Qualia NAD+ Reviews

Carmen l. - 2024-04-13
Since I began using this product I can absolutely say I've felt better more and more each day. I'm sleeping better also. Completely satisfied
Luke C. - 2024-04-10
I've been exploring various supplements to enhance my overall well-being and mental clarity, and I decided to give Neurohacker's NAD+ a try based on its promising benefits. I must say, the results have been nothing short of remarkable. Within a short period of using this supplement, I've noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels and cognitive function. It's as if my mental fog has lifted, allowing me to focus better and stay productive throughout the day. What impresses me most is...Read more.
Lon S. - 2024-04-09
so far so good!
Sonia P. - 2024-04-06
I felt almost instant results since day 1 when I started taking it along with Qualia senolytic.
Lisa B. - 2024-04-05
I chose this product after reviewing multiple brands. No other product seems to have the formulation put together as well as this one. I’m excited to ditch various other mediocre vitamins, and replace it with this combined product for optimized aging!
Robert I. - 2024-03-29
i was feeling exhausted and unmotivated and i now seem to feel different. it must be the NAD+
Gordon D. - 2024-03-29
Niagen plus other ingredients at a very reasonable price.
Cynthia M. - 2024-03-25
My skin is releasing congestion and old cells I have a new me!!🐎😘❤️
Ashley A. - 2024-03-23
I have had a positive outcome with this product. I will definitely continue using this.
Earl B. - 2024-03-18
Honestly, after taking it 25 days or so I was about to cancel because I noticed absolutely NOTHING. I forgot to cancel and my second bottl cam in. I was mad. I cancelled that day. then a few days later I was at a party. Feeling great. And several people who hadn't seen me in a long time were commenting on how good I looked. It was a birthday party so "youthfulness" was a big topic. I was getting lots of "you really look young" type comments and later when I looed in the mirror, I noticed it t...Read more.
Ashley S. - 2024-03-16
I was curious about this product based on high recommendations by Dave Aspery. I noticed greater energy within the first week. Great product if you're trying to go a more natural route for energy.
David p. - 2024-03-10
This product has changed my energy levels and clarity throughout my long days.
ROBERT H. - 2024-03-05
Qualia NAD+ works amazingly good and I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel and look younger
Terri T. - 2024-02-28
One of the best NAD boosters available.
Michael N. - 2024-02-24
Just started, but so far so good.
Benjamin R. - 2024-02-24
The best I've felt in a long time
Jeffrey G. - 2024-02-23
I've just started using but am very please with the continuing results of NAD+. A much more effective alternative than IV shots.
Teresa M. - 2024-02-18
From the first day I started taking Qualia NAD+, I felt a shift in energy availability and in my ability to focus. I was mindful not to change any parts of my morning routine with the exception of the 2 NAD+ capsules which I took with my morning mushroom coffee. I definitely was not expecting to feel anything the first day but it makes TOTAL sense that I would feel it pretty quickly (podcast reference - our bodies make, roughly, our body weight in ATP each day WOW) I am SO much more ...Read more.
Emma S. - 2024-02-13
I have only been taking for a week but my sleep scores for REM and deep sleep (as measured by the Oura ring) have gone up and been the best they have ever been.
John M. - 2024-02-13
I'm extremely impressed with the results from this product. More energy
jean pierre v. - 2024-02-13
Excellent quality,!
Malia N. - 2024-02-13
I have been taking an NAD product which I liked. The Quaiia NAD+ ingredients looked like it worked with more and different ingredients so I wanted to try it. I found that I am having to use less of a dose than what is suggested (2 capsules rather than 4) to achieve all day energy. This makes Qualia more economical for me. Thank you.
Kim V. - 2024-02-10
Based on the reviews, I’m anticipating great results. I just took my first two capsules.
Alden R. - 2024-02-09
I have NAD+, the senolytic and Life - can't wait to see how I feel!
Linda B. - 2024-02-09
I just started taking this, so I don't have much feedback, except the customer service is good, and the shipping was quick. The science looks promising for this product, and I am hopeful it will work as promised.