The Elevate Your State Show

Dr. Kelly comes on The Elevate Your State Show with TJ Anderson to discuss some fascinating topics in the world of health optimization and human performance. From nootropic supplements, to complexity science, and what neurohacking really means. Dr. Kelly breaks down his and his teams work at Neurohacker Collective.

Show Notes:
6:28 - the kruger dunning effect
8:20 - complexity science
12:53 - complex adaptive systems
15:39 - Greg’s position with the company
16:46 - non-linear variability of the body
31:05 - task switching
37:49 - the value of DHA
42:29 - what they are up to in terms of longevity and anti-aging space
1:00:00 - his personal health hacks and what it means for him to elevate his state

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