Scott S. - 2021-02-09
This is hands down one of the best energy booster and cognition enhancer I’ve ever used. The effects are quite noticeable soon after you drink it. Super sharp focus and mental clarity. Doesn’t give me the jitters or anxiety like having too much caffeine does.
Clint K. - 2021-02-09
Really helped with afternoon lethargy
Kristen S. - 2021-02-09
I’m wary of supplements claiming magical properties, which is why I found Nootropic Energy so interesting. Being a science geek myself, I really liked delving into all the research and finding no empty claims. And I was even more impressed after taking it! Instead of an artificial ‘energy’ boost followed by an inevitable crash, I felt genuinely more alert and energized.
Shawn W. - 2021-02-08
This energy shot helped me stay awake and focused during my night shifts at the hospital. I would recommend this to those looking for that focused boost without the crash.
Irene M. - 2021-02-08
This product worked very well for me! I had great energy (with no jitters), clear thinking and I even slept better! Perhaps that’s because of the activity I was able to do or some of the ingredients I the product. Very impressed!!
Helena S. - 2021-02-08
Got the product Monday the 1st but started it on Tuesday. First day started with a bang lots of energy felt good no jitters just felt energized and motivated. Day 2 felt good not as strong as day 1 but felt energized no jitters and handles my do to list like a champ. Day 3 didn’t get a boost of energy thou felt motivated to complete tasks. Day 4 felt the same as day 3 feeling like I leveled out and no boost of energy or extra boost of motivation still felt productive. Day 5 don’t feel mu...Read more.
Joshua L. - 2021-02-08
Great product! Provided hours of focus and increased motivation but no associated jittery-ness that some nootropic formulas can induce. I like that the amount of caffeine per serving (~90mg) means that I can consume other caffeinated products as necessary throughout the day. Really impressed with this formula and how smooth the energy and associated focus boost is..
Chris F. - 2021-02-08
Love the consistent boost of energy and metal clarity
molli m. - 2021-02-08
I love the energy. I love the clarity it brings. I drink it and hop on the bike and I've had more energy!! Love it. I ordered a months worth :)
Christopher A. - 2021-02-08
This energy shot is not overwhelming yet powerful. It gives me energy to either tackle cognitively fatiguing work right away in the morning or to jump straight into a morning workout. It's clean energy from a company I trust. It does not give me jitters or a crash afterwards. I like to think of it like an energy switch that powers my mind and body for hours. It's so smooth that I even use it before a morning meditation sometimes. I don't mind the earthy, fruity taste. I will say I do wish it ...Read more.
Matt V. - 2021-02-08
I had alot of energy and concentration during the day. The flavor tastes good too. I would recommend this to anyone needing an extra boost.
Scott f. - 2021-02-08
I felt good clean energy, low appetite and no bad effects opposed to the Quaila that made me alternate between irritability and tiredness
Shane M. - 2021-02-08
Not as intense as Qualia Mind but definitely offers a nice boost in my productivity
Teagen A. - 2021-02-08
I actually felt like I was coming down with a minor cold when my bottle arrived. After one dose I felt good as new! I don't normally get full blow sicknesses, but it was nice to kick the sniffles in the butt before they started! The blend is a lot more sophisticated than a lot of the other immune products on the market, and the dose of each component is high enough to be considered therapeutic. Four capsules may seem like a lot to swallow for some, but I believe that it's worth it.
Deserai D. - 2021-02-08
It's an amazing product so far! A lot of improvement with focus when studying. When in class listening to a lecture there was definitely clarity and concept came together seamlessly! If you don't have a restful sleep the day before taking Qualia you may feel sleepy a few hours after you've taken it. A nap worked well for me but sleep is important so focus on that to make this benefit the way it was intended!
Joshua L. - 2021-02-07
Taking this was completely seamless. While I can't accurately vouch for the impact on my immune system over a 5 day period, the fact that this is such a comprehensive immune formula and I experienced no untoward effects is a good thing in my book. The inclusion of L-Theanine, which helps foster alpha waves, is nice and I experimented with both taking in the AM and in the PM without any issues.
Lynne H. - 2021-02-07
I can't say enough good things about this product. I am wrapping up week 2 - dramatically improved mental clarity and focus!
Elias N. - 2021-02-07
I used this after stopping caffine, it helped ease withdrawal symptoms. I can’t say much else about any other benefits, as I used this short term
Will B. - 2021-02-07
Took for a week and felt strong and energized.
Brad H. - 2021-02-07
Mental sharpness and energy. No sudden spike. Extended period of clarity and productivity.
Rachel B. - 2021-02-07
I honestly feel better than usual. I've tried a lot of "immunity" products in the past- and to be honest most of them never really made me feel any different. This product is different though. I literally feel a lot better in my day to day life.
Jouhan A. - 2021-02-07
Felt very driven and focused after taking this Energy shot. I felt calm but also like I was ready to get everything done, one thing at a time.
Jonah G. - 2021-02-06
I’m either super sensitive to caffeine or this drink is from heaven. I literally went through my notes and could recall all of this chapter I read like there was nothing to it. Side note: i’m pretty sure I’m not sensitive to caffeine I’ve had energy drinks with like 200mg caffeine back to back and didn’t feel this way.
Mauro G. - 2021-02-06
I feel great taking this sensational product, I'm not tired anymore and I feel great, thanks for everything