John T. - 2023-07-17
On month 2. Not good results thus far. Aches and pains I've never felt and a knee injury I never had before despite the same routine. Is this normal? Are my bad cells being weeded out? One more month...
David E. - 2023-07-14
Of course we all want to age gracefully, but this product is a rip off. $82, for 2 days a month and I see no results or even how to measure them after 2 months. They are preying on our weaknesses and I didn't know I was signing up for a subscription. So if you get an amazing offer, make sure you cancel before the next month. I guess I could sell a bottle of water on Facebook saying it will make you younger in 3 months as long as you take it 8 times a day. No FDA approval. Nothing claimi...Read more.
Mahab S. - 2023-06-30
By mistake
Rebecca R. - 2023-06-23
This company promises a deep discount for auto ship sign up and then sends the auto ship without notifying the customer that it is time to review the auto ship - thereby guaranteeing at least a one time over priced shipment to the customer. Extremely predatory buisness practice.
Alison B. - 2023-06-20
Cannot stomach a single dose. I can’t get past the taste to do it & then how it lingers
Sandrea S. - 2023-06-01
A product that delivers on its promises in the long term will be worthwhile.
Robert C. - 2023-05-27
Not working
Norma C. - 2023-05-18
I canceled my subscription in March and today they charged me again for another bottle two months later. I got a notification on my phone from my bank since it is a larger purchase.
Bernardo G. - 2023-05-16
Other than getting the pills stuck in my throat a couple of times, since I have to take 7, I’ve felt nothing. Maybe the batch I received was a bad batch, maybe this product is just a placebo, or maybe this product is amazing, but just has no affect on me. Who knows…
mark b. - 2023-05-15
Has not helped me sleep at all.
Randolph H. - 2023-05-05
Doesn't work and they made it difficult to cancel the subscription until I acted like I wanted to try a new product and finally got logged in and canceled my subscription after 4 months! The bottles just sit in my drawer. I let friends try them but they don't notice anything either. Just save your money
Kameron M. - 2023-04-24
I have no idea if this product is any good, their courier service is terrible! 2 / 3 times they marked my address as vacant and returned my shipment. Customer service is AWFUL as well, nobody answers the phone, and they could care less if they get the product to you or not. What this tells me: they're marking this product us much higher than the cost to manufacture. Not worth my time or money.
Diana P. - 2023-04-20
I placed an order and i never received it. I sent an inquiry and it was never answered.
Videl M. - 2023-04-12 | Beta Tester
Would love to experience something good about it. Wasn't sure what to expect.
Kim H. - 2023-04-12 | Beta Tester
Nausea and no noticeable cognitive benefit
Lisa G. - 2023-03-08 | Beta Tester
It just didn’t do anything noticeable for me. I would have loved for it to have, but it just didn’t. I have a TON of stress going on right now so possibly nothing would have helped. I hope it works for others, and maybe when my stress has lessened by about 80% I could give it another shot. Thank you for letting me participate in the study.
Shannon L. - 2023-03-08 | Beta Tester
I didn’t notice any improvements.
Emmanuel H. - 2023-02-27
I order this product and it never Arrived
Mary C. - 2023-02-14
Jonathan W. - 2023-01-28
This didn't help me sleep any better. I don't understand why it costs so much, and why they also charge $10 for shipping on top of the already outrageous price, even if you have a monthly subscription.
Michael O. - 2023-01-28
First off, the product gave me very little focus and drive. And then it turned my stool a black color. Overpriced in my opinion and not very effective!
Stephen J. - 2022-12-17
I have not noticed any benefits. Also, this supplement upsets my stomach and I am therefore reluctant to take it anymore. I do not eat breakfast and my first meal is at 1:30. I was hoping it would help me to get through my full work day much better but this limitation is another negative issue.
Kathryn I. - 2022-12-13
Never received my order
Carol P. - 2022-10-26
Not working at all. I feel more tired and forgetful. Was hoping for the best
Samuel A. - 2022-10-03
Haven't felt anything