Yvette D. - 2023-01-31
I've only taken the first 2 days, but I saw increased energy and a clearer head in just a few days. This will definitely be a staple for me.
Michael L. - 2023-01-31
I bought this on a special deal, it wasn't something I would have paid for at its regular price. I have tried all the ingredients in this product in other blends and as single ingredients. I wasn't expecting anything significant, but let me tell you it was. The first day, it was as if my mind was silent and completely present on what I was doing. I was clear throughout the day and felt more productive just due to the fact that I wasn't distracted by anything. I was able to fall asleep and sta...Read more.
Joe H. - 2023-01-31
Quality minds give me a motivation to get up and grind all day. And gives me clarity and focus that I did not think was ever possible.
Jabari P. - 2023-01-29
The stuff has me clear and creative all day.
Lynn S. - 2023-01-28
A few months ago, I figured why not give it a try. Now 4 orders later, I am still taking the pills. I don't know if it's a placebo effect, or if they really are good, but it helps me fall asleep and to me that is a win!
Jordan T. - 2023-01-28
I've dabbled with nootropics for years always looking for something to give me that laser focus and memory recall that I've only experienced in small bursts here and there naturally. After many years my hope in finding that supplement sort of fizzled out and I had all but given up.... but I've always heard the really good things in life..... find you. This was definitely the case with Qualia.
Steve G. - 2023-01-28
This is a quality product. I am very happy it is here for my health
Donna W. - 2023-01-28
I’ve only taken the first two days and I’ve ordered the second two days. The first two days allowed me to sleep all night for the first time in years.
Margarita O. - 2023-01-27
The product is incredibly helpful. I think that customers who added 4 stars are singularly healthy. That is why they just did not notice the difference. I have noticed it right away because I am very old and have an extremely poor health. Thank you for that great support!
Adam P. - 2023-01-27
Sharp, energized and in the zone. Qualia mind gives me that brain boost to get the job done......Wonderful product!!!!
Ryan B. - 2023-01-26
I would not go to school without it
Joshua A. - 2023-01-26
Amazing sleep
Darsi M. - 2023-01-26
I took the two day dose and it was like a light went on.I cannot wait to take them again next month.
Jeffrey K. - 2023-01-26
This is the only neurotropic I would ever use. Good ingredients with even better results.
William H. - 2023-01-24
Qualia MIND has definitely helped me when my work schedule gets hectic. It has given me more energy, and helps me be able to focus throughout the day.
Jason W. - 2023-01-23
I took it as soon as I got it, and have been really focused, motivated, and enjoying the day so far
Eric W. - 2023-01-23
Love the cognitive benefits of Qualia Mind. Makes me feel alert and productive.
Naomi B. - 2023-01-23
Best i've tried, my husband and I love it!
bryan f. - 2023-01-23
I recommend this product if you want to crush your work! Generally lasts 5 hours for me.
Isaac L. - 2023-01-23
Amazing product has made me create so muchh
anca v. - 2023-01-23
For max creativity, focused on target productivity, out of the box problem solving - or just channeling and bringing the spoken work - I use qualia mind. I appreciate the thorough, thoughtful science and the deep commitment to quality and excellence.
Elaine M. - 2023-01-22
This product has all the correct ingredients and dosages. I have taken one round. And will continue monthly.
Lisa Y. - 2023-01-22
With not alot of products and information out there on the subject, NeuroHacker has created a great product.
Ethan B. - 2023-01-22
Help me get in the flow
Gustavo A. - 2023-01-22
Excellent help to keeping focused in my daily work