Qualia Mind Reviews

Gregory B. - 2018-05-16
It’s the best out hands down.
Ravi M. - 2020-01-23
It is easier to get into the zone with Qualia Mind.
Ann B. - 2020-01-23
I started using Qualia Mind about two weeks ago. Right away, I noticed an increase in my mental energy and ability to focus. And it only gets better. Yesterday, I wrote 4,000 words - 200% more than I've ever written in one day, and it felt easy! Procrastination feels like a thing of the past. For the first time in years, I'm not behind on anything! I can't say enough about the effect Qualia Mind has had on my confidence and ability to produce in everyday life.
Solace D. - 2020-01-16
Makes it easier for me to work!
Lauren B. - 2020-01-11
Amazing results! Using in conjunction with Eternus and very pleased after only 4weeks
Michael G. - 2020-01-08
Excellent stack that has energized me, helped my sleep, and decrease the number of supplements I take daily.
Matt B. - 2020-01-07
I have only tried Qualia Mind for my first time this morning and the fast acting results were astounding. Very impressed! Will consider purchasing again in the future.
Melissa V. - 2020-01-01
Definitely noticed a difference in focus when taking this product.
Mark H. - 2019-12-27
Great product! Can definitely tell my energy, focus, and critical thinking are heightened when on qualia!
Joshua V. - 2019-12-23
We are increasingly subjected to more stress, less time to reflect, and an always moving type of lifestyle that we are not hardwired to comfortably accept. If you want to meet demands of productivity but still remain cognizant and present to the things that really matter—your family members, that novel you’re trying to finish, your health and exercise—you need the proper tools at your disposal. Qualia is an indispensable tool to stay sane in the modern world! Grateful for everyone involved in...Read more.
Paul W. - 2019-12-23
Unbelievable.... amazing product. I will definitely be ordering more.
Cameron A. - 2019-12-20
Recovering from a traumatic brain injury from a bad motorcycle accident that the doctors thought i may not ever fully recover from. Qualia mind has helped immensely with my cognitive function, memory and focus.
patricia c. - 2019-12-18
When I am taking Qualia Mind, I think, speak, and remember like I did when I was - let's just say, decades ago. I am a skeptic, so I want to disbelieve, especially since it's not cheap, but I keep finding out it works for me.
Antoine H. - 2019-12-18
I found it to be effective! I felt energized and focused, all together very pleased with the product.
piers s. - 2019-12-18
Four years ago, I worrying about my career as a documentary director. At 35 years old I had taken a huge risk and switched occupations. I had just reached 45 and I hadn’t achieved what I had hoped. I was already a good decade older than anyone at my level in the television industry and feared that when I hit the big 5 and O I would be judged too old to get the jobs I was going for and it would be game over, career over. I knew I had to maximise what I was doing in the time I had if I was ev...Read more.
Walt W. - 2019-12-16
Been through a bottle so far and have not noticed anything dramatic, but I feel a bit more resilient and a bit less foggy than I have in the past. I also started Eternus shortly after starting Mind so I am limiting my comments to brain changes. The changes are positive enough so far to continue the subscription.
Paul G. - 2019-12-15
I have to say that this stuff is way better than any other cognitive enhancer I have tried. You get what you pay for with any product and with Qualia; it may seem pricey but the mood lifting effects and the energy boost are well worth it. Also for those who are worried about negative side effects or dependency issues; the only negative effect I have had is it upsets my stomach if I take 7 capsules like it says to but that is helped by a peanut butter sandwich. As far as dependency or addictio...Read more.
Mary P. - 2019-12-13
I've noticed my skin is improving. I'm not as hungry during the day.
Simone L. - 2019-12-13
I was skeptical wasn’t sure how this is going to be handled with Qualia and my mind. But something I noticed within the first month was a flow but not an automated flow but a flow with intent and focus like I had not experienced before since maybe I was a teenager on a task. Remembering things focusing on things and somehow Being able to recall information of which I was certain I had forgotten. I am a deep believer and my mood has been amazing even after the load of skepticism I laid on the ...Read more.
J D. - 2019-12-13
Good stuff
Bodhi J. - 2019-12-11
Clarity and focus are improved but the most surprising benefit to me was better hand-eye coordination and faster reflexes.
Guest - 2019-12-10
Been using it for three months now, regular flow states, feeling mentally strong, balanced, clear and sorted. Procrastination has ended, I just do it. Just an older average Joe who suddenly got focused, now planning and moving forward. It works for me.
Lee J. - 2019-12-07
Qualia Mind is a great product and allows me to maximize my energy output when studying and assist with the retention of what I study.
carlos b. - 2019-11-20
I have plenty of good things to say about this. At first, it almost took me to the hospital because im very caffeine sensitive and i haven't had any caffeine in years, so i took 5 and got an anxiety attack. I started taking 3 and just working my way up, now only taking 5 a day. After 3 weeks i feel amazing. energized, sleep less and wake up feeling amazing, can get a lot more done through out the day and my creativity is a lot higher. I run a real estate business and my marketing, and it has ...Read more.
Eric M. - 2019-11-16
5 stars