The Function of the Brain and how we can Improve our Mental Performance with Dr. Andrew Huberman

In part two this fascinating interview on The Unbeatable Mind, Commander Divine talks more with Dr. Andrew Huberman(@hubermanlab), a respected neuroscientist at Stanford University. They get into the practical application of neuroscience, and the science behind breathing, visualization and more mental work that are a very important part of the SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind programs.

Dr. Andrew Huberman discusses how neuroplasticity for adults is a trainable skill. It is a great deal more work than when we are children, but it can be done with effort and skill. They also discuss the value of nootropics and the importance of breathing practices and visualization for adults to be able to focus and learn in the same way that children are able to.

Listen to this episode to get a very in-depth look at the function of the brain and how we can work to improve our mental performance

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