Qualia Mind Reviews

Jared P. - 2021-06-16
I was at the end of my rope in terms of burn out and overwhelmed with all of life’s demands. I was looking for anything that would give me the edge I needed to just meet the demands of life (husband, father of 3, workforce full-time, extracurricular activities, church functions, etc. etc.). I could not find it. I stumbled upon nootropics and after a little research, decided to give Qualia Mind a go and let me tell you, I am grateful I did. One of the best decisions I ever made. My life has im...Read more.
Leila B. - 2021-06-14
So I have tried MANY different nootropics, I will say qualia by far exceeded them and my expectations!! I am only 5'2 and about 135 lbs so I started off taking 6 pills instead the recommended 7 and the first day was like I was supercharged. I am the biggest procrastinator ever and I swear everything I did that first day I was like let's get it done right now. At some point I felt like I was almost too focused so after that 1st day I started taking 5 each morning. I have noticed a big differe...Read more.
Vannath D. - 2021-06-10
Since taking these supplements I’ve noticed and increase in energy and openness with clarity within my thought patterns. Thank you!
Branden T. - 2021-06-08
I’ve tried and compares a handful of nootropics and I prefer Qualia the most!
Fortunato C. - 2021-06-04
Definitely gives the edge I need, increases my focus and helps me dial in to what I'm doing.
Levi e. - 2021-05-29
Love your product, would love it more if it included something to support better mood. Thank you for your product though.
Kiari K. - 2021-05-20
I live a very active lifestyle as I teach dance for 6+ hours several times a week on top of the training I do outside of my teaching. For years I've struggled with having the mental capacity to handle any responsibilities outside of work and I can honestly say Qualia mind has given me the extra energy & focus I need. On top of that I feel like my negative mind always has a hold on my mood and after taking this I have the awareness to identify those moments and move past them. I'll take th...Read more.
Robert Mulholland M. - 2021-05-19
I don't even need to take 7 I usually take from 3-5 & they work fine also when it's time to sleep they don't keep you up.
BRIAN DEREK H. - 2021-05-19
Amanda C. - 2021-05-19
The first two weeks, I did not feel as if it was working, or if it was just another product that was over priced and under delivered. Then one night during the end of a late night volleyball game, I was still sharp, attentive and full of vigor. On my way home, I realized this was working slowly and subtly. My days required less and less caffeine, I was able to concentrate on tasks that required deeper focus and clarity without as many breaks. My words were flowing easily, as before I had a t...Read more.
Robert Mulholland M. - 2021-05-16
Wasn't sure at first but it definitely works.
Paul B. - 2021-05-15
5 days on 2 days off. 1st night I was restless more than if I was not taking it. Nights 2-5 are totally different. Peaceful sleep so much so I wake up with a dead arm on occasion as I am a side sleeper. My wife found the most benefit. She is a terrible sleeper waking many times in the night. To hot or unable to switch of her mind. However we have both found this product to be really good at giving a more relaxed and less restless sleep pattern. Often not waking at all during the night. Well ...Read more.
Nikki F. - 2021-05-11
Great stuff. My brain is soooo much better!!
Aldo P. - 2021-05-10
Felt more productive. No crash from the energy.
Martin M. - 2021-05-10
Great supplement. I can drink coffee and take it and not be affected in any negative way.
Jay S. - 2021-05-04
I have never taken any product that delivers like this one does! Clean energy without the jitters. I can think and react to decisions quicker. Helps with getting those of us who are a bit too calm up and running. This is a must try! Try it for a month and feel the difference for yourself.
Forrest B. - 2021-05-03
Month 1: I am pleased with the results so far, pleased enough that I am reordering.
Antjuan F. - 2021-04-23
I’ve been taking Neurohacker’s products regularly, and as directed for over 3 years now. I’m starting to believe that they’ve converged on something like the iPhone of multivitamins. This is your all in one supplement, but smart.
Reid P. - 2021-04-13
I have been taking Qualia Mind for almost a month and I really feel the difference. I am happier and more motivated. I plan to keep on taking it!
Mary P. - 2021-04-13
Have been using supplements for 30 days. More focus, drive, memory improvement.
Kaye O. - 2021-04-13
I am seeing definite improvement in memory recall and mental energy. Thank you
DANIEL F. - 2021-04-13
Can definitely tell a difference in focus and alertness. Will continue
Delia P. - 2021-04-12
My husband and I have been using this product for about a month now and are loving the boost in sustained energy and mental function!
Tracy P. - 2021-04-06
One of the most noticeable changes during my first month is my lack of procrastination. My husband and I have decided to another month to see what happens.
Nicole P. - 2021-04-03
The difference in how I feel is amazing! I just finished my first bottle yesterday, I take 7 in the morning around 8 am, 3 more around 2 pm, and 2 more around 8 pm. I work until 2 or 3 in the morning. I’ve been taking Sunday and Monday as my off days. My life has improved immensely! You can’t go wrong with Metatron right!!🐺🐺🦉🦅