Justin W. - 2022-05-25
Great stuff! Really helps with focus, energy, and drive throughout my long busy days.
Everett M. - 2022-05-24
Nicolette H. - 2022-05-24
This product has helped me to have more energy all day long. Thank you!
Travis A. - 2022-05-24
Qualia Mind has given me exactly what I need to conquer my days. Superior cognition, focus and drive more than any other supplement or practice. Fairly priced and priceless at same time.
Daniel N. - 2022-05-23
Delivers on it’s claims. No complaints from me!
Brandon T. - 2022-05-23
Fall into flow, default back to flow, nutrients for a mindful state, a playground construction set for performance.
Tim S. - 2022-05-22
Wonderful product! I'm 62 and the change was very noticeable within the first couple of days. I really did become more attentive as I continue to take it. I even signed up to get a subscription where it's automatically sent to me each month that way I never run out. Thank you, Qualia Mind!
David C. - 2022-05-22
I'm in my late 50's and in great health. However, nothing lasts forever. I have a well-balanced supplement protocol that includes Qualia Mind for brain health. I plan on being active and independent well into my 80's, 90's, and beyond so using Qualia Mind is very important.
Juan B. - 2022-05-22
Amazing addition to Qualia Mind, when I need an extra boost In my day.
Marcus C. - 2022-05-21
Gives me clear and focused mental energy throughout the day!
Kyle C. - 2022-05-21
Great product and ingredients! A lot of pills but totally worth it.
DARREN L. - 2022-05-20
I've had really bad brain fog recently and after taking Qualia Mind in the morning for a few days, it completely disappeared. Thanks Neurohacker!
Christopher M. - 2022-05-19
I absolutely love this product just like every other one. These products are loaded with nootropics that are of the highest quality and optimal dosage - and furthermore great consideration is given to the synergy that all of these potent natural compounds have in our bodies. You get what you pay for and this company is 2nd to NONE.
Jerry D. - 2022-05-18
If taken about 2-3 hours prior to sleeping, I have a noticeably deeper sleep. I think it's effects are better when you have a full 7 hrs+ of rest.
Humberto C. - 2022-05-17
Very recommended to start your day with a mind and body boost, it takes about the first bottle to get use to it, but after that you brain starts working even better and makes you remember and have memories more handy.
Tim S. - 2022-05-15
Product has been what it has claimed for me. I could tell a difference after two weeks on the product.
Lazaro G. - 2022-05-14
Make my life easier
Ana F. - 2022-05-12
Awesome noontropics
Tauhidul O. - 2022-05-11
Truly one of the best focus supplements I've used. I love Nootropics and have sense that seperatetly they work well but this proves all the ingredients that are stacked together really get you focused. I like that I can control the caffeine intake with the caffeine free version since I prefer to drink some. I feel wired, after taking this, no brain fog, memory improved, and also speech pattern and the ability to construct sentences verbally, You can definitely think clearly and your overal...Read more.
Eric C. - 2022-05-11
I've become much more organized and focused with the use of Qualia mind in a responsible manner.
John K. - 2022-05-10
I’ve been using Qualia Mind (caffeine free version) for a month. This is the first nootropic that has impressed me. Within less than an hour of my morning dose, I experience enhanced alertness and lucidity, along with greater verbal fluency and ability to focus. The effects last for several hours, with no residual jitters or fatigue. This is a terrific, powerful product. Highly recommended!
Tomas C. - 2022-05-10
So far first day trying them starting with 2 capsules. I already feel a heightened sense of awareness and laser like focus. looking forward to see what the long-term affects will be like
Samantha A. - 2022-05-09
Out of all the nootropics I’ve tired Qualia is by far the most effective!
Curtis K. - 2022-05-08
Great combination of ingredients all in one pill, noticeable lift during the day.
Michael T. - 2022-05-07
This product always jumpstarts my day, clearing any brainfog or anytime I need that productivity boost.