David M. - 2022-08-11
I just started taking Qualia Mind and I'm blown away at how quickly it works to provide focus and clarity of mind.
John B. - 2022-08-09
I'm 27, am fitness conscious, am an experienced psychonaut, and after using this product, I feel physically revitalized and experience enhanced vigor during my workouts the following days, I definitely will continue using this product
Theo J. - 2022-08-09
Amazing product, definitely feel a boost in my energy levels. A great pick me up when needed!
David H. - 2022-08-08
Just wow. Qualia Mind (combined with a healthy/balanced diet and exercise) is, by far, everything an individual needs to sustain their mind and body for the day. Keep in mind the diet and exercise part along with a good amount of water because, though this stuff is superb for overall well-being, it isn’t a substitute for the above. Definitely going to continue to use this stuff in combination with modafinil.
Victor A. - 2022-08-08 | Beta Tester
If you’re looking for something to help you stay focus , this product would definitely help you out
Ruth T. - 2022-08-07
I only took 1 supplement. I slept 10 hours and felt like I could sleep another 2! I haven’t been able to sleep more than 7 hours for some time now. My dreams were amazing!!! So grateful to have found out about this product.
Joseph F. - 2022-08-07
One of the best
Marina Z. - 2022-08-06
good product, helps my eyes
Sylvia H. - 2022-08-06
Haven't been sleeping well last week or 2 and am sleeping wonderfully after taking the Quaila Night sleep aid. So nice to find a product I can trust (Dave Asprey recommended it so it has got to be of the best quality.). Good sleep is essential in life so if you are having trouble sleeping I recommend Quaila Night.
Dino O. - 2022-08-05
Great focus, energy, alert, detail oriented awesome product!
William V. - 2022-08-05 | Beta Tester
Awesome blend of top-tier adaptogens.
William V. - 2022-08-05 | Beta Tester
Amazing adaptogenic combination!
David A. - 2022-08-03
This is by far the best caffeine-free mind supplement I have tried. It works from day one and plenty of capsules to last you a month.
Jackie L. - 2022-08-03
Take Qualia Mind every morning 5 days a week. It's the perfect start to my day and keeps me focused and energized throughout the work day.
Sheryl H. - 2022-08-02
Love how I feel after taking for short time!
Gracie H. - 2022-08-02
It took me about two weeks to really start feeling the difference while taking these. I'm always bummed on the two days a week I take off. My dreams are better, I don't wake up at night & if I do wake, I go back to sleep straight away. I have these on a subscription so I'm never without. Also costumer service is exceptional.
Kyle B. - 2022-08-02
I wake up excited knowing that I'm going to get a lot accomplished with Qualia. It is subtle but also powerful in its effect. I use it to work on my business and produce good results at work. The extra boost helps me build my small business so it's worth every penny!
Gabriel G. - 2022-08-01 | Beta Tester
Definitely feeling less stressed and more focused through the week when I am taking the Resilience. I would need to take this longer to see if I am feeling a placebo effect or if it can help with my high stress job. Definitely looking forward to continuing to use Resilience!
Courtney J. - 2022-08-01 | Beta Tester
My favorite Qualia product so far. I felt like I had renewed energy to get through the rest of my day, but in a calming way. It relaxes my mind and body, without making me feel sleepy.
Wayne P. - 2022-07-31 | Beta Tester
Since using Resilience I feel that my stress levels have been way down and that I am recovering more quickly when I feel depleted. I would highly recommend this product!
Dan D. - 2022-07-31
I am impressed with the high quality of this product... especially for the price and only having to take 2 capsules. I stay focused all day and the effects seem to last through my 2 days off. Great value!
Sasha H. - 2022-07-31 | Beta Tester
Wow. This has been a crazy time in my life. I’ve tried delaying taking the capsules until I feel particularly anxious, or, even doubling up on those days, and it really helps!
Cory G. - 2022-07-30 | Beta Tester
I felt like this blend kept me calm while I was going through a lot of stress. Definitely something I wanna have on hand and what I’m going through stressful times.
Daniel M. - 2022-07-29
Effective and long lasting. Does what it says!
Krystin G. - 2022-07-29 | Beta Tester
I was so impressed I’ll continue to buy and use this product as well as share with family and friends!