dav b. - 2022-09-05
I didn't realize how much I needed to feel calmer! This stuff really helps!
Kylan W. - 2022-09-04
Mind caffeine free keeps me dialed in without the jumps and jitters of caffeine. Love it!
Andre S. - 2022-09-04
Beautiful and I feel like Professor exavior. Shipping was fast and indeed the expectations of such a company well spoken of.
Sixto S. - 2022-09-03
I've taken Qualia mind by itself and was blown away then but taking it together with Qualia Night, oh my! A complete game changer for me.
Mike S. - 2022-09-02
Was impressed by the ingredient list, as it’s far more extensive than any multi-vitamin. This replaces my prior multivitamin/mineral daily line-up. The 5-day on/two-day off regimen is also great protocol. And.. so far, so good!
Andre S. - 2022-09-02
It works
Brandi E. - 2022-08-30
Can't wait to start taking these supplements again.
John P. - 2022-08-27
Just received Qualia Mind and Qualia Sleep! Looking forward to the results!
Cindy T. - 2022-08-26
Purchased because of the impressive ingredient list! Haven't used it long enough to speak to effectiveness. Shipment was received quickly.
Muhanaad D. - 2022-08-25
At first , wasn’t too excited about swallowing 7 of these every morning. But, they have been an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins. I feel the effects going on day 2. I think it’s only going to get better. I feel sharper, more aware and overall happier.
Jeisson P. - 2022-08-24
excelente producto
Monique N. - 2022-08-24
I'm only on the second bottle and I notice a big difference. My outlook is improving as my mind is becoming more clear regarding daily tasks and long range goals.
Lyndel P. - 2022-08-24
Just what I needed to feel relaxed and get solid hours of sleep
Sylvia H. - 2022-08-24
I have experimented using the Qualia Mind and find that I can think clearer when using it. I have tried using it and then not using it and it is pretty clear that this is a product that can make a difference in cognitive ability.
Sara E. - 2022-08-21
A really great product
Christian B. - 2022-08-19
Just got the qualia nootropic energy shots and I love the focus it gives throughout the entire day. My qualia mind just came in the mail today and I'm excited to see how it works!
Jacob e. - 2022-08-19
It is great stuff definitely worth trying
Anthony M. - 2022-08-18 | Beta Tester
This review is for one month use of Qualia Mind. I really felt a change in my concentration, energy, and mood. With that said, I believe it curved my unhealthful cravings. Now its really got me thinking what type of chemical imbalance I might've had that this supplement has helped with. I just ordered for my second month of use, a bundle that has Qualia Life and Qualia Night to see what that will do. Im definitely impressed with Qualia Mind hopefully the effect wont diminish with longer use o...Read more.
Lebeilwe S. - 2022-08-18
Great quality product. I have been using Qualia Mind for more than a year now. I get focus, energy, mental clarity and cope better with stress when i use this product
Eric T. - 2022-08-18
I'm back in college after being out for 15 years. I was worried that I was not going to be able to keep up with the studying regimen on the my first semester. After taking Qualia mind that changed everything. I'm killing it. Thanks Nuerohacker Collective!
Scott A. - 2022-08-18
I love so many Qualia products already. Senolytic works. I felt more energy the day after taking it. "Lighter".
Mario D. - 2022-08-17
One of the few supplements that actually work.
Daymion A. - 2022-08-16
I’m only three days in and I felt an immediate shift in my cognition and well being by the end of my first day on I plan in continuing this product for some time I’d recommend it to everyone wanting to improve themselves
Jamie B. - 2022-08-16
So far I love this product! Have more mental and physical energy and feel very clear.
David W. - 2022-08-16
Qualia Mind provides great mental focus to get through busy days