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How to Add a Coupon to a Subscription

 To manage and or view your account, including current status and order history, order recurrence, change password, update shipping address, and payment method, please login to your account. 

Login:  https://neurohacker.com/login

Reset Password: https://neurohacker.com/forgot 

2. Go to Your Subscription and then Subscription Details.


3. You will then find the option to apply your discount code in the bottom left.


Of note: The system only allows 1 coupon code to be used at a time, so if your subscription currently has a coupon code attached to it, you will need to 'Delete' that, and then enter and save the new coupon code.

If you're adding a temporary, one-time coupon code and then wish to revert back to a recurring coupon, login to your account after the 1 time coupon code and corresponding order has shipped, delete that 1 time coupon code and then substitute your recurring one back in. Be sure to hit 'Save' so all processes correctly. 

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How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime by logging into your account and managing your subscription.

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