Jason P. - 2023-08-29
I feel better...can't wait for second dose
Sonia G. - 2023-08-28
Easy to take capsules only 2 days/month to support youthful cellular function.
Josiah P. - 2023-08-27
I have been taking Qualia for 5 years now and it truly makes an incredible difference for someone who lives with a neurological disorder. It was referred to me by a nutritionist and it has helped my brainfog and mental capacity greatly. Thank you Neurohacker for creating such a wonderful product!
aldo r. - 2023-08-27
Qualia is great for for focusing and getting things done even when you feel that you lack the motivation or drive.
Mimi (. - 2023-08-26
This product is superior - I've been taking it 2 weeks and already I feel an improvement in my sight!
Jennifer B. - 2023-08-26
From the second day of Qualia Mind, everything seemed easier. And at the end of day, I realized I had gotten a lot more done with a lot less “effort.” I feel sharper and more focused in a relaxed way. In fact, my brain didn’t feel this good in my 20s!
Cristina M. - 2023-08-24
Looking forward to see how this product works long term.
Yrmis B. - 2023-08-21
Just started the product, as someone who reacts from most supplements, this already sat well, which is testament to the ingredient quality. Great start, looking forward to see long term results.
Kingston G. - 2023-08-21
Keeps me focused and energized without negative side effects
Susan D. - 2023-08-20
Disapointed that you don't have paypal but gave 5 stars for this product as I felt more energetic within the first week of taking it.
tanner j. - 2023-08-20
Gets me up to speed, and helps me keep up with my more complex works, tastes like flavored dirt when I burp though.
Toby C. - 2023-08-20
Great product. Helped with bloating
Maggie P. - 2023-08-20
Just started the product (Senolytic), so will update the performance, but so far so good. Delivery was fast and the customer service is top notch.
Brittney C. - 2023-08-19
I have only used the product once and so far so good.
Desmond K. - 2023-08-19
Great way to introduce Quality Nootropics into your diet. First thing in the am for me with warm Spring Water, keeps me sharp all day!
David B. - 2023-08-19
So far so good!!
Paula H. - 2023-08-19
Just got started with the formula but looking forward to seeing how it goes
Angela G. - 2023-08-18
I have always been able to fall sleep pretty fast, my main issue has been staying sleep all through the night. Using Qualia Night has helped me stay sleep through the night, and if I wake up for any reason, I am able to go right back to sleep. I am grateful for this product.
Heather A. - 2023-08-17
This is one of the best probiotic supplements I’ve found so far. As a biohacker and athlete, I’m constantly trying new supplements. Highly recommend!
jaimie A. - 2023-08-17
My order arrived quickly and the days I have taken Resilience, I find I am more even and balanced in my high-stress work environment
Jonathan W. - 2023-08-17
I am a big fan of your products.
Rai H. - 2023-08-17
I've tried many nootropics and while I was hesitant to purchase one where the serving size was 7 capsules, Qualia Mind is ABSOLUTELY the best nootropic on the market. It WORKS!
Joel C. - 2023-08-17
This is one of the best products that shows results almost immediately.
Carol C. - 2023-08-16
I'm so happy to have found qualia to refresh and move away from brain fog.
Nicholas H. - 2023-08-16
Haven't tried it yet