Aaron T. - 2023-02-18
Very happy with this product. I feel more centered, energized and can process information on a deeper level. It also elevates my mood which other products did not.
Jeffery T. - 2023-02-17
While fasting, I've read that my body enters Autophagy after 14-15 hours. I have already felt the benefits of intermittent fasting for the last six weeks. I plan on continuing to take the monthly dose of Qualia Senolytic as an insurance policy for my cells.
Aaron B. - 2023-02-17
I have been taking this for a few weeks, now and my focus at work has improved significantly!
Roseanna B. - 2023-02-17
I actually ordered the Qualia with caffeine but was sent the one without caffeine. I just started my first day with this and it feels pretty great and honestly I rather prefer this one so I can continue to drink my mushroom coffee in the mornings. Happy mistake! Thank you.
T A. - 2023-02-17
My focus has definitely improved.
Marissa S. - 2023-02-16
I was skeptical but I wanted to try something new for Focus and Drive The first day I was not a fan of the 7 a day but I take about 14 vitamins already so whats a few more. I felt such a difference, I worked through my day attentively, was focused and did not have that mid-day fall. I will continue to utilize this product and I hope it continues to produce amazing results
Steven I. - 2023-02-15
After taking this supplement daily for around 5 months, I have seen and felt a noticeable difference in my stamina when doing intense mental or physical work. I am able to prioritize my goals without any brain fog or hesitation. Also, I can tell that only after about 3-5 mins from taking my morning capsules that I feel the instantaneous focus, mental alertness and dexterity settle in. Currently I am only taking 3 capsules a day and continue to drink my morning coffee. Currently experiencing g...Read more.
Emmy E. - 2023-02-15
My partner and I both notice a difference in energy and mental clarity when we take the mind (caffeine free.) We only take a half dose. Great product and customer service both!! Thank you!!
Steve F. - 2023-02-15
Great Energy and Mental Clarity. I really like it!
SCOTT M. - 2023-02-15
All supplements used by Me is essential Need other products for a clearer mind and no Brain fog .
Samuel L. - 2023-02-14
Great product
scott m. - 2023-02-14
Just my first month with Qualia Mind, but I can tell the difference already. Some of the changes are subtle, but most are obvious from the beginning. Thanks Qualia!
Luis P. - 2023-02-14
luis p. - 2023-02-13
the product did what it supposed to do
Mysta T. - 2023-02-13
Great supplement feel a difference after only a few days.
Aka T. - 2023-02-12
fast shipping
Isaia V. - 2023-02-12
I am I heavy alpha brain user and I am over the moon with this new qualia
Mauricio M. - 2023-02-10
Arrived fast. Definitely felt the difference after just the first dose.
Paige R. - 2023-02-10
So far I give Qualia Mind a 10/10, I have more energy and motivation!
Ian V. - 2023-02-10
I experienced sharper focus without the feeling of being stimulated. Highly recommend for a natural solution.
Missy T. - 2023-02-09
Since taking the life supplement for about a month, I feel that I can wake up easier and deal with stressful situations better than I used to. Would recommend this product!
Leonard B. - 2023-02-08
This stuff removed the mental fog, gave me access to higher vocab, and provided me soothing energy throughout the day.
Aston A. - 2023-02-08
Very good, highly recommend.
Jessica N. - 2023-02-08
I am recalling words from a language I haven't practiced in over 10 years. This is amazing.
Spencer S. - 2023-02-07
Qualia Mind is a great catalyst in your wellness journey paired with good behaviors in your diet, fitness, and sleep! Time to take it to the next level.