The Top Benefits of Vinpocetine

What is Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine is a synthetically produced alkaloid derived initially from periwinkle plants. To be more specific, it’s derived from a molecule within the plant called vincamine. Vinpocetine goes by many names. Its chemical name is ethyl apovincaminate, but some of its nicknames include lesser periwinkle extract and ethyl ester. It was originally synthesized back in the 1970s in Hungary and has been in use for decades throughout Europe. Only recently has it grown in popularity throughout the rest of the world.

Vinpocetine works to improve health in several ways. The one most cited is its ability to increase blood flow to the brain. This is done by inhibiting phosphodiesterase type-1, leading to higher levels of cGMP in your smooth muscles. The result of this reaction helps to relax the blood vessels that help transport blood to your brain. At the same time, this doesn’t have a significant impact on the blood pressure in other parts of your body. This increased blood flow is largely thought to be responsible for the cognitive enhancing benefits that vinpocetine provides.

Vinpocetine Benefits

There’s good reason so many biohackers and neurohackers look to include vinpocetine in their nootropic stacks — the benefits are as potent as they are varied. Here are just a few worth exploring that are most often talked about in vinpocetine reviews.

Working on Concentration and Focus

By increasing the blood flow to the brain and improving circulation, vinpocetine may be able to positively affect a person’s focus and concentration, mostly helping them overcome distractions. This is done by increasing overall clarity, including enhancing their attention spans as they may be able to focus on a single goal for a longer period. The effects of taking vinpocetine may prove useful in allowing people to get more done and avoid having minds wander.

Helping with Memory

Perhaps one of the most referenced vinpocetine benefits is the possible effect it has on memory. More specifically, vinpocetine may be able to help people in the formation of memories, essentially helping them to learn more easily. This also could have the added effect of helping people improve their reaction times. You may find vinpocetine useful if you need help recalling bits of information with increased accuracy. It’s important to note that these benefits wouldn’t be limited to people experiencing cognitive decline. Even healthy individuals may be able to learn more efficiently and remember with improved mental acuity.

Improving Mood

Certain neurotransmitters — such as serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, and acetylcholine — are crucial in enhancing a person’s mood. Vinpocetine helps by upregulating the receptors for those chemicals in the brain. The end result may lead to an overall greater sense of well-being and an increase in positive feelings.

Pain Relief, Hearing, and Liver Function Support

A host of other benefits can be found from using vinpocetine. The nutrient may be useful as a way to relieve pain due to blocking sodium channels primarily associated with pain. Early research suggests vinpocetine may have a role to play in helping protect people from hearing loss and improving how the liver functions.

Taking Vinpocetine

The whole systems approach to health takes into account the multiple complex systems within the body, how they interact with and feed into each other, and the importance of keeping everything in balance. With this in mind, vinpocetine can play a valuable role in improving health for the mind and body in a long-lasting, sustained manner. Many nootropic stacks include it in small amounts to promote focus, energy, memory, and mood. With the human body being such a complex system, even tiny dosages can lead to noticeable changes. With the variety of benefits it can offer, vinpocetine can play a part in positive changes you can experience.