You Never Know What You Can Do Until You Try...

You Never Know What You Can Do Until You Try...

As the year winds down and a new one begins we turn our thoughts toward the future, what it might hold and what kind of life we wish to create for ourselves.

We seek new resolutions for change.  We want something different, better, new.  We strive to leave old habits in the past and create better habits toward a better future.  But how?

To get new results you have to try new things

All of life is an experiment. We all learn as we make carve our path on our own journey. We are not in this alone, but our experience of this experiment is still a personal one.

N=1 or N of 1 is the nomenclature for an experiment with only one person in the testing group.

You must experiment.  You must try new things.  If you keep doing what you've been doing, you are going to get what you've always gotten.  

If your hopes and desires for the new year are new results, it's time to experiment with new things. 

What new habits do you wish to create for yourself?  What new things will you try to break out of your comfort zone?  What old ways will you leave behind in order to create something new?

And what if it doesn't work?

Failure is awesome.  Failure is experience.  Failure is learning.  Failing only becomes a negative when you attach meaning to it.  When you make it mean something about who you are as a person, is when it holds you back.

Go.  Try.  Fail.  Try Again.

This is all part of the experiment of your life.

The Citizen Science Approach

Part of our approach to science and how we design and build our products is based on a complex systems science and leveraging citizen science

Advancements in technology, and the quantified self movement has ushered in a new era and model of science where research and testing can go so much further than limited reductionist designed trials and we can learn from one another as we look to try new things.

If you'd like to try something new and join our community of experimenters, sign up for our Neurohacker N=1 Beta program.

Sign up and get early access to our latest products, technologies and content to try.

All we ask is that you share your results and feedback with us to help us get better.

Even if you don't join the beta program, I hope you will look to experiment with new things in your life to see what is possible.

You'll never know until you try.

Ben Cote
Direct of Brand & Community


  • David Maletich
    We are all lifelong N of 1's and I love to start new year with the promise of one or more new resolutions/self hacks! Usually a fitness goal. Glad I discovered this blog, which occurred after watching an incredibly insightful YouTube interview last night featuring the views of Daniel Schmachtenberger.
  • Dhananjay Naikwadi
  • Conor
    Thank you all at! Great info as always. I have one question, off topic but important. I have recently started taking Melanotan II , solely for tanning purposes. But have been reading about whole system toxicity related to this peptide. Is there anything I should be concerned about? Thank you again for the time and effort you all put in. - Conor
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