Qualia Focus Reviews

Sarah B. - 2020-03-25
Incredible product!!!! Staying in flow was effortless.
William S. - 2020-03-18
Qualia Focus has made a tremendous improvement. I feel great and brain strong.i have to take Qualia Focus the rest of my life. I Had a traumatic brain injury at 12 yrs old. At 64 I had cognitive decline with memory loss. With Qualia Focus I am enjoying life and have a positive attitude. I am 65 yrs old with 7 children and 6 grandchildren. I see great excitement at Neurohacker as I read about new research, I welcome any new brain enhancers to try and that will help my brain refresh itself. ...Read more.
Beth C. - 2020-03-16
Perfect solution for a calm, cool, and collected approach to your life. I feel great!
Sergio S. - 2020-03-08
I have always struggle with focusing on daily tasks, with Qualia this trouble is gone.
Sherry L. - 2020-02-06
Quality ingredients you can feel!
Audrey H. - 2020-02-05
I bought this for our son who is getting is undergrads in BioMedical Engineering, HE LOVES IT! He’s tried lots of other focus products, Dr. Amen‘s products, Nueromaster... and Qualia Focus is by far his fav! He does notice a slight difference in his focus on the 2 days off, but says it’s not dramatic.
Kawika M. - 2020-02-05
Neurohacking on a budget means you can't afford to dive down rabbit holes to chase intriguing claims. I read up, gave it some thought, and then made the investment in a bottle of Qualia Focus. Most of the time, the best I might give you is a "meh" when it comes to actually experiencing a discernible difference with nootropics – but this time I didn't have to ask myself if the results were amplified by wishful thinking. Qualia's Focus has restored a mental clarity that I haven't felt in a ...Read more.
Mark F. - 2020-02-05
I've been a long-time user of Neurohacker products for a few years, and have been taking Qualia and Qualia Focus on and off. I find that these supplements work incredibly well in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle habits like diet, intermittent fasting, cold showers, meditation and adequate sleep. This last time when I started taking Qualia Focus, I noticed disruptively vivid dreams. However, how about 3 weeks in things have leveled out and I'm noticing the positive effects more than ev...Read more.
Joey C. - 2020-01-31
Well researched product! However, I would like to see some changes to the mind and focus products: Make it a grain-free product (e.g.: use tapioca starch as opposed to rice) Add lion’s mane (500mg), lithium orotate (5mg), riboflavin (2mg) and methyl-folate (400mcg), Cognivia (sage extract; 600mg). Free shipping/duty fees for subscribers. Thanks.
Mary Dee K. - 2020-01-29
Qualia Focus is working great for me! After taking ginko biloba for 25 yrs, this is stepping up my clarity even more. I do feel good!
Bart T. - 2020-01-21
Ok, in the first month I wasn’t sure about this product as I didn’t seem to see much benefit, other than an increase in focus, similar to the positive benefits of coffee. Then I found out I was sick and my immune system was low and so I stopped for 3 Weeks while I got better. I then retried qualia and WOW, tasks are getting done!!! I didn’t ‘feel’ different but all of a sudden my creativity and task completion was going through the roof, and my partner told she she couldn’t believe how much I...Read more.
Angela R. - 2020-01-16
I noticed the effects on the first day. Improved focus and mental capacity. Less feelings of being overwhelmed. I usually hate taking pills of any kind and tend to give up on taking a product shortly after beginning, but this is a great supplement that I will definitely continue to use for a long time because it works!
Seth S. - 2020-01-16
This product is really helpful to increase your baseline attention and energy levels. It is subtle enough that it doesn't cause jitters or rapid heartbeat, but definitely works well, and lasts all day! I do find it works best to cycle about 2-3 days per week as opposed to 5.
Florencia T. - 2020-01-15
Very satisfied with my Qualia Focus!
Jesus V. - 2020-01-11
When you know what you want to do, Qualia gets the circuitry of your brain focused, primed and ready for you to apply it to the fullest.
Christian V. - 2020-01-06
I truly love everything about this brand. They supply the BEST QUALITY (qualia hahah) forms of botanicals and ingredients! So much focus and drive and I feel like myself, with boosted personality and flow. I even bought some for my parents for Christmas and they absolutely love it! Number one nootropic on market. No pitfalls.
Omid N. - 2020-01-05
I have had 2 wonderful experiences with Neurohacker. 1 was the product itself. It was appropriately advertised and for me it worked exactly as promised. If used with intention it can be like unlocking a new level of focus and productivity. 2 - Their customer support team is endlessly friendly and helpful. I had inquired about a shipment that went missing after it was delivered; they quickly solved the problem and kept in communication with me the whole time. It was genuine it was authentic an...Read more.
Manuel C. - 2019-12-27
Great results so far. Attention to detail and great focus. Helping me on my road to recovery of of drugs.
Michael B. - 2019-12-25
This product had an immediate effect on my mental clarity and focus. My brain fog is in the past.
John m. - 2019-12-16
Great product, would recommend to friends and family.
Elizabeth A. - 2019-12-15
Neurohacker is great for he mind.The ingredients are natural and they do what they are meant to do.To help you concentrate.Focusing on the important things.Highly recommended to anyone who is in need of more focus in all areas of your life.
don G. - 2019-12-12
Simply Awesome! I really notice when I don't take it!
Debbie W. - 2019-12-07 | Beta Tester
After taking this for 5 days, I feel that it has help to improve my overall well-being and keep it consistent. I could tell the difference within 30 minutes of taking the Focus. The "brain fog" would go away. Taking Focus on an empty stomach is fine but i found that if I did not have something to eat within 2 hours it would start to be a little queasy. Not bad just enough to go get something to eat and then I was fine. Good product and would recommend it.
Cliff B. - 2019-11-28 | Beta Tester
Really enjoyed my 5-day brief trial.
JAIME F. - 2019-11-27 | Beta Tester
only one day in, but i feel more alert and focused.