Michael M. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
There has been a noticable difference in energy levels and “brain fog”. I have increased energy levels.I have noticed that I am having trouble sleeping though.The packaging was great and I love the peel pack.
Beth P. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
I found my joints responded very well to this supplement.The packaging was perfect.
Erick K. - 2022-05-29 | Beta Tester
Subtle but unarguably noticeable increase in focus and mental and verbal acuity. Effects are even - without the spike/crash dynamic that some other analogous products cause.
Shane D. - 2022-05-28
Quick shipping! Haven't taken any dosages of the product, I'm hoping it does what it advertises!
Daniel D. - 2022-05-28
Great customer service and user journey. Will be back :)
Kaiya M. - 2022-05-28 | Beta Tester
I felt more aware and happy
kim r. - 2022-05-28 | Beta Tester
better recall and energy
Sharon A. - 2022-05-28 | Beta Tester
Graham W. - 2022-05-27
Definitely perks me up. Flavors not that great, but it is what it is.
Jesse R. - 2022-05-26 | Beta Tester
It was really nice taking this product. I could tell my workouts were better, my mindset was better, and was more productive.
Nichelle C. - 2022-05-26 | Beta Tester
I felt a steady surge of clean energy inside of my brain I was able to execute the days work with a clear brain and an immense sense of calm and serene peace yet an abounding amount of energy as well
Mac C. - 2022-05-25 | Beta Tester
Clear thinking
Scott P. - 2022-05-25 | Beta Tester
Great product with noticeable cognitive benefits.
Joshua S. - 2022-05-25 | Beta Tester
This product helped to focus, and improve overall mental function.
Justin W. - 2022-05-25
Great stuff! Really helps with focus, energy, and drive throughout my long busy days.
Everett M. - 2022-05-24
Matt V. - 2022-05-24 | Beta Tester
Great focus and energy.
Nicolette H. - 2022-05-24
This product has helped me to have more energy all day long. Thank you!
Carrie G. - 2022-05-24 | Beta Tester
I couldn’t take the full dosage because it was a little too strong for me but loved the focus and energy I received!
Travis A. - 2022-05-24
Qualia Mind has given me exactly what I need to conquer my days. Superior cognition, focus and drive more than any other supplement or practice. Fairly priced and priceless at same time.
Jameson Randle Corye J. - 2022-05-24 | Beta Tester
Productivity and focus were so off the charts I knew real quick that nootropics definitely can help in overall mental health
Debbie . - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
Makes getting through my day so much easier!!
Carl V. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
I really think this product works. The best results I get is when used as directed on the bottle and then even once and awhile taking a month break and then starting agian
Brandon T. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
Quick solution for complete mind nutrient stack. Great stuff, thank you, all the products are fantastic!
Adrian S. - 2022-05-23 | Beta Tester
Really helped with a very stressful time.