Amy B. - 2024-05-19
I consistently get at least two hours of deep sleep when I use this product, so even if I get less than eight hours total, I still feel rested.
Kei T. - 2024-05-18
able to tolerate product
Kei T. - 2024-05-18
So far so good, I am able to tolerate it
Erika G. - 2024-05-17
Feel that this product is well put together..feels like it walks the talk
Maxime D. - 2024-05-17
I've tried many other nootropics and this one is the first that would rate better than just pure black coffee!
Meggan G. - 2024-05-17
Love this product! Feel an immediate diffference!
Kara G. - 2024-05-17
I am so excited to try Senolyric. I’m starting tomorrow since arrived late. The anti-aging benefits are just outstanding.
Cindy M. - 2024-05-16
I have only done the first two days but I honestly believe I feel a difference in my cognition and vitality. Brain fog is reduced and I have more energy. Nice!
Tessa F. - 2024-05-15
I just started this product and really like it. I plan on continuing it to see if it will improve brain fog and memory loss. So far I have increased clarity, alertness and motivation. I’m taking 7 capsules a day as instructed.
Cecilia C. - 2024-05-14
Very impressed with this product! I've been eating well and exercising for a while, but had been staying at the same weight. This did the trick and I was able to shed that last 5 pounds that I couldn't before. I also feel more energized. I've tried a lot of supplements before, but with this one I actually noticed a difference. Thank you!!
Steve M. - 2024-05-14
So far after a month I feel better and healthier.
Derek A. - 2024-05-13
The investment in my health and keeping it in the forefront with incredible products, like NAD+, that Neurohacker supplies is worth it!!!
Hana M. - 2024-05-13
Very effective product, I felt the difference from the first day. I took this product with Qualia Synolytic. Improved Digestion, energy level and better sleep. Thank you
Oscar E. - 2024-05-12
I start to feel less tired After couple week's I’m only take two pills in the morning
Dwight V. - 2024-05-11
Shipment arrived on time with all products included. Took as directed. Looking forward to feeling results.
Angela M. - 2024-05-10
I just placed an order on a Tuesday and already have my 3 products in my hands to try on a Friday! Super fast turnaround and I am pumped to begin this regimen of Senolytic/NAD+/Resilience. I am most intrigued by the senolytic and starting with it, before adding in the others, to see how I feel and report back!
Deborah C. - 2024-05-10
Super fast shipping. Haven’t taken yet. Too early to give a review of product.
Don M. - 2024-05-10
Whiloe I just received this product recently it seems great so far and I have friends who have been using it and love it.
Jenny M. - 2024-05-10
Just started taking Qualia Senolytic. It’s so great that there is a product like this out there. Looking forward to seeing the results.
Evgenia K. - 2024-05-09
Great product
Mike F. - 2024-05-09
Still early on, only about 1/3 of the bottle I’ve used. I really like it though. I usually like coffee in the morning, and like to have something with a little caffeine in the afternoon. Since day 1 I have not wanted to have that afternoon boost. We’ll see with time if this will last but so far I love it.
Jann G. - 2024-05-08
I've been using Qualia NAD+ for almost 6 months now and find it an indispensable part of my health span/longevity stack. I started a serious weight training program March 1, 2024, and believe it is in part responsible for my current success and ability to progressively build strength and muscles.
Kaye C. - 2024-05-08
Loving this supplement so far. No side effects after the first 2-day dosage. I am not sure if it was the placebo effect or not, but I've experienced more energy in the week after taking the 2-day dose. With multiple autoimmune conditions, I am hopeful this will be beneficial in helping to lower inflammation levels!
Amy R. - 2024-05-08
I love it! I feel energized and clear all day!
Maureen H. - 2024-05-08
I’ve been taking it for 5 days and feel like my skin is softer and healthier. I feel more improvement as I keep taking it.