Dawn B. - 2020-11-10
I absolutely love the Qualia Nootropic Energy. I have tried numerous energy drinks and most of them make me shake. I can take this one and I am energized without the shakes to get a great workout in and I am ready for my day. So glad I found this product.
nathonn c. - 2020-11-10
It's amazing to benefit from the devotion to this craft. Thank you for the hours,days,years research and excited for what's coming next
Grayson W. - 2020-11-10
While the price is a bit steep, the product is great. I have tried other neutropics and they don’t even come close!
Lynn B. - 2020-11-03
Felt alert, did have the energy, definitely felt focused.
Kayla H. - 2020-11-02
One month in and I'm loving it!
Doug R. - 2020-10-31
Thank you for your prompt cancelation of my subscription.
nathonn c. - 2020-10-29
The effort to research everything. I'd done an amount of it myself and I'm so glad there was a collective effort towards putting something together and sharing something beautiful. Thankyou thankyou, I'd be happy to share and join in on r and d. So amazing
Joshua R. - 2020-10-29
I have added Life drink mix to my daily regimen and lately I've been feeling like superman! The drink mix has a very different flavor that will instantly light up your taste buds & neurons, at first I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, however as time went on I have grown quite fond of the taste. The texture & flavor is that similar to of a very light smoothie, the flavor combination is one you've never had before, and I enjoy it everyday I'm at work right around lunch time. I also ta...Read more.
Kajanan K. - 2020-10-25
This product is truly exceptional, with the added benefit of restful sleep!!
Richard P. - 2020-10-22
After studying Dr. Kelly’s rationale behind the NIGHT formula - and respecting and aligning with his decion-making process - I was curious as to what my personal experience would be. Turns out I slept more soundly, more deeply, and felt more rested upon rising. Very pleased have this product available to take (5 days a week). Thank you NH for your vision and commitment to formulate and manufacture supplements that promote wellbeing by conservatively facilitating natural biological processes (...Read more.
Emmanuel P. - 2020-10-21
After 1 week of use (7 days with two days off Qualia)...Bearing in mind that I make sure I get enough sleep, that I exercise 5-7 times a week, balancing HIIT and resistance work, that my eating habits are more of a Paleo/keto diet, Qualia mind has been a very positive addition to my overall quality of life. The effect is more significant than other nootropics i tried, with noticeably, a more positive attitude towards everything and everyone, a higher drive for the tasks i undertake. It's not ...Read more.
Jeremiah C. - 2020-10-20
Research the market Expensive with incredible value Compare products and NC is revolutionary
Brent B. - 2020-10-19
The best sleep ever!
Adam S. - 2020-10-16
I highly recommend this product if you are someone who struggles with brain fog and getting going in the morning. Give it a try.
jack p. - 2020-10-16
This is my first time using neurohacker and i am not disappointed the quality is great and the energy shot works fantastic so far, great work at neurohacker
Matthew R. - 2020-10-15
I am one week into taking Qualia Mind and I don't really feel like I want to tell anyone about it and keep it as my little secret. The first day I took these they were amazing, focused and energetic without losing sleep. The following five days I didn't notice too much of a focus difference. But, coming on day 7 I feel great. It could be to the fact I upped the dosage to 12 pills in the morning as opposed to 7, but needless to say. I will be purchasing another round of Qualia Mind! Great stuff.
Polly A. - 2020-10-13
great quality products, highly recommend
Trezian B. - 2020-10-13
product does do what it says it does give you good energy. I think it works better if you're working out or if you're in shape right now I'm overweight and I do rely on caffeinated products to get me through my day. The taste is not for everyone.
beatrice a. - 2020-10-10
i have tried several qualia products and have appreciated each of them. for my needs the immune is the one i am going to stick with for the near future. this is a great company with super customer service.
Mary Jo K. - 2020-10-09
This is one of the best products for mental focus and overall performance on the market. Qualia Mind is a must have for anyone who wants to continually move forward in life and upgrade not only their mind, but also their body. This has helped me open my mind and view my life from a new perspective and therefore has helped take my business to a whole new level. I highly recommend all of Neurohacker's product, however, Qualia Mind is my favorite!
Edward A. - 2020-10-07
Love the product, it has been a tremendous help in my sleep
Kreigh R. - 2020-10-05's a game changer...there is one major problem in this world, you, fix that and the others start to go away. With this, better tool set, I can get ready for Game B. Let me know how I can help? ;-)
Gage M. - 2020-10-04
After almost a full month of taking Qualia I definitely feel sharper of mind cognitively more clear. I feel more engaged in conversations and more present in each moment on a whole. Will order again
Guest - 2020-10-01
It’s been going well using this product!
Brett B. - 2020-09-28
I have had difficulty sleeping my entire life. Doctors, neurologists - none of them provided help. This is the FIRST medicine or product that I have taken that has resulted in a night's sleep where I wake up once versus multiple times and some nights not sleeping at all. It took several weeks although I noticed some improvement within the first few days, I have about ⅓ of the bottle left and last night I woke up only once - that is miraculous!