Erica B. - 2019-09-10
I wanted to love this. But it did not work for me. I used one full bottle and saw no difference so I am trying one of the other formulas.
Antonio D. - 2019-08-13
I love Qualia and wanted something that didn't make me as jittery, but it seems as though the caffeine + theobromine is what helps accelerate everything in my brain. The caffeine free version just made me a bit spaced-out and droopy. I tried combining it with regular green tea/coffee, but the effects weren't the same as the caffeine included in Qualia itself.
Vikash T. - 2019-08-12
Been having good results from Qualia Mind. Shipping to the Netherlands is very expensive though, and I also need to pay additional tax charges at my pick up point. That makes it challenging to gain new supporters here.
Carlo C. - 2019-08-11
Tried it for 10 days(2 cycles) but didn’t notice any difference. Wish it did
Roy S. - 2019-08-10
I'm still trying to get a handle on exactly what effect is happening
Marc D. - 2019-08-09
It is good so far. I am somewhat sharper and concentration seems better. But I think I will take them longer to really tell the differrence.
Randall E. - 2019-08-09
As a physician and entrepreneur involved in the world of brain function optimization, I cannot speak highly enough about this product and the team behind its development. Well done!
Ngaire W. - 2019-07-31
If there have been changes for me, I think they have been more subtle. I will try stopping Qualia for a month to see what I notice and then re-start if I think I am getting benefit.
Arturo J. - 2019-07-28
I just finished going through a bottle of Mind. I was taking 7 a day. And honestly they did absolutely nothing for me. Perhaps I should try the Focus one next and see how that goes.
eric k. - 2019-07-07
At first, I apparently wasn't getting proper sleep so I got that in check. I would consider myself active on an average rate and my diet I would say, is pretty nutritiously balanced. After a couple weeks of taking seven capsules every morning, I found myself feeling too hyper-focused on specific tasks at work. I also felt I couldn't formulate speech and even had a feeling of vertigo at one point. I toned down the daily amount to about three every morning for the following week, but really fel...Read more.
susan s. - 2019-06-17
This is simple for me, how do you tell if its working, its really hard to give a review on something if you have nothing to go on, Is something supposed to jump out at you so the know and if so then maybe its not doing anything. that's why I am giving a 3.
Zsuzsanna A. - 2019-05-10
Apart from waking early, no discernible benefits.
jimmy l. - 2019-05-08
no better, no worse
Shona J. - 2019-05-08
I did not really feel the brain enhancing positives from this product.
Paul T. - 2019-05-06
Fine, can't detect a difference
Nick J. - 2019-05-04
No real effect yet.
James F. - 2019-05-03
So far I have not experienced any significant changes.
Gretchen R. - 2019-05-03
No change
Abdullah A. - 2019-05-03
I felt the caffeine in the morning, but all the other effects were subtle.
Jose L. - 2019-04-30
I've been clumsy on my words, which has never happened with Qualia mind.
Adam B. - 2019-04-30
No effect
Bradley B. - 2019-02-05
It help but not as I expected I believe mind would benefit me more once I have the money I will be trying the mind over focus
Nelly D. - 2019-01-03
Qualia is a great product I really do like it. The only thing it’s so expensive and a lot of people can’t afford it to buy it every month. Also the auto sign up is ridiculous. I bought one for sale on Black Friday and it automatically signed me up for subscription and withdrew my money from my bank account. I didn’t sign up for monthly subscription which you pay full price for. So that was disappointing. Love the product but don’t love the price. Also the taste is very fishy to swallow the bi...Read more.
Edi M. - 2018-12-16
I tried the original formula and Mind. I talked to some people at Neurohacker how I could make it work better. It's too bad but it just does not seem to work for me.
Sandy L. - 2018-10-01
I was skeptical at first since most products are just a scam, but I'm overjoyed that you've provided an honest product that has given me real results. I'm pretty amazed at how I'm really finally able to pursue and even discover my true potential. I'm motivated, I feel inspired and actually look forward to challenges rather than fear them. I don't procrastinate as much as before and my outlook is positive. I really live this stuff and I'm usually a pretty hard sell!