Gregory B. - 2018-05-16
It’s the best out hands down.
NICOLE V L. - 2020-05-27
I'm recovering from Covid-19 and am doing pretty well, given my age of 82. I have just started with Eternus, so I can't yet speak for the long term effects, but it seems to give me a systemic sense of stability. I definitely feel less stressed. It's been an awful time, and this seems to be helping.
ALEX N. - 2020-05-26
I have been taking Qualia Mind, Caffeine Free for about a month now. I am 75 years old; and, although I am generally healthy and work full time, I am always searching ways to improve my mind. Dementia in all its forms is my biggest fear as I grow older. After comparing Qualia to similar products, I finally order the product. Much to my delight I began to notice changes in the first week. Improved ability to focus on tasks, faster and improved recall, increased enthusiasm, and reduced tiredne...Read more.
Karmen B. - 2020-05-26
Very good, I see big difference in my energy, drive, and focus.
Noah P. - 2020-05-25
Wow after trying it for a week and been off of it for 2 days all I can say is that it is amazing I am full of energy but not like when you drink an energy drink it feels more naturally. I’m getting more things done during the day, waking up as soon as my eyes open instead of feeling drowsy and getting an extra 5 minutes. Mainly my focus has increased I could carry a whole Conversation without losing focus, and that was my wain reason for my purchase. I can’t wait to buy Qualia mind and try it...Read more.
Gibran M. - 2020-05-22
In the shortest possible words, Qualia Mind - Allows me to be the best version of myself.
Debbie B. - 2020-05-22
I was really impressed with the intense focus I received shortly after taking the product. I started out with 2 and worked up to 4. It's not often that I will try a supplement if it's not labeled organic, but I was familiar with some of the ingredients and have taken them in the past for brain enhancement...and this product was recommended to me :)...
Chase J. - 2020-05-21
The first couple of days of taking Qualia Mind (caffeine free as I love a cup of coffee in the morning), I was kind of headachy and loopy and I thought the product just wasn't for me. I didn't feel like I experienced any cognitive benefits, I just felt different and a little strange. I persisted and on day 4-5 everything changed. I feel sharp, alert, and focused. There is no headache or pressure in my head and I generally feel really great from a cognitive perspective. I know that everyone is...Read more.
eli r. - 2020-05-20
it's an amazing product, a bit expensive but so far the best nootropic i've tried. Keeps alert and focused, I just take it with a light meal.
Julio R. - 2020-05-19
Taking Qualia has been amazing! If you can imagine your Clark Joseph Kent🧐 take a dose of Qualia like directed,next what? ” It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman! Thats basically the feeling i get from Qualia, I become superman. Thanks for the quailty of your product 👌
Marie O. - 2020-05-19
This has been a great supplement. As a stay at home mom and during this quarantine I've felt like I'm at a loss for words sometimes. On this supplement I no longer have that problem. I have a much clearer and creative mind throughout the day. Thank you Qualia!
gilman m. - 2020-05-18
Gives us the boost we need to make it through the long afternoon🤓
Hunter N. - 2020-05-18
Want to start out with a huge thanks to the scientists and founders of Neurohacker! I have just completed my first month of Eternus, I'm beyond excited and pleased with how I feel so far! First off, I am a real customer with a genuine review... and with that said the main thing I have noticed from taking Eternus is STRESS... and by stress I mean i have almost no stress compared to what used to be crippling. I used to worry about things I couldn't control and stress about life's what if's... ...Read more.
Sue V. - 2020-05-18
I am taking Eternus and decided to experiment with Qualia as well. I have been taking 4 a day for 5 days with the 7Eternus I feel the change in clarity and ability to be in processes and be patient and let that which is unfolding do so. How much of this is Qualia I don't know.
James G. - 2020-05-17
First off I want to tip my hat to the makers of Qualia for their use of incredible ingredients. These are HANDS DOWN the most potent nootropics on the market combined in beautiful ratios. This product makes me feel like I can concur the world. Not only do I feel a boost of positive energy giving way to experiencing more joy, I also have increased drive and motivation to crush my daily tasks. Qualia will certainly improve your quality of life in all areas. Let's just say I have a healthy regim...Read more.
Jordan E. - 2020-05-17
Did exactly as advertised, very happy with how focused I become on it. Whether placebo effect or not, I am a fan!
eli r. - 2020-05-15
great product, helps me keep focused and alert, even in 10 plus hour shifts I end the day with very little mental fatigue. Just drink plenty of water
eli r. - 2020-05-15
great product, helps me keep focused and alert, even in 10 plus hour shifts I end the day with very little mental fatigue
L W. - 2020-05-13
I feel an uptick of mental energy immediately after consuming Qualia mind. Combining this supplement with peptides such as Semax provides a wonderfully objective and clear sense of presence. I use these in combination to work smarter, not harder.
Jason G. - 2020-05-13
If you need a jolt to your day take this product it will enhance daily activity
Sue L. - 2020-05-13
As I have gotten older, I found my energy really waning. Pl;us, my mind would feel more sleepy than before. I improved a lot of mental focus and clarity when i added fish oil with Omega 3 to my daily diet. When I added Focus by Qualia, I felt another definitive jolt of positive energy and just felt more alert, awake, and focused. Able to perform better, and look and act alert.
Jessiesd B. - 2020-05-13
I love it everything it deliver thanks so much
Matt H. - 2020-05-11
I decided to try Eternus because I am interested in longevity, sleep and athletic performance. I have been taking the product for around 3 months, on and off, just to calibrate my dosage and to track its effectiveness. I keep track of my own biohacking statistics through various measurements. While the benefits of longevity and athletic performance are taking longer to measure (largely due to the pandemic), I am confident that my circadian rhythm has drastically improved. I am getting upwards...Read more.
Regis H. - 2020-05-11
My wife tried this before and we didn't seem to get results, but this time, it seems to be helping her with her memory difficulties, which have been severe. She is verbal, but in the worst times, constantly hunted for words and could not initiate a conversation. Qualia is part of her treatment protocol, which also includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other substances. Qualia has enabled us to stop other supplements because it has so many good things in it.
Bradley K. - 2020-05-11
Feeling great!