Steven H. - 2024-04-12
No change
Joshua Y. - 2024-02-23
After doing extensive research into nootropics I came across Qualia Mind. It seemed to be the best option by far so I decided to sign up. After 3 weeks of use the main change I noticed was a lack of mid/late day crashing. To be honest, I'm not sure if this is just because of the clean caffeine or the rest of the ingredients. As for the other claims I haven't noticed an extra increase in focus or memory. I understand that with all supplements it's recommended use longer to get the full effects...Read more.
Zach O. - 2024-02-16
I've heard great things from other people, and I believe them, but it doesn't do anything noticeable for me. Will be returning.
Barbara M. - 2024-02-13
I have tried to stop my monthly subscription under manage and I’m still getting it every month. I don’t quite understand. So I am paying subscription price even though there are discounts offered every single month which for some reason don’t apply to my order.
Joe S. - 2023-12-15
I have no idea if this product does anything. I want to cancel my subscription.
Emmanuel A. - 2023-11-24
Cannot feel noticeable effect.
Elaine L. W. - 2023-11-13
I didn’t honestly notice any difference in brain fog and energy levels, which I was hoping for with this expensive purchase. Please refund as per your 100% Refund Guarantee? And don’t send me any further product.
Michele S. - 2023-11-06
It's been a month for me, but sadly -- I don't see any difference yet. I'll keep using it for another couple of months and hopefully, the product will start having some productive effect. If not, then the good thing about Neurohacker is they have 100 day money back guarantee.
Nick J. - 2023-11-03
All respect for Neurohacker and their mission but unfortunately, Qualia just isn't for me.
Rita Y. - 2023-10-29
I'm not positive how others reacted to this product but my stomach feels like someone kicked it or the acid in my gut is too much. Very odd and headaches 😩
Richard C. J. - 2023-10-08
No matter how good this product is you don’t want to get trapped in a subscription. It is not easy to get out of.
Joel S. - 2023-10-06
It is prohibitively expensive for a one month supply
Florence O. - 2023-08-18
I only used it one month. Did not feel any different. I will try it another month to see if I feel better
Dan H. - 2023-08-15
I was hoping for improved mood, memory, and cognitive function, but it seemed like a got the complete opposite for a number of hours after my first dose. Hopefully tomorrow's dose proves better.
Erin K. - 2023-07-29
Ok so maybe this is a big coincidence but it seems that every time I take this product, I either end up with a bad cold (I'm the person who never gets sick) or some other issue. Last month it was a horrible cold sore (I almost never get cold sores and this one was BAD)... This month it was a UTI - first in 10 years. I'm not certain it's causative and could just be oddly coincidental timing but is there a reason why this product would actually temporarily weaken your immune system? I'm going t...Read more.
Diane H. - 2023-07-22
I just started this yesterday.
Jack p. - 2023-07-03
Its a nice quiet wake up fuel but it tastes very terrible.. will try cold but yeah... not my favorite
Adam J. - 2023-06-26 | Beta Tester
I took Qualia Senolytic as directed but experienced no obvious benefits.
Rebecca M. - 2023-06-13
Super expensive if you live in australia. Product is good but this is very expensive once shipping is added with the auto renew. Please buy with caution.
Rogelio V. - 2023-06-11
After seeing several video reviews and reading about its benefits, I had high hopes for this product, however, I did not feel a difference even after 3 weeks. It may be different for others, but for me, it didn’t work or deliver results for the price tag that comes with.
Andrew P. - 2023-04-28
But after almost three weeks of taking it, I have seen zero results.
Wendy C. - 2023-03-08 | Beta Tester
No help with mental focus, in fact I felt a bit more fuzzy-headed than usual.
Brian J. - 2023-03-07 | Beta Tester
Didn't really notice much of a difference. Last week was a different kind of week though. Had a lot of time off work without pay, which sucks and someone I know almost died in the hospital. So I don't really know how to gauge the last week of this study.
Lee M. - 2023-03-06
My wife and I both purchased our own bottle. We starting the day with water and Mind but nothing so far after day 1 at our offices. We will provide helpful and honest updates here and on our other sites. Our bottles had weird stickers on the lid and we asked about them and Qualia Support told us our bottles were older. So I requested new bottles since that is what we paid for. Stay tuned!
Kristina H. - 2023-02-17
Did not receive Quail mind when I ordered the stack. It took contacting the company 3 times before I received the correct item.