William W. - 2019-10-25
Really enjoyed the novel pairing of the Alpinia galanga with the saffron. Furthermore, the inclusion of tryptophan was refreshing as many products on the market do not balance out the stimulant effect of nootropics with an anxiolytic meant to potentiate tryptophan. I am not an advocate of the N-acetyl-tyrosine as the data for it's efficacy is weak and I do not personally get an effect from Supplementation. However, that is my personal opinion and my personal experience, respectively. This may...Read more.
Gregory B. - 2018-05-16
It’s the best out hands down.
Bart T. - 2020-01-21
Ok, in the first month I wasn’t sure about this product as I didn’t seem to see much benefit, other than an increase in focus, similar to the positive benefits of coffee. Then I found out I was sick and my immune system was low and so I stopped for 3 Weeks while I got better. I then retried qualia and WOW, tasks are getting done!!! I didn’t ‘feel’ different but all of a sudden my creativity and task completion was going through the roof, and my partner told she she couldn’t believe how much I...Read more.
Abraham D. - 2020-01-17
Great product has really changed the playing field
Robert W. - 2020-01-16
This really works. I’ve tried many other products (and they also served their purpose) but this is very unique bc it has the most impact on my mental acuity and mood enhancement. Def has a special sauce different from other energy drinks
Michael S. - 2020-01-16
Love it
Christian B. - 2020-01-16
These little bottles helped me get through early-morning study sessions and post-work exams way better than caffeine alone. Mixed with some juice to even out the flavor (tastes a bit like cough syrup, but nothing terrible), they make for a fantastic focus and productivity aid. Highly recommended!
Angela R. - 2020-01-16
I noticed the effects on the first day. Improved focus and mental capacity. Less feelings of being overwhelmed. I usually hate taking pills of any kind and tend to give up on taking a product shortly after beginning, but this is a great supplement that I will definitely continue to use for a long time because it works!
Solace D. - 2020-01-16
Makes it easier for me to work!
Seth S. - 2020-01-16
This product is really helpful to increase your baseline attention and energy levels. It is subtle enough that it doesn't cause jitters or rapid heartbeat, but definitely works well, and lasts all day! I do find it works best to cycle about 2-3 days per week as opposed to 5.
Florencia T. - 2020-01-15
Very satisfied with my Qualia Focus!
Steve H. - 2020-01-14
Being a clean a sober for now ten years, you could understand my hesitation to any body/mind altering substance. I eased myself into a comfort level by increasing the dose weekly. My daily tasks and concentration has improved by leagues. Any concern of dependence or fear of wanting more, does not exist. The level attained works for me, and I think for all who give this a try, plus the guarantee help entice me to give Eternus a try.
Jesus V. - 2020-01-11
When you know what you want to do, Qualia gets the circuitry of your brain focused, primed and ready for you to apply it to the fullest.
Lauren B. - 2020-01-11
Amazing results! Using in conjunction with Eternus and very pleased after only 4weeks
Justin F. - 2020-01-10
I'm on my first bottle of Eternus but I'm optimistic about the product. I'm familiar with the science and I love Qualia Mind! I've been taking it for years when writing.
Mike G. - 2020-01-08
Excellent stack that has energized me, helped my sleep, and decrease the number of supplements I take daily.
Matt B. - 2020-01-07
I have only tried Qualia Mind for my first time this morning and the fast acting results were astounding. Very impressed! Will consider purchasing again in the future.
Jules M. - 2020-01-07
It's me...but a MUCH better version of me! Wonderful nootropic blend.
Christian V. - 2020-01-06
I truly love everything about this brand. They supply the BEST QUALITY (qualia hahah) forms of botanicals and ingredients! So much focus and drive and I feel like myself, with boosted personality and flow. I even bought some for my parents for Christmas and they absolutely love it! Number one nootropic on market. No pitfalls.
Omid N. - 2020-01-05
I have had 2 wonderful experiences with Neurohacker. 1 was the product itself. It was appropriately advertised and for me it worked exactly as promised. If used with intention it can be like unlocking a new level of focus and productivity. 2 - Their customer support team is endlessly friendly and helpful. I had inquired about a shipment that went missing after it was delivered; they quickly solved the problem and kept in communication with me the whole time. It was genuine it was authentic an...Read more.
andy s. - 2020-01-04
I had to experiment to find the right dosage. Taking 7 capsules I felt agitated and irritable. I lowered to one capsule in the morning and sometimes one after lunch. I also will have a cup of coffee to activate. What I experienced is improved motivation and communication skills. Thinking seems a little more fluid where I am able to find deeper thoughts and reasoning. One somewhat expected caveat was if I was sleep deprived I've noticed little or no improvement. Overall I'm very happy wit...Read more.
Arthur S. - 2020-01-03
You might be thinking of the price as a barrier to entry. Let me tell you I don’t have the financial security to be throwing money around, so if Eternus did not work I would not purchase it. I have Alzheimer’s on both sides of my family to look forward to, and I desperately want to stave off the day I can’t remember my daughter’s name. I wholeheartedly believe in the efficacy of Eternus and am grateful for the benefits it provides me.
Melissa V. - 2020-01-01
Definitely noticed a difference in focus when taking this product.
Kelly R. - 2019-12-31
Great product. I love that it comes in powder form as I have a difficult time swallowing pills. I suffer from neurological disease and feel confident of the future having this working for me!
Manuel C. - 2019-12-27
Great results so far. Attention to detail and great focus. Helping me on my road to recovery of of drugs.