Brian F. - 2021-09-25
First time taking Mind. Wishing I had pulled the trigger long ago
Jake S. - 2021-09-23
Randal G. - 2021-09-22
I started in January and am leaving a second, follow-up review in September just to say that I'm still taking it. The quality of my concentration and the healthy doses of brain nutrition make it worth far more than I'm paying. I haven't found anything comparable.
Andrew C. - 2021-09-22
I am mentally better prepared for the day, and can take on more tasks without the early afternoon burnout.
gustavo G. - 2021-09-21
game changer for productivity! I get a sharp focus and I am able to get things done. definitely increased my ability to be productive!
Dmitriy K. - 2021-09-21
I have been so much more focused & driven since starting this product a couple years ago. It may be "expensive", but so is a Mercedes. You pay for quality.
Michael K. - 2021-09-21
Just started this product, however, I do notice an improved "sharpness" and visual acuity.
Ricky H. - 2021-09-21
The perfect start to a productive day.
Michael S. - 2021-09-19
This product does everything it claims to do. I feel like a new, better version of myself. I'm more alert and more motivated!
Michael F. - 2021-09-17
I love it
Michael K. - 2021-09-17
I felt the effects the first day within 20 mins but noticed really easing into it around 3 weeks in and it gets me through the morning until early afternoon without a crash. The upswing also feels smooth as well. It’s definitely worth the money. I combine it with Qualia life and night too
kim r. - 2021-09-16
Perfect for those who want to optimise their energy after 50
Aaron S. - 2021-09-16
This stuff is legit. The price is a bit intimidating but you're paying for a great product
Bryant B. - 2021-09-16
Keeps you alert and sharp without the jitters like caffeine does.. I'd recommend it 👌
Jason F. - 2021-09-12
I love Qualia Mind, caffeine free. It’s great that it’s caffeine free, because I’ve been caffeine free for almost a week and it’s really helpful with my energy and focus!
Spencer W. - 2021-09-12
Subtly amazing, my focus is slowly becoming unwavering and unbroken
Lisa B. - 2021-09-12
I like how this makes me feel and my mind is very active and clear.
Lilia H. - 2021-09-11 | Beta Tester
The crepey skin on my arms were diminishing and were looking more smooth.
Monica M. - 2021-09-11 | Beta Tester
I noticed a significant improvement in the elasticity and the moisture of my skin.
kim r. - 2021-09-11 | Beta Tester
I had some improvement with blurry vision after working all day on computer and when I get up in morning vision is slightly clearer
Sammy R. - 2021-09-11 | Beta Tester
I noticed over the 7 days an decrease in my eyes getting tired by the end of the day. Also my vision came online quickly in the morning
Brad H. - 2021-09-11 | Beta Tester
Easy to take and experienced good results and more youthful and healthy looking skin