Richard M. - 2022-11-28
After only a day or two taking this supplement, my energy was leveled up and my strength in the gym increased. After the malaise & depression of the pLandemic, a most welcomed boost. Thank you!
jocelyn b. - 2022-11-28
Just started but have big hopes!
Ashish K. - 2022-11-27
This is by far the best product to provide day long focus and drive without being "too much" the way many other products feel.
Ron N. - 2022-11-26
Have been using Qualia caffeine free for almost two weeks and so far I’ve been loving it. Helps me feel sharp and ready to go in the morning and usually lasts a few hours. Would recommend this and Qualia focus.
Rhonda S. - 2022-11-25
This medicine took away all my aches and pain . I was suffering from joints pain and aches. Now I feel more energetic and stronger . I love it.
Yarick T. - 2022-11-25
Thought I should feel it on the second week, took it yesterday morning for the first time, I loved it so far - very cool calm and collected!
Randall C. - 2022-11-25
With Qualia Visiin my eyes feel more fresh, less dry, and do not tire as easily
Gianna T. - 2022-11-24
I love this stuff… I have only been taking it for 3 weeks now and have already noticed a big difference in my ability to stay focused and adapt to stress. My overall mood seems to have improved also!
Norma G. - 2022-11-24
Neurohacker products are helping me alot. Qualia life is a very good product. I use it daily, along with Qualia Mind. It has great nutritional value and I can feel the difference in my mind. I am more calm and collect. I lt produces an overall good feeling which I like very much.
Ian B. - 2022-11-24
I was not at all skeptical to try out Resilience but definitely eager and i was not disappointed. I'm an Assistant Kitchen Manager so i have a million different things thrown at me 7 hours a day and this has definitely helped me take a step back and breathe without getting too caught up in the chaos.
Allen H. - 2022-11-22
I have a major issue with focus and attention span, I’ve noticed that when taking Qualia Focus it helps with concentration, more diligent on not procrastinating and simply getting things done. I have a bad habit of saying I’ll get to it later and lately I’ve been staying on task. I’ve also noticed a bigger impact when mixing with other Nootropics.
John T. - 2022-11-21
great stuff to clear the stuffiness
Brad L. - 2022-11-20
Taking this product worked super quickly for me. I have taken nootropics for a while and this is looking to be a great product!
Jon V. - 2022-11-19
If you are looking for a totally natural way to enhance your focus and concentration, I highly recommend Focus from NeuroHacker. I has totally helped my performance at work.
Tyler R. - 2022-11-17
I got this originally for myself but after realizing there's a caffeine I gifted the bottle to my father. He's enjoying it and tells me it works great.
James F. - 2022-11-17
This is a great product! It makes quite a difference and I look forward every weekday morning to taking it!
Melissa S. - 2022-11-16
Don't judge until you try.........has massively changed my energy and mind
Naveen H. - 2022-11-16
Awesome benefits from taking this one, clears brain fog and keeps my routine intact.
Kenneth H. - 2022-11-16
I highly recommend Qualia Life supplements for an overall noticeable increase in cognition, clarity of thinking, increased energy, streamlined focus, and a higher quality of sleep! My average days are roughly 17 hours as a professional educator and professional athletics coach, which requires intense focus, high energy, and consistent physical exertion on a daily basis, as well as, above average travel. Qualia Life truly does provide me the competitive edge needed to thrive! -Kenneth Hobbs Ed.S
Scott B. - 2022-11-15
This product has worked better than I could have hoped for. As a Coach my thinking and brainpower need to be at there best when I am working with clients all day long. I also recommend it to all my clients.
Cotye C. - 2022-11-15
I was always pretty skeptical of these kinds of products however this one takes the cake
Tracey N. - 2022-11-14
I find the Qualia Focus has helped when I have a thousand of things to do and overwhelmed. Even when I am sleep deprived - this has helped me regain a focus to get things done right.
Robin C. - 2022-11-14
It is a perfect balance in a nootropic. I have been a whole lot more focused and motivated in the early morning after trying Qualia Focus.
Jamie C. - 2022-11-13
I love this stuff and I don't get the foggy feeling in my head like I used to.
Michael H. - 2022-11-13
Been using various iterations of Qualia for the past five years now and it has made a marked improvement in my motivation, mood, and coping ability. I'd used nootropics prior, but the convenience and blend make this product worth it to me. Would definitely recommend trying it if you're curious!