kathaleen a. - 2021-02-03
The taste was not that good but for all the ingredients in it I understand, so I can manage it.
Christopher G. - 2021-02-03
Full of energy. Felt great during the morning and early afternoon. No crash at all.
Nicholas T. - 2021-02-03
Unbelievable clarity, focus and energy with no anxiety or jitters
Lydia H. - 2021-02-03
I've felt great mentally and physically and haven't gotten sick!
Hunter R. - 2021-02-02
This product made my stomach feel settled and at ease. I feel healthier while taking this supplement and definitely feel the benefits.
Randal G. - 2021-02-02
I wasn't expecting to feel any different the first day; instead, I felt a world of difference. The ability to focus –⁠ to not have that brain fog which interrupts and holds me back –⁠ actually made me cry. I started taking B-12 years ago, and it greatly mitigated my unfocused hours. With Qualia Mind, I'm getting all that B-12 gave me and obviously so much more. B-12 itself cut out the inability to focus, but it didn't work this well or allow me to find a flow state with nearly zero effort. Qu...Read more.
Nikolajs B. - 2021-02-02
Excellent synergy of vitamins, minerals and extracts offering protection.
Catherine M. - 2021-02-02
I loved the product and felt the nutrient value was highly beneficial. I'm a vey healthy person and am particular about what I put in my body. I could tell right away that the ingredients were of the highest quality and efficacy. I would definitely take these on a regular basis.
Samuel A. - 2021-02-02
Michael K. - 2021-02-02
Very happy with the product as it supports my desire to keep my immune system as strong and functioning as possible. I will continue to take this supplement.
Mike S. - 2021-02-02
I’m in and out of the truck all day long in the Chicagoland area and gives me peace of mind while being around so many people.
EMILY C. - 2021-02-02
I believe that it takes longer than 5 days to see the change in someone's immune system from a supplement, so I refrain from making a comment until I purchase the product and give it adequate time to review.
Nenatechae M. - 2021-02-02
It took me awhile to get the product, the first bottle had a broken seal upon arrival, but I got a second in soon and started taking it. It's only been a bit since I have been able to take it and experience it, but so far I've notice one thing, eating fast food left me with heart burn throughout the day to a point where I had dropped it completely, but on a busy day I had gotten a burger and ate it before returning to work. For the rest of the day, I had no issue.. the heat was there, but it ...Read more.
Abraham R. - 2021-02-02
sherri C. - 2021-02-02
Feel great after taking this.
Jason M. - 2021-02-02
The first two days I split the dosage, two caps in the am and two in the evening with meals. After the first two days and experiencing no abdominal discomfort or abnormality, I began taking the full does in the am every day. I definitely felt an enhanced sense of clarity while taking this supplement, maybe heightened energy levels as well. Seems like a great product!
Moxie G. - 2021-02-01
Amazing blend of nutrient essentials to keep you health and well, especially in current times! Definitely recommend Immune for daily support!
Daniel H. - 2021-02-01
I took the 4 recommended capsules in the morning with some food. I honestly didn't notice a difference in how I felt right away. It was later in the afternoon that I seemed to have a little boost in mood and alertness. I really didn't know what to expect from this product. Immune support doesn't seem like it's something you would necessarily feel right away.
Ian S. - 2021-02-01
This is a great product with great performance. I love it, however, as a college student dishing out 100$ + every month can get pretty steep especially with all of my other bills. I guess that's the price you pay for the best. Maybe it will go down as the company gets larger and buyers increase, fingers crossed!
John Stephen T. - 2021-02-01
Best blend of immune-supporting supplements in one product
Charles R. - 2021-02-01
Better sleep, great energy, and calm emotions
William G. - 2021-01-31
I cannot necessarily say that I noticed a huge difference using this product like you might using one of the company’s brain/sleep supplements, but I do love the mixture of ingredients and trust the formulations of this company.
Kevin M. - 2021-01-31
I didn't get sick.
Evangeline W. - 2021-01-31
I have been jeopardy sharp and focused in unbelief. After having two children my mind slowed. I am constantly researching ways to improve and I found you. it has been a happy relationship since then.
Chris F. - 2021-01-31
Great immune protection in a time when our immune system is finally get viewed with the correct level of importance