Debbie H. - 2024-02-29
I love this product, it really works great!
Marian J. - 2024-02-29
Hi, I have used the supplement for 6 mos
Terri T. - 2024-02-28
One of the best NAD boosters available.
Victor K. - 2024-02-27
I haven't received the shipment yet, but I'm very excited about the product based on all the positive testimonials!
Tyler O. - 2024-02-27
I've got neurological challenges, sleep, energy issues... Quite a bit of stuff. I'm only on my first month, but I've seen some marginal improvements in sleep & energy. Excited to come back to this after 3-4 months :)
Adrian M. - 2024-02-27
I love it! It provides mental alertness and clarity for the whole day.
David H. - 2024-02-26
I believe the day after taking my first dose I felt all over better. My pain level went down just a bit, Thanks peps.
Dylan E. - 2024-02-25
Great product. Can feel it going to work in your body. Your cells.
Michael N. - 2024-02-24
Just started, but so far so good.
Benjamin R. - 2024-02-24
The best I've felt in a long time
Eknoor G. - 2024-02-24
This just works !!!
MIchelle C. - 2024-02-24
I work in a position where i constantly have to multi task and have many things going on at once. Qualia MInd helps so much with my focus, memory and awareness. I've used this product for multiple years and its because i really do notice the difference when i take them. The clarity and sharpness i get when using Qualia is definitely worth the price tag for me.
Parsa P. - 2024-02-24
Neurohacker's Qualia Original Stack distinguishes itself in the cognitive enhancement field with its unparalleled, scientifically-formulated blend of nootropics, adaptogens, and neuro-vitamins, making it arguably the most comprehensive stack of nutrients aimed at optimizing mental performance, resilience, and overall brain health. The formulation is designed for maximum bioavailability and synergistic efficacy, incorporating evidence-supported ingredients such as phosphatidylserine, bacopa mo...Read more.
Cindy N. - 2024-02-23
Excellent product, well tolerated, noticed an improvement within several days
Ibrahim D. - 2024-02-23
Got it shipped so fast, and worth the value.
Jeffrey G. - 2024-02-23
I've just started using but am very please with the continuing results of NAD+. A much more effective alternative than IV shots.
Suzy Q. - 2024-02-22
As I have gotten older, I have found most neuro boosting substances are too intense for me and I get a headache, but not with FOCUS. When I take FOCUS, I just feel clearer in the head without jitters and without headache. Thank you for offering this product!
Hussen A. - 2024-02-20
Didnt start yet but super excited, heard so many great things about this, sincerely looking forward to using qualimind
Teresa M. - 2024-02-18
From the first day I started taking Qualia NAD+, I felt a shift in energy availability and in my ability to focus. I was mindful not to change any parts of my morning routine with the exception of the 2 NAD+ capsules which I took with my morning mushroom coffee. I definitely was not expecting to feel anything the first day but it makes TOTAL sense that I would feel it pretty quickly (podcast reference - our bodies make, roughly, our body weight in ATP each day WOW) I am SO much more ...Read more.
Elizabeth D. - 2024-02-17
I have energy like I had 10-20 years ago since taking senolytic. I love how I feel since starting this regime.
Kays K. - 2024-02-17
Awsome product could tell a lot after the first day ! 2nd day even better!
Laura L. - 2024-02-15
Hope that I notice a difference. Glad to try and see!!!
Obed C. - 2024-02-15
I saw many nootropic reviews. Neurohacker the only one that I saw that did what they advertise and has no negative side effects. First month here I come and cheers to a productive lifestyle and God Bless.
Julie R. - 2024-02-14
I started taking this and in 3 days it seemed to help me deal with my day a little better than I normally do keeping thoughts organized and focus through a high stress day full of challenges and distractions.
Sean B. - 2024-02-13
Really gives me a lot of focus! Of course eat healthy, but when paired with my normal routine and caffeine boost of coffee or tea before work, this product is great. Really does the job, and the focus is not too intense. Just enough to have an edge in order to do your work.