Qualia NAD+ Reviews

Dana C. - 2023-11-03
The NAD+ gives me more energy that I’ve lost over time.
Trish D. - 2023-10-24
Felt immediate results
Brandon P. - 2023-02-10 | Beta Tester
My experience was a fairly good one. Took a couple days of taking it to feel effect of this product. Seemed to really help me think more clearly at work and knock out brain fog.
Dawn M. - 2023-02-02 | Beta Tester
From the first dose I had calm, happy energy. No need for an adjustment period and no jitters. I will definitely buy this!
Val C. - 2023-02-02 | Beta Tester
I had more energy!
Mike S. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
I received my product 7 days late, I’ve only taken it 5 times.
Heather D. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
This NAD supplement makes me feel very clearheaded in the mornings after I take it and seems to provide a good steady energy flow throughout the day. I’ve also found my sleep scores have improved while taking the supplement. I do notice a bit of a flush about a half hour after I take it if I do so on an empty stomach. I did not notice it when I took the supplement with food, but I actually kind of enjoy the feeling :-)
Matthew J. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
This product seemed to provide me with clean energy throughout the day, that was the biggest improvement I felt.
Stephanie D. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
It seemed like it helped with overall strength in my body. I had more energy, and tasks seemed just a little easier to accomplish.
Kevin M. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
I noticed that I tended to have more energy than normal. I noticed this each day. I stayed very consistent. I am definitely excited to try on a more long term basis.
Ron W. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
I am very pleased with the impact this product has had on my mood, energy levels, stress tolerance, and overall well being. I would highly recommend everyone try this product.
Nichelle C. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
This stuff is magic beans. I feel like I’m the Cupid on Valentine’s Day. Sensual and creative and ethereal. This elixir of heaven moved the needle inside of my brain. I feel more inside of myself than I can describe with English language. I’m fixated. Obsessed. I want some more, now.
Mason R. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
Only used it for 10 days…starting feeling results around the week mark. As with anything, the loading phase takes a bit, but the wait is worth it.
Keila R. - 2023-11-15
I can feel more energize
Sage H. - 2023-02-09 | Beta Tester
I noticed an increase in energy and also much improved athletic performance. Well done!
Taylor C. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
Overall, I feel better. A bit more energy, but really just seem to be able to switch tasks easier. Felt hot and flushed half the days first thing after taking, but that went away quickly.
Jay R. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
Overall feeling more clear a little more energy I liked this product
Beth C. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
I feel more energized and ready to take on the day.
Shelly C. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
I’m a very energetic person as it is so this may have gotten me a slight bit energy. I may need to take more to see if I see additional benefits.
Steven T. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
Slight improvement in mood and well being. May of had more noticeable results if taken longer.
Debbie . - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
Wasn't sure what to expect, but sleep has been amazing the last few days. Was it the product?
Amber M. - 2023-02-01 | Beta Tester
I feel a little more balanced overall. I would say the major benefit is that my head feels less cloudy and I’m more focused.
Emmanuel A. - 2023-11-24
Cannot feel noticeable effect.