Moe A. - 2022-12-30
Just received Qualia Mind and I have high hopes for this product. This product is expensive, especially if you intend to be a long-time subscriber; but I appreciate how the company tries to compensate for this (Qualia Vision Gift, Discounts, etc.). Seems like a solid company with a solid brand. Hopefully the product reflects this for me.
Joshua H. - 2022-12-29
Thanks for putting together outstanding supplement formulations!
Tao F. - 2022-12-29
Senolytics are lovely ways to clean out senescent cells. I was previously taking several on their own. Qualia has put together even more, and given a clear dosing schedule. This subscription makes taking senolytics easy.
Kathryn K. - 2022-12-28
this product is wonderful and works so well!
Viktar I. - 2022-12-28
Has been using it for over 2 years now. It's a great product that helped move the needle and improve in my job. I'm more focused and calm with all the stress. Keep it up guys. Would definitely recommend!
Mike C. - 2022-12-28
Give me my life back
Joshua F. - 2022-12-27
Me and my family took it and it's like we all became hyper industrious that day. LOL.
Maria R. - 2022-12-26
I could tell a big difference in my mood and memory and the brain fog went away after a couple weeks! Give it a try!
Windell H. - 2022-12-25
Brain fog clearing up
Dylan C. - 2022-12-24
Qualia Mind is above and beyond what I expected. Better than any other nootropic I have ever tried. Love it! Thanks Qualia!
Yusuf M. - 2022-12-24
Iva had the focus and the resilient products, amazing stuff! I’ve had sustained focus and stress relief for hours on end!
Laura A. - 2022-12-22
Every time I took Senolytic, I noticed I would heal more quickly.
Laura A. - 2022-12-22
Love Qualia Life. Noticed a difference. Felt like I could finish the day well.
John . - 2022-12-22
Do you need to take six or seven pills in the morning, and it’s not cheap, but it is totally worth it! I love you fact it has on my mind.
G H. - 2022-12-21
Elle B. - 2022-12-15
I've been using Qualia Mind paired with Qualia night for the past year and it's made a huge difference in my focus and energy levels. Before using Qualia, I had a hard time focusing on one task and my mind would bounce around to a million different ideas and before I knew it, my day way over. Now, I can focus on one task and my productivity has increased. It's also decreased my anxiety because I know that if I take my Qualia Mind pills, I don't feel as chaotic and that gives me peace of mind....Read more.
Aaron H. - 2022-12-15
Love it it…This really works!
Christopher L. - 2022-12-15
Its like a sharpener for my brain.
Christopher L. - 2022-12-15
Makes me feel great!
Nicolette H. - 2022-12-15
I started taking this product about 2 weeks ago and I've already noticed a difference. I'm able to be more productive and focused during the day. I've also noticed I'm not forgetting words as frequently as I was before.
Andrew C. - 2022-12-14
After taking this for just 2 days, I can definitely tell a difference in mood and energy!
Michelle J. - 2022-12-14
I love this nootropic blend, it exceeds expectation. I love the clarity that I feel when I take this, but enjoy the lack of any jitters or increased anxiety even more. So good
Russell F. - 2022-12-13
Have been trying out mind, night and resilience for the past few weeks and have been enjoying them so far.
Sandra C. - 2022-12-13
I will be honest I was very spectacle about this product, but I still decided to try it. I went through a bottle. Then I took a break for a month and let me tell you during that month I could really tell the difference and how much Qualia helped me. It has helped me so much. Now, I don't miss a month without it.
Ricardo C. - 2022-12-12
I noticed great focus and attention, especially when I read, wrote, drove, and communicated with others.