-18
I tried Focus for 2 weeks and noticed little to to no effect. I followed the recommended dosage outlined on the box/bottle for 5 days with a two break in between and can't say that I noticed any difference. Think this may be due to a stack that just does not benefit me, I have moved on to the Mind and have been taking that for just over one week now. I will provide a review after I complete another 1-2 weeks of Mind.
Catherine B. - 2020-02-05
I took 3 days of the suggested dose (5 capsules) and it ended up being a bit of an overwhelming experience. In hindsight I should have started with a much smaller dose. I then unfortunately came down with gastro and couldn't keep food down for 5 days. The product definitely worked in terms of improving my focus but almost too well. I'm 58 years old and at the stage in my life where I'm content to sit back and keep things simple. Possibly a product like Eternus is where i'm at in terms of want...Read more.
Ane B. - 2020-02-05
I didn't feel any different for having taken the product. My focus is still as bad as it had been before taking the product. I don't feel any worse for having taken the product but it didn't affect me the way the reviews hyped it would. The pricing is also very steep especially when it didn't make an impact.
William T. - 2020-01-19
Matt H. - 2020-01-17
Good product and helps with my focus but I have had better results with other products
Michael V. - 2020-01-12
I think the Mind product is effective and beneficial, but it is a bit challenging to isolate the benefits of the nootrpoic ingredients from the benefits of the included caffeine. I think there is a version sans caffeine, but I don't recall seeing it offered in a trial size. My biggest issue is with the subscription model. The recommended daily dosage is much higher than what I can tolerate (4 capsules 4-5 days per week works for me rather than the recommended 7, 7-days per week) so a bot...Read more.
Jill R. - 2020-01-02
Not yet able to provide substantive feedback. Need more time to offer relative feedback.
Linda S. - 2019-12-30
I haven't seen any benefits as of yet. Can't hurt, I suppose, but expensive for not seeing any results.