Systems Approach to Your Health, Wellness and Business

Systems Approach to Your Health, Wellness and Business

Daniel speaks with fellow visionary Dr. Daniel Stickler, co-founder of Apeiron, to discuss a wholesome approach to achieving health and well-being through cognitive enhancement and wellness optimization.

Daniel Schmachtenberger enlightens us on how to use a science systems approach to our health, wellness and business. Daniel was involved with sciences at a very young age, encouraged by his parents to educate himself in the fields that most interested him – allowing him to have more concentrated time and focus on a few specialized topics rather than generally be ‘a good student’ at all subjects.

Listen in on how human behavior affects the systems we function in everyday – economic, social, political and how we can make these systems stronger and more resilient by changing the human body’s systems.

Systems Approach to Health & Wellness

Look at the body as a whole complex adaptive regulatory system – how do go about increasing the resilience within a human being’s body?

What would a really resilient system look like? (it wont be exponential growth on a finite planet or for profit military trying to create peace)

Economics and Social Systems influence human behavior

Move from disease states to wellness states and to maintain and optimize systems resilience with neurohacker collective – how do we optimize the human brain space is the question our systems need to be asking.

When we look at the problems we want to change whether we look at violence at a war level, crime level or violence against nature at a biodiversity loss – all of those problems are caused by human behavior. Therefore, the solution is in human behavior.

Medicine is the system of ‘how do we deal with illness’ once illness is there than our wellness system has already failed us.

The system’s own self-organization is what makes each individual better? So what things do we need to supply each system with to help it self-organize better.

Well being enhancement in certain aspects of performance enhancement but qualia was created for a step up: Sovereignty.

There are three levels of Sovereignty which is the product of enhancement.

  • Intelligence is ones ability to process all kinds of thinking.
  • Sentience which is is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively. (empathy, mindfulness of your surroundings and others around you.)
  • Agency (ones ability to maintain their integrity as an individual and act in the universe; drive, will etc.)

Hormones anything similar that is out of balance can affect ones drive, emotions, thinking ability which affects an individuals ability to reach a level of sovereignty.

Qualia is the first thing that was brought to the market by Daniel and his team to support the underlying aspects to those three levels of sovereignty. Learn the ingredients of what is in qualia and how it was developed.

How can we enhance the existing system that each individual has?

There is an importance in respecting the human body and the natural intelligence that it already has – each cell has its own internal system working within us.

Daniel shares what he thinks holds for the future of medicine and wellness. Which can’t be explored or discussed independently from how we ‘do human’ on this planet as every environment, economic and social system has an affect on our health and wellness.

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