Lisa C. - 2021-12-16
I am feeling better — fantastic!! — in several very significant ways than I have in many years. I’ve been taking Qualia Mind for one month. Long enough to discern, with reasonable surety, that Qualia Mind is the most important factor in how I am feeling. The effects started within one week and have improved since. The primary change I’m noticing is a general motivation level that has been rare for me for the past several years. I feel like I am both aging backwards and experiencing a ...Read more.
William S. - 2021-12-15
I love this product! I definitely feel I have clearer thoughts throughout the day.
Chris C. - 2021-12-15
This has all the best ingredients that I look for in a quality nootropic.
David-changsoo K. - 2021-12-15
I've been purchasing multiple individual supplements and refilling whichever ran out first, but having everything in one pill makes everything so much easier!
Bryan H. - 2021-12-14
Great design. Amazing product
Matthew B. - 2021-12-14
smells kinda funky, but can't wait to try some
Hiram A. - 2021-12-13
Just finished taking Qualia Mind for a week, and I can definitely notice an increase in my clarity, focus and concentration all day long. I have some ADD symptoms and struggle with focus/concentration and task switching at times. My performance has definitely improved and I can just think better and see more options. I also noticed a decrease back to "previous normal" in my clarity, focus and concentration on my off days, returning to baseline levels. Im very happy that this product does not ...Read more.
David D. - 2021-12-13
This stuff definitely helps me stay focused and motivated throughout the workday. I love it!
Chris A. - 2021-12-13
I really enjoy the presence and awareness capacity I get, obviously combined with focus. I haven't found an alternative to qualia mind that offers the combo.
G U. - 2021-12-13
This product make me feel full of energy and I can concentrate better
Jamie a. - 2021-12-12
This stuff makes me feel focused and on top of everything at work and at home.
D'Andre L. - 2021-12-12
This is probably as close to the Limitless pill as we're going to reasonably and safely get. Without the afternoon "crash." This is everything our Brains need to win everyday.
RICH C. - 2021-12-12
Our family absolutely is thrilled about the rise of the intelligent herbal and wellness community and have excellent results with Qualia Life and Qualia Mind! Qualia Life is essential fuel for the brain. Thank you Neurohacker Collective.
Rebecca C. - 2021-12-11
Very smooth uptake and sustain, without a crash or sudden drop in overall boost.
Preetham M. - 2021-12-10
Great supplement! Improved my sleep immediately!
David S. - 2021-12-09
Although I experienced almost immediate clarity and energy when first talking Qualia Mind, it was at about week 6 that I had my first coherence reboot experience, when my mental struggle melted into embodied ease. That has happened twice more in the 3 years I’ve been a customer.
Jessica T. - 2021-12-09
Helps me feel rested and recovered
Tracy R. - 2021-12-09
I have been using Qualia Skin for 1 month and already my skin is clearer and smoother. I am very happy with the supplement and it works well in conjunction with Qualia Mind, which I also find really good.
Charles N. - 2021-12-07
I've been using the "Performance Bundle." I don't understand how this stuff works, but IT WORKS. I've had more focus, energy, and motivation during the day, and I'm able to feel more "sleepy" in the evening when I need to in order to get good rest. I haven't even been taking the full recommended dosages, and Im' still totally satisfied with how I'm feeling. Would recommend, fully!
Edlira K. - 2021-12-06
Great product, so happy with the results!
shiraz w. - 2021-12-06
Quality is indeed one of the best Investments
Paloma C. - 2021-12-06
Salih Tuncer M. - 2021-12-05
Makes difference
Michael B. - 2021-12-05
Just recieved
Trenton K. - 2021-12-05
Top tier ingredients, high integrity product, designed with results in mind. Qualia delivers.