Qualia Nootropic Energy Reviews

David G. - 2019-11-13
I am a big fan of all of Neurohacker’s formulations, but this one might be my favorite. It’s now my “go-to” if I have an important afternoon meeting or work that requires activation energy and focus.
Draven P. - 2019-11-13
These energy shots really give me the boost I need in the early morning hours without the jitters. I always go on early morning runs and I noticed that I did not get fatigued as quickly as I normally would when I was doing my sprints. The major physical energy boosting effects tend to last about 4 hours, but the mental energy and sharpness I feel after taking the nootropic energy shots lasts for most of the day! Id say about 12 hours of mental sharpness after taking just one of these shots. I...Read more.
Alex Y. - 2019-11-13
I've been a fan of Neurohacker for some time, and have been a self-proclaimed "bio-hacker" before companies were putting out nootropic supplements. When Neurohacker first came out with their very first Qualia product with the Step 1 and Step 2 bottles, the Step 1 bottles worked like magic for me. My brain immediately turned on, everything was brighter, more noticeable, my mood instantly became very pleasant and calm, and my ability to focus went through the roof. Since Neurohacker stopped pro...Read more.
Mary Jo K. - 2019-11-13
This product provides awesome energy for 7 hours, non-jittery, and incredibly focused energy. Thank you!!
Nina A. - 2019-10-23
Great pre-workout! Quick and easy and helped me push even harder. Awesome stuff!
Klaudia B. - 2019-10-21
It provided instant energy within a few minutes. No jitters which is great and no crash either. Loved it. Enjoyed the mental focus and level of concentration too
Kristen C. - 2019-10-21
Qualia Nootropic Energy was just what I needed to push through a busy week. My biggest challenge is mental focus. Being a solopreneur means I am pulled in many directions which diminishesproductivity. Qualia Nootropic Energy enabled me to mono-focus on my most pressing projects, and have the drive to get them done. As a wellness authority I am always looking for supplements that work with my body to achieve the desired results. This works.
Sara G. - 2019-10-18
After taking the energy nootropic shot, I noticed I had a boost in energy, not jittery like energy from coffee, but rather an upbeat and more driven energy. I took the shot around noon and felt that the energy lasted all the way until late evening, which helped boost my productivity all day long. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, especially those who rely on coffee for energy and would like a better alternative.
Renee B. - 2019-10-17
Great product! I definitely felt more alert and energized. I didn't love the taste, but it's tolerable. I won't drink it after 1pm next time because I could have worked all night long.
Jesse B. - 2019-10-16
Nice steady clean feeling energy is the best way I can describe it
Jason S. - 2019-10-14
As an avid consciousness + energy hacker, Im always looking for ways to enhance my state of being. While lots of products boost physical energy, OR boost mental focus, its rare to find one that creates a powerful feeling of both aliveness and presence. Sprinkle in a serious boost in drive + the motivation to be more effective in everything you do, and you end up with a pretty perfect nootropic. The effects lasted a good 10-12 hours and left me with virtually no noticeable comedown.
Kayla O. - 2019-10-14
I really enjoyed this nootropic product for the two days I tried it out! It provides a steady, calm energy instead of the usual anxious stimulation that other nootropics provide. I also liked the liquid form - easy to take. I would love to try these for a solid month and see how much I improve in regards to sleep and healthy energy! I’m excited for this product in general. It’s going to be a hit!
Amara C. - 2019-05-15
On Fire!
Christopher G. - 2019-05-09
Unusually optimistic, focused
Eric O. - 2019-05-08
Felt great! I saved my last packet for today because I had things to do!
Christopher F. - 2019-05-07
Focused & alert
Andrew W. - 2019-05-05
Controlled calm.
ALEX W. - 2019-05-04
Like I was on warp speed
Mike G. - 2019-05-04
Adolfo A. - 2019-05-04
Clear mind, relaxed
Derek O. - 2019-05-04
More focused
Mchughson C. - 2019-05-04
Calm and collected
Andrew K. - 2019-05-04
Laser focused
Paul M. - 2019-05-04
More focused and calm
Junaid M. - 2019-05-04
Calm and focused.