Donya L. - 2024-03-07
Qualia of products seem very effective for me
Paul F. - 2024-03-07
This was a great addition to my morning regimen. Really helped me to crank out what I needed to crank out during a really busy time at work.
Emily S. - 2024-03-07
Noticed a difference in as little as one dose thus far… hoping this will continue to help in future doses.
Tracy G. - 2024-03-06
I have just received my Qualia Senolytic. I am very excited to try this product. Familiar and have read good things about most of the ingredients, I will be reviewing this product to share my experience with taking the product.
Dean H. - 2024-03-06
This is my first time taking this product, but I noticed some remarkable differences as far as joint pain in the morning.
Robert J. - 2024-03-05
I can't get enough of this product. It's amazing how it boosts my brain power and keeps me focused throughout the day. I feel like I can accomplish anything with this stuff. It's like a miracle in a bottle.
Lyssa L. - 2024-03-05
Five stars in expectation of senolytic performance. The first day of pills swallowed.
ROBERT H. - 2024-03-05
Qualia NAD+ works amazingly good and I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel and look younger
Charles S. - 2024-03-05
I have tried a few other bands, Qualia Mind is the only one that has had the results I've been looking for. My focus and concentration have skyrocked. I've been more productive than I have been in years. I highly recommend Qualia Mind.
Gregory E. - 2024-03-05
Since taking Qualia Night I sleep better and for longer. I no longer need a nap after lunch every afternoon.
Adam M. - 2024-03-04
Honestly love this stuff. Especially at the beginning, really kicks you into high gear. I take a month or two off and cycle onto something else, but I’m always excited to get back on it!
Erik R. - 2024-03-03
Early days, just started the first 'cycle' of the Qualia Senolytic. I like my functional medicine to be, will report back once I have 2 cycles/months under the belt. I do know this- the Neurohacker Podcast is undefeated, where I found this and many other recommendations. The deep work in this space is getting deeper by the day. Bravo!
Marcos M. - 2024-03-03
I had used Qualia Mind (Caffeine Free) a couple of years ago to great effect. Having made a commitment to restart my usage of these supplements, I continue to be amazed how their effectiveness is no different then and now. I feel more focused, less dazed and fluttering compared to my non-Qualia states. It just feels good to be back in balance and to know these supplements provide the added supports I need to regain my creativity and follow through I had before.
R S. - 2024-03-02
This was an impulse buy I do not regret one bit I grew up on a Caribbean island, and get sick very rarely. Upon returning to the United States as a teenager, I caught my first cold and ever since then I’ve had an annoying post nasal drip that nothing has been able to get rid of. Fast forward, two decades: I am experiencing a persistent full ache in my thyroid area. It was getting so bad that I was going to go to the doctor’s about it and decided to try this supplement on a whim. This was ove...Read more.
Matthew S. - 2024-03-01
Just started and love the fact that this is easy to use. Hopefully will get results similar to others… but very optimistic based off of others feedback.
Debbie H. - 2024-02-29
I love this product, it really works great!
Marian J. - 2024-02-29
Hi, I have used the supplement for 6 mos
Terri T. - 2024-02-28
One of the best NAD boosters available.
Victor K. - 2024-02-27
I haven't received the shipment yet, but I'm very excited about the product based on all the positive testimonials!
Tyler O. - 2024-02-27
I've got neurological challenges, sleep, energy issues... Quite a bit of stuff. I'm only on my first month, but I've seen some marginal improvements in sleep & energy. Excited to come back to this after 3-4 months :)
Adrian M. - 2024-02-27
I love it! It provides mental alertness and clarity for the whole day.
David H. - 2024-02-26
I believe the day after taking my first dose I felt all over better. My pain level went down just a bit, Thanks peps.
Dylan E. - 2024-02-25
Great product. Can feel it going to work in your body. Your cells.
Michael N. - 2024-02-24
Just started, but so far so good.
Benjamin R. - 2024-02-24
The best I've felt in a long time