Supercharge Your Mind With Neurohacker Collective, Feat. Daniel Schmachtenberger

Supercharge Your Mind With Neurohacker Collective, Feat. Daniel Schmachtenberger

Luke Storey sits down with Daniel Schmachtenberger to explore supercharging your mind and taking control of your focus, creativity, emotions and more and what the outcome of that might look like in the world.

Would you like to be able to hit your flow state on demand? Can you imagine having command over your mental focus, creativity, memory, and even your emotions? What a different world it would be if we humans held the power optimize our consciousness, and as a result, our psychological relationship to each other, and to the planet we all inhabit.

Our guest Daniel Schmachtenberger has dedicated his life to figuring out simple solutions to complex problems. The world is a complicated place. Health and happiness tend to elude many of us, due to how overwhelming it can be to figure it all out. Most of us have a desire to make a positive contribution to the world and to derive meaning from our lives, but often don’t know where to start.

But to effect positive change globally, we each need a method by which to improve ourselves on a micro level, before branching out to make the monumental changes we likely need to thrive, or perhaps even survive, as a species. Daniel believes that more significant societal issues will more easily be solved using a broad, systemic approach. The catch is that we as individuals have to get our biology and mindset in order first.

His mission is gaining momentum through Neurohacker Collective, an organization dedicated to discovering the most cutting-edge technologies for human performance. Their flagship product, Qualia, has taken the nootropic and smart drug world by storm and has quickly emerged as one of the most widely respected, highly studied brain supplements on the market. (Just about every episode of The Life Stylist Podcast recorded in the past year has been done so under the influence of this remarkable product.)

In this mind-blowing episode, we learn not only why Daniel and his team created Qualia, exactly how and why it works so well, but also what Neurohacker Collective has in store for the future. Trust me when I say, this is not a future- or episode- you will want to miss.

As you listen to this powerfully inspiring conversation with Daniel, think of one person you know who is interested in enhancing their mental and emotional intelligence, and overall quality of life, then share this show with them via text, email, or social media.

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Topics Discussed on Today's Episode:

  • His homeschooling experience, and how his parents used facilitation of interests vs. curriculum to maximize his potential as a human
  • How kids are born with innate fascination, and the consequences of not supporting their curiosities with intelligent foundational facts
  • The current educational model and how it trains us to be sharp cogs in a industrial world, hindering unique genius actualization
  • Why a large number of Millennials aren't having kids
  • Why the smartest people tend to be employees and not entrepreneurs
  • Epigenetics and unhealed trauma as consequences slavey, genocide and other endemic damages from Imperialism
  • Post-modernism, biases, partial truths, and the dangers of using metrics to simplifying complex systems
  • The artificial demands of broken Capitalism, why we are running a race towards the apocalyptic cliff, and alternatives for the future
  • All human beings alive today have some degree of mental illness, and what we can do about that
  • Depression, addictions, lack of fulfillment and other problems that stem from hyper-stimuli
  • The longing for authenticity and meaningful human interactions
  • The pursuit of happiness and the foley of looking for it "out there"
  • The importance of integrating psychiatry and pharmacology to understand and up-regulate the human networks and bio hardware
  • The origins and the vision of Neurohacker Collective for decreasing suffering and increasing capacity & positive disposition
  • Defining drugs, and what distinguishes legal from illegal
  • Top smart drugs and nootropics, why and how they work, and some of the risks and benefits involved in their use
  • Taking empowered responsibility through self education
  • The importance of addressing the foundational aspects of wellness over using biohacking to patch & support shitty performance
  • His favorite biohacking tech
  • Geoengineering, Chemtrails, and the effect it has on our brain and biology
  • What is environmental psych, and how to biohack it
  • Lifestyle recommendations

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