Qualia Mind Essentials Reviews

Andrew P. - 2020-09-24
I've been using Qualia Mind Essentials for about two weeks and have noticed that I am more focused (fewer monkey mind episodes), my thinking and processing seem to be faster and clearer (less brain fog) and I am more at ease, stress seems to be greatly reduced or at least how I observe and process stressors.
Sarah B. - 2020-09-16
After starting a new job doing a ton of data entry and loads of other completely foreign to me tasks, I look back in awe as it would have been overwhelming and I'd have given up....not with this Qualia Mind Essentials first thing in the morning. It was a breeze learning and maintaining focus had never felt more natural. Infinite gratitude for an incredible product.
Gregory G. - 2020-09-15
I have never taken a supplement that gives me the focus and recall and energy qualia does for me
Donna G. - 2020-09-14
I had a mild case of Covid but have been battling fatigue and brain fog every since that have literally made it hard for me to get out of bed. The first day I started taking Qualia Mind Essentials I found myself with the energy and drive to start walking again. I feel so much better and I’m beginning to feel more focused and capable again.
Jade B. - 2020-08-26
I feel more energized and more focused than ever before. My processing speed and capacity to retrieve information has greatly increased. I’m more alert and feel more empathetic. My listening skills and information retention has improved. Would recommend this product to anyone looking to level up.
Evan A. - 2020-08-16
First time with nootropics, and I like the feeling. I feel better able to focus on my work.
Tony A. - 2020-08-12
This product makes you feel amazing the only bad part is the two days a week you need to take off. It makes you feel so good that when you dont have it you can really tell. It’s better than drugs and has a lot of great ingredients.
Gina M. - 2020-08-08
I love this product it saved my life ! I have ADHD and was diagnosed with MTHFR ,your Life product helps hope you have a product with more L Methyfolte. Do you have anything for my son he is twelve and has it too. Love your products . Thanks
Gina M. - 2020-08-04
This is changed my life forever I can’t live without it it’s a wonderful product I have horrible ADHD I’ve had brain damage it from a horrible fall and this has been healing me up . The stuff is amazing I’m so grateful I am I have this product I love your products they’re wonderful. my blood levels are becoming healthy. I feel like this is a blessing in my life , Thank you
Ryan A. - 2020-07-29
Really helpful set of products that I will try again. High quality ingredients and results are as advertised.
Caleb S. - 2020-07-18
Love it I've used nootropic for about a year now this is by far my favorite
Brendan S. - 2020-07-16
I have only been using Qualia Focus for a couple weeks but I can already say that I love this product. I really feel like I found the first all-inclusive product when it comes to sustained focus and mental clarity without any side-effects. This product seems to just work better with continued use as well. They recommend using it for 5 days and then taking 2 days off and I've been using it 3-4 days out of the week with great results. My brain not only works better, but it feels better too!
Samuel K. - 2020-07-15
When I take Qualia Focus in the morning before leaving home for work,by the time I reach workplace between 20-30 minutes, I already feel active and ready for physical work. I also feel very attentive and focus on the job. I love Qualia Focus, it very much for me.
Guest - 2020-07-13
focused less distractions energy in beginning was nauseating but after 2 weeks was all good
Korey H. - 2020-06-23
I use this product every morning at work to increase my focus and concentration!!
Luke L. - 2020-06-10
Even though I’ve never had an issue with focus, this product lasers your eyes to your task at hand. You care for nothing else but to get your work done. It’s definitely has that effect on me. It helps me work hard throughout the day. Although, I do find it harder to get to sleep that night, but it only makes sense.
Karmen B. - 2020-05-26
Very good, I see big difference in my energy, drive, and focus.
Noah P. - 2020-05-25
Wow after trying it for a week and been off of it for 2 days all I can say is that it is amazing I am full of energy but not like when you drink an energy drink it feels more naturally. I’m getting more things done during the day, waking up as soon as my eyes open instead of feeling drowsy and getting an extra 5 minutes. Mainly my focus has increased I could carry a whole Conversation without losing focus, and that was my wain reason for my purchase. I can’t wait to buy Qualia mind and try it...Read more.
James G. - 2020-05-17
First off I want to tip my hat to the makers of Qualia for their use of incredible ingredients. These are HANDS DOWN the most potent nootropics on the market combined in beautiful ratios. This product makes me feel like I can concur the world. Not only do I feel a boost of positive energy giving way to experiencing more joy, I also have increased drive and motivation to crush my daily tasks. Qualia will certainly improve your quality of life in all areas. Let's just say I have a healthy regim...Read more.
Jordan E. - 2020-05-17
Did exactly as advertised, very happy with how focused I become on it. Whether placebo effect or not, I am a fan!
Jason G. - 2020-05-13
If you need a jolt to your day take this product it will enhance daily activity
August A. - 2020-05-04
Have used Qualia Focus quite regularly for close to a year now, and I'm super impressed. Noticed effects: - Mood: elevated, very stable - Clarity, focus, attention: increased, more stable and longer lasting - Energy, drive, motivation: increased, more stable and long-lasting - Working memory: significantly increased (super impressed) - Mental efficiency: significantly higher - Very efficient task-switching - Increased access to memories, associations, etc. -More fluid and intuitive...Read more.
Jessica E. - 2020-04-28
Honestly this is the best! I take it before a workout and it helps me to communicate and use more of my vocabulary. I know that sounds strange! But for years I've struggled with communication especially when I'm nervous or have social anxiety. When I take this.. I SHINE!! I just wish it were a little more affordable and accessible here in Perth Western Australia.
Erick L. - 2020-04-22
Focus is so effective that I can’t get out of my office without finishing every task, I have for the day. Even after I’m done, I could continue for hours long. ( I already work 14-16 hrs a day! Thanks Neurohacker, amazing product & it’s worth the investment!
Vikki O. - 2020-04-20
I just ordered a second bottle of Qualia Focus. I don't normally give reviews at all, but this product is really something special. It gives a gentle and continuous boost of, well... focus - without making me jittery, as caffeine would. It's just a subtle but noticeable improvement in my ability to stay on task and to stay organized without getting distracted. I'm pleasantly surprised and will continue to order this supplement. However - do pay attention to the instructions! If you're trying...Read more.